Love and Be loved

What happens when an 18 year old girl gets pregnant, ditched, and hit on again by her boyfriend, then ex-boyfriend? Well, it happened to Refia Snow, and now... She is loved by the one who could ruin both her and her unborn child's lives.


10. Prom night

Chapter 10

Prom night

            “Oh goodness gracious, Stella, do I really need to go to prom? I mean, I don’t even want to go anywhere anymore because look at me, I look like a whale!” I exclaimed the morning Stella and I were going out to get ready for prom. Right now we are out getting our hair done at our favorite hair salon. “Refia Snow, you are NOT backing out of prom night. Not after everything we have done to get here. You are going to let me pay for you to get your hair, nails and make-up done, and then me, you, Bentley, Aiden and Trevor will be going to prom and enjoying ourselves. Plus, you never know, you could find your next guy tonight! You know that a lot of guys are going to be here from different schools since the school districts are too cheap to purchase different places for prom night.”

            Stella and I left the hair salon with my hair down and curly and hers pulled into a high ponytail that was EXTREMELY curly. We got into her car and went to go get our hair and nails done at a really expensive salon. After we got everything done, we drove from Minneapolis to Duluth to get ready. When we pulled up at Stella’s house, we saw that her parents were gone already and that Aiden had left. We walked to Stella’s room and we slowly started to get dressed. Stella put on her beautiful teal dress that I helped zip up and then she helped me get my dress over my belly. By the time we were ready, it was 5:30 and all 3 of the guys were here.

            As Stella and I walked out to the living room, Bentley gasped. “Wow, Stella, you look absolutely STUNNING!” She smiled and hugged her boyfriend. Aiden smiled and it was kind of strange because he and Trevor looked amazing, but they both talked at the same time. “Refia, if I was a straight guy, I would date you!” Both of them said. I smiled and saw that Bentley had given Stella a gorgeous blue carnation. I turned around and saw that both Aiden and Trevor had flowers for me. Aiden gave me a white rose to put in my hair and Trevor a white carnation. The five of us piled into the back of a limo that Bentley had rented.

When we arrived at the hotel where we were having prom, I saw that Stella wasn’t kidding about how many other different kids would be there because of the money. “Stella, you weren’t kidding when you told me that there would be a lot of guys here. There are a lot of cute ones too!” 4 out of five people laughed. As we walked towards the dance floor, I happened to look across the room and saw someone I really didn’t expect to see. Samm. I had forgotten about him and how he was going to be a chaperone for prom. He didn’t see me and I looked away and followed my group of people. After a while of Stella and Bentley and Aiden and Trevor dancing, some random guy from a different school came up and asked me to dance. I looked at him and saw a guy who had dirty blonde hair and eyes that looked grey. He was about as tall as I was, in the heels, and when he talked, he had a country boy accent.

I smiled and nodded and we went out onto the dance floor. “Erm… My name is Jason.” He was shy. I leaned my head a little closer and said, “I’m Refia, but I also go by Ref and Reffy.” Jason smiled a little and spoke softly. “That’s a really pretty name. I’m sorry to ask, but how pregnant are you?” I looked at him, puzzled. “One of the guys you came in with was mentioning it as he passed by and I saw him look towards you.” I giggled. “I am actually due next month. Her name is going to be Nikki.” Briefly I saw Jason blush before he composed himself. We danced to 4 slow songs in a row, and then we went to my table with all of my friends. “Guys this is Jason. Jason these are the guys that brought me, Aiden and Trevor, and then there is my best friend Stella and her boyfriend Bentley.” Jason was a little nervous again, so I sat next to him and put him next to Aiden. After we had all finished our food, everybody went to dance again and Jason had visibly relaxed.

“Hi, Refia.” A smooth voice said out of nowhere. My heart skipped a beat, and I turned around and saw Samm… I mean Mr. Taylor, standing behind my table. “Hello Mr. Taylor.” I said somewhat stiffly. “How are you doing? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Samm Taylor, one of Refia’s old teachers. You are?” he asked Jason politely. Jason introduced himself. Just then someone Jason knew came up and started talking, so he excused himself to go see his friends from school. Mr. Taylor sat down in Jason’s recently evacuated seat. “Refia, how are you doing? How’s Nikki?” he reached his hand out for me. I scooted back on my seat and spoke even more stiffly than when Jason was there. “Please don’t touch me, Mr. Taylor. Both me and my baby, even though we aren’t any of your concerns, are doing well.” I turned slightly on my seat and played with my napkin.

“Refia, please talk to me.” Mr. Taylor murmured. I turned my head sharply, the curls bouncing around my face, and stared at the love of my life. “What is there to talk about? You were right. You’re a teacher. I shouldn’t have called you that first day when Brecken hit me. I should have just called Stella to help me deal. I should never have met your parents and started to like them because I should have known that it wouldn’t have worked.” Mr. Taylor had moisture in his eyes. “That’s the thing, Refia. I wasn’t right. I was so completely, utterly wrong. I miss you. I miss waking up with you next to me. I miss your morning sickness and how you used to alternate cooking with me. I miss you picking out my shirt and ties. My parents are extremely disappointed in me that I let you go. Refia, I saw your picture. I made the worst mistake of my life letting you guy. Refia, I… I love you, Refia. I have forever. I never stopped loving you.” I shook my head to clear it. “Mr. Taylor, you made the decision that you valued your teaching license more than me. You have to deal with that action now. I am sorry to Richard and Sylvia that I won’t be seeing them anymore, but it’s your fault.”

I made a really hard decision and got up and walked away from Samm. Stella came over to me and we went to the bathroom together to talk. I told Stella the whole conversation and knew it was a good thing that we had me in water-proof makeup because I cried a lot. “Stella, how could he do this to me? On prom night of all nights, he chooses to apologize. I thought my heart shattered enough the first time to stop loving him, but then why does this hurt me even more?”  I cried my heart out for another 10 minutes before I could clean myself up and walked back out to the dance floor. Jason was sitting with the other 4 guys and some of his friends, but he came up to me when I came out of the bathroom. “Refia, are you alright? I came back to the table and you were gone. I… I was worried.” He murmured in my ears. I nodded. “I’m fine. It’s the pregnancy. Emotions are high and I just couldn’t help it.”

Jason and I ended up dancing the rest of the night, and by the time the dance ended, at like 3:30, I was exhausted and ready to go home. Right before Stella, Bentley, Aiden, Trevor and I climbed back into the limo; Jason hugged me lightly and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and then gave him my phone number. “Call me sometime? We don’t actually live that far from each other.” I laughed. We hugged again and then I climbed into the limo next to Stella. “Hey, Ref, I TOLD you you would meet a cutie tonight! That guy was totally hot and he was so genuinely  sweet.” Stella slurred her words a little bit. All of a sudden, I yawned. I was extremely tired. After I yawned, Stella yawned, and then Trevor yawned, Aiden yawned and Bentley tried to hide his yawn. I laughed and the next thing I remember I was laying my head on Stella’s lap.

All of a sudden I jolted awake. Everybody else was asleep, but I had just gotten one of the worst cramps of my life. I started crying and held my stomach. Stella, who felt me move, looked at me and then told the driver to hurry up and change directions and head for the nearest hospital. I felt the muscles everywhere clench up like a giant fist, and I couldn’t move at all. A small scream escaped my lips. I thought that I was going into labor. I had never felt anything like this before. When we got to the hospital, I was still in so much pain. By then everyone had woken up to me screaming. Bentley jumped out of the limo and ran in to tell them what was happening. 30 seconds later 2 nurses came jogging out with a wheelchair.

“When did your cramps start dear?” one of the nurses asked me. “A-about ha-half an hour a-a-ago.” I stuttered through the pain and tears. I was strapped down to a hospital bed before I knew what was happening. I had the blood pressure band on my arm and a couple of IV’s injected into my hands. Stella was standing right next to me, holding my clammy hand in both of hers.

The nurses took my blood pressure and both mine and Nikki’s heartbeats and saw that they were normal. Finally they hooked me up to the sonogram machine and showed me the pictures. Nikki had shifted lower down but not enough for me to have her or be induced to have her. I was told that I was going to have to stay in the hospital overnight just so that the doctors could make sure that Nikki wasn’t going to be a preemie. I looked at Stella and she nodded. “I’ll go home and get you some clothes for tomorrow, and hang up your dress for you. Don’t worry, Aiden or Bentley can drive me back.” I nodded and Stella left me alone, taking both my dress and shoes with her.

After a while, the pain subsided and I got a late snack. I started to watch “What Not to Wear” on TLC, but fell into an uneasy sleep half an hour later. I couldn’t believe what my dream was about. Mr. Taylor.

“That’s the thing, Refia. I wasn’t right. I was so completely, utterly wrong. I miss you. I miss waking up with you next to me. I miss your morning sickness and how you used to alternate cooking with me. I miss you picking out my shirt and ties. My parents are extremely disappointed in me that I let you go. Refia, I saw your picture. I made the worst mistake of my life letting you guy. Refia, I… I love you, Refia. I have forever. I never stopped loving you.” Mr. Taylor spoke to me. This time we weren’t at prom, but at his house. But all my stuff was here. I opened my mouth to deny Mr. Taylor again, but the words were different. The tears fell. “I love you, too, Samm. I miss you. I want to come back home. Nikki and I, we NEED you!” Mr. Taylor moved towards me 5 steps, but then stopped.

In slow motion, Samm fell at my feet, a violent red pouring out onto the floors. I couldn’t move. “REFIA! YOU DON’T BELONG TO HIM! HE IS A FUCKING TEACHER! DAMN IT REFIA, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! YOU BELONG WITH ME! BUT THANKS TO YOU, I AM IN JAIL!” Brecken’s voice echoed throughout the house. All of a sudden, someone with a gun stepped forward. “Refia, you don’t belong to any of these idiots. WE belong together, you and I. Remember on prom night? We connected. You and me, we belong with each other. Not this teacher and definitely not that ass that is in jail.” Jason dropped the gun and stalked forward. Finally I felt my body move and I started towards Samm as fast as my pregnant body could carry me.

I knew instantly that I was too late because Samm’s body was cold. There was no more heat. I looked at his empty eyes and felt every part of me shatter in half. When I looked up again, both Jason and Brecken were standing above me, both leering at me. “Leave me alone! I don’t want EITHER of you! Samm was the one I truly loved. I don’t even KNOW you, Jason! You were just some random guy I met at prom!” I turned my tear-streaked face towards Brecken and let the words fly. “SERIOUSLY, BRECKEN?! YOU THINK I WANT TO BE YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND WHEN YOU HIT ME AND LEFT A BRUISE WHEN YOU FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT?! WHAT THE HELL? I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FORGIVE YOU.” I broke off after this sentence because I felt something wet flowing down my legs. I looked down and saw that my water had broken. Nikki was on her way into my life.

I woke up in a cold sweat. I sat up in my bed and saw Stella sitting in the chair that was next to where the morning light was filtering into my room. “Good morning. I brought you clothes.” Stella yawned slightly. I looked down at my belly and rubbed my temples. “I had the WORST dream ever.” I complained as I sat waiting while the nurses checked my blood pressure again. Stella nodded. “I kinda figured that after your heartbeat started to race and the machine went nuts. What happened?” As I recounted what happened in my dream. “I hate to say it, Reffy, but maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something. Maybe, just maybe, your dream was trying to tell you that you should give Mr. Taylor another chance. We both know that he is super in love with you and regrets being an ass. And we both know that you miss him, no matter what you try to say.” Stella gave me a look.

Before I could speak, the nurse interrupted. “You are free to go dear, just take it easy for a little while. And, in my opinion, you should get back with this Mr. Taylor. From what I have heard just now, you were meant to be with him.” I smiled and nodded, and then the nurse left to go get my release papers. As I changed out of the hospital gown, my phone beeped saying I had a message. Refia, would you please talk to me? I have to talk to you. I can’t stand this anymore. Please? My heart skipped a couple beats because I realized that Stella and the nurse were right; I do love Samm. I started to text back to Samm but stopped myself. Stella was walking with me and looked at me. “I’m going to call him.” I said shrugging. She nodded and we got into Bentley’s car that was waiting. As I climbed into the back seat, I told Bentley I was going to call Samm and put him on speaker, but I didn’t want Samm to know there were people with me.

After 5 rings, Samm answered. “Refia?”  “Hi, Samm.” “Refia, I am so sorry. I made a mistake. Can we meet somewhere and talk? Please?” I had to stop before I responded. “Sure, Samm. But I want Stella and Bentley to be there. That is the only condition.” Before I even finished my sentence Samm was agreeing with me. “OK, so do you want to meet outside of the SS William A. Irvin?” “Yeah, I am fine with that. What time?” “5.” “OK, see you then, Refia. Bye.” I hung up my phone and looked at Stella. “Well, it looks like we get to go see that boat like we have been wanting to since 6th grade!” Bentley said with forced enthusiasm. I knew he was kind of upset with Samm and what he did to me. Bentley has always liked me as though I were his sister because I was best friends with his girlfriend and then in the beginning I was also dating his brother. Now that Brecken was in jail though, he was seriously protective over both me and Stella. Stella gave him a sweet smile that showed just how much she loved Bentley.

Bentley drove us towards our house, and we stopped at Subway for an early lunch. After we finished eating and made it home, and I just plopped down on my bed. I was exhausted, even though I haven’t even done that much since prom yesterday. Suddenly I heard my door open. I don’t care because Stella always walks into my room. I heard my chair creak under the strain of someone’s weight. “Um, Reffy?” I looked up and saw that it was Bentley in my room and not Stella. “You might not want to hear this, but I just got a call from my parents. Brecken called them. He got out of jail early.” Bentley looked really uncomfortable. I rolled my eyes. “Wow. What has the world come to when rapists and women beaters can get out of jail early? When did they let him out?” I was fighting to keep my voice calm, and Bentley knew this. “This morning.” He murmured.

I sat up with a growl in my throat. “If that bastard comes anywhere near me, Nikki will be born in prison, because he will not be alive when I get finished with him.” I growled. Bentley chuckled and helped me get up from my bed. “Come on, it’s almost 4:30 and we need to get going.” He said. We climbed back into Bentley’s car and drove to the boat. By the time we pulled into the parking lot, I was freaking out. This was going to be the first time in a long time that I have actually PLANNED on having a conversation with Samm.

We sat waiting in the warm car for 7 minutes exactly when someone pulled up into the spot next to us. It was Samm.

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