Love and Be loved

What happens when an 18 year old girl gets pregnant, ditched, and hit on again by her boyfriend, then ex-boyfriend? Well, it happened to Refia Snow, and now... She is loved by the one who could ruin both her and her unborn child's lives.


4. Police




The next morning I was shocked to wake up next to a golden body. If I didn’t know it couldn’t be my dad, I would have thought it was him waking up next to me. I spent 10 minutes just looking at him while he slept but then I had to pee, so I got up gently and made sure not to wake him up and went to the bathroom across the hall. When I got back, Samm was sitting up in the bed looking kind of confused. “Where were you Refia?” he grumbled through his sleepiness. “Good morning to you too Samm. I was in the bathroom.” I crawled up next to him and wrapped my arms around his golden waist. “How did you sleep?” I asked. He turned his body toward me and held me securely.

I could hear him breath and when he spoke, his chest rumbled. “Well, I thought I was dreaming a beautiful dream with a beautiful girl sleeping next to me and it turned out not to be a dream. So overall, it was the best night’s sleep I ever got. How about you” I smiled into his chest. “I slept amazing. It felt good to sleep with someone who actually cares about me.” I moved my head and looked at his face. His green eyes staring into my gray-blue eyes. “You are totally right, I do care about you.” He brought his mouth down to mine and gave me the best good morning kiss I have ever had. Samm picked up my arms slowly and moved my hands to his lap, and I felt everything that was happening there. I didn’t pull away and he took that and moved his own hands slowly up the shirt he gave me. I didn’t think about it, because it felt so good. I wanted him so bad. “Mmmm Samm.” I murmured against his lips. I leaned into him and he pushed me back on the bed that we recently sat up from. He pulled away and looked at me, wanting to know if this was what I wanted. I nodded and he brought his lips back down to my own.

He trailed kisses down my face and I arched my neck needing him closer. His hands, already under my shirt, pulled it up over my head. He only broke the kiss to pull it over me. His hands worked their way down to my boxers that I was wearing, and he pulled them of swiftly. He was already half dressed so I brought my hands down and pulled his shorts off of his body. I hear a growl from the back of his throat. He pulled away to take a breath, and while he did that, he was checking me out. I was looking at him too and realized that I wanted this even after what my dad has done to me. This was so different. Samm actually loved me and didn’t want to just abuse me. I didn’t have time to think because his mouth was back on mine and I felt the tip of him slide into me and I arched my hips to get closer with each thrust. It didn’t take me very long to have my climax and Samm followed short after. Breathing hard, he pulled himself out and lay down next to me.

“Refia, beautiful Refia, you just took my virginity and I was glad you did.” I took his virginity? Wow. I remember my first time. It hurt. Now I am experienced and I just took my teachers. I rolled onto my side and wrapped my leg over his waist and he pulled me into his arms. “Samm I love you.” I whispered. He chuckled. “I love you too, now come on I am hungry.” I laughed and he pulled me up with him and, without putting on our clothes, we walked out into the kitchen. He made omelets with cheese and ham. It was delicious. I went and took a shower and put on the clothes I only wear in the summer and on weekends, my strapless teal dress with some wedges that match and curled my hair a little on the ends.

Walking into the living room where Samm was, I heard multiple voices. I walked in and saw 2 police guys in their uniforms. They were sitting across from Samm and he looked nervous. He came over to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me in the room. I was shocked, I mean, he just held my hand in front of strangers. “Refia, this is my friend Alex Winks and my cousin and Alex’s wife Annabelle. They know about us so it’s alright, but they need to know about your parents and what happened.” I told them what happened and they told me that my parents are currently in jail. They also needed to see the bruises, so I had Annabelle come into the bedroom with me so I could pull up my dress and show her. She took pictures and then we walked back outside.

Samm came and grabbed me around the waist and said, “Refia, Alex wants to know if we would want to come to his party next weekend when he’s off. What do you think? Would you like to go with me?” I thought about it. I honestly liked Annabelle and Alex and now that I live with Samm, there is no time limit. “Sure!” I said. They smiled then left waving goodbye. Samm turned to me. “Well. My plans are shot down now.” He chuckled. I gave him a questioning look. “Well I wanted to see if you wanted to come work out with me but the way you’re dressed, I’m going to take that as a no.” I laughed. “Well, I have never actually been to a real gym, but I don’t have any clothes to wear there. Maybe we could stop by my house and grab the rest of my stuff on the way?” he laughed and drove me to my house, walking with me to my room. I was kind of embarrassed. Yesterday after my dad left me alone, I came in here and tore up my room in my hurry to leave. My stuff was piled everywhere, so I just went and found some shorts and a tank top to wear and my tennis shoes I only wore when I ran. I glared at my room and stomped out. Stupid mess. Samm followed behind me laughing and got me laughing too. I told you I was bipolar.

I went into the bathroom across the hall from my room and stripped out of my dress knowing I would put it back on. I put on my clothes and came out to Samm standing there looking at the pictures in the hall, mainly of me. That was embarrassing. I grabbed his hand and he smiled at me. He had changed into the same sweat pants and black shirt I saw him in the first time he came over and I was kind of wondering if I was under dressed. We started out towards the front door and again I had to lead; he wasn’t as used to my huge house as I was. I didn’t bother to lock the door; if people wanted to come steal something, then they could come steal whatever they wanted. I didn’t care anymore. Samm drove 3 hours and we got to a gym that was huge. “It’s a private gym, and if you chose to stay, I will have to pay for you to join. There is a mix of guys and girls and some gay some not. There’s a track on the second floor and if you go out back, there’s a pool.” At that time, we walked into the glass doors and I was stunned speechless. We signed in and I knew I would be on the track, I loved running. “I’ll start out with you on the track as a warm up, but then I would be downstairs.” Samm said. I stretched and started out on a jog, but I noticed Samm wasn’t with me.

I picked up my pace half way around and started out on an all out sprint. I saw Samm on the side with his jaw dropped and when I passed him I stuck my tongue out and he joined me in running. After half an hour, he was starting to sweat and was going to go downstairs. I was going to keep run for a little while; I wasn’t even tired yet. I think I ran for another hour when I started to slow down and went to get a drink and saw Samm there. He was on the stair climber and he had a pretty brunette next to him laughing at him. I saw red. I went in there on the other side, not even bothering with water and tapped his shoulder. He jumped and turned around, jumping of the stair climber. “Who is this?” I asked, trying for innocent. “This? This is an ex girlfriend. Sarah, Refia, Refia, Sarah.” The brunette glared. “So now I’m an EX girlfriend?!” she screeched. My eyes widened. He was with her. I knew it was too good to be true. I took a deep breath and turned around on my heel. I didn’t need him; I wasn’t going to cry over him. I would run the 3 hours to Stella’s house if I had to but I wasn’t going to get a ride from him.

            I started running again, and heard him start after me calling my name. “Refia wait REFIA!” I didn’t pay attention. I ran as fast as I could and was glad I warmed up my muscles. I heard a car besides me and heard it slow down. I didn’t turn my head and I didn’t slow. I kept running, pushing myself to go faster. “Refia, please get into the car. You can’t run home, you’ll exhaust yourself. Please Refia, just get in and let me explain.” I kept running, I didn’t need him. I heard him sigh. But that wasn’t what slowed me.

My vision was turning blurry. I couldn’t breathe properly. My heart was pounding too fast to be healthy. I felt my knees buckle and knew why I quit any sports. I always pushed myself too hard, I always ended up mad at someone and did this and ended up in the hospital. Distantly I heard Samm yelling my name, but I couldn’t concentrate. All I knew was that the concrete road was coming up way too quickly and then… darkness.

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