Love and Be loved

What happens when an 18 year old girl gets pregnant, ditched, and hit on again by her boyfriend, then ex-boyfriend? Well, it happened to Refia Snow, and now... She is loved by the one who could ruin both her and her unborn child's lives.


5. Hospital? What? Proposal?


Hospital? What? Proposal?


BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP there was this really annoying beep in my ear. I didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t open my eyes. Where am I? Where is everyone else? What is going on? I had endless questions in my head, none of which I could voice. Then I heard something. Someone was sobbing by my bed. “Refia I am so sorry. I love you. Sarah wasn’t my girlfriend, and if I had told you that sooner, you wouldn’t be in this place. Wake up Refia please wake up! Please God, if you feel the need to take someone, don’t take her please I need her!” He believed in God? I didn’t know that. I felt like I could wiggle my fingers so I tried.

Samm felt the movement because he was holding that hand. “Refia? Refia, can you hear me?” I wanted to speak so badly. I felt my eyelids flicker and opened them to a bright light. I snapped them shut again. Turning my head a little, I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me with tears on his face and in his eyes, and a smile on his face as he saw me look at him. “Oh my God, you’re awake. Refia I am so sorry that this happened. Please can you forgive me? Sarah was an old girlfriend who broke up with me. We weren’t together, I wouldn’t cheat on you. I love you so much Refia.” I tried to open my mouth and it worked. “Samm” I croaked. “Not your fault. I… for…forgive you… Water… please.” I kept croaking out. I hurt so badly all over. He nodded and pushed a button. “Yes?” a bored voice said. “Yes, Refia Snow is awake.” “OK, the nurse will be right in.” Samm poured me a glass of water and helped me drink it. I realized I didn’t care if he cheated on me or if he had some slutty ex after him. I still loved him and I always will.

“Oh hey there sweetie, how are you feeling?” A younger looking nurse was talking to me and she was really pretty. “I’m… OK.” I muttered. “What happened?” Samm was looking curious and sad too. “We were at the gym and I was running. Then I got upset at something and started to run home which was a 3 hour drive and I started to not see and my heart was too fast… Then I guess I fell and knocked myself out.” “Ms. Snow, aren’t you not supposed to do any sports because of that?” She had my medical history apparently. Samm spoke up just then. “Wait what?” he looked at me. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I didn’t speak up. “Well, Mr. Taylor, Ms. Snow had an issue when she was 10. She was in sports and suddenly her bipolar disorder kicked in and she went too far in and had a horrible reaction. She is not supposed to run or do anything like that because it takes one thing to make her upset or mad and she can’t stop, she will keep going until she does fall. She will either know she should stop and won’t, know she should stop and can’t or doesn’t know what is happening.” I looked at my lap. He was probably mad that I didn’t tell him before he took me to the gym, but I didn’t remember that I wasn’t supposed to until the last minute. “Ms. Snow will be ready to leave in a couple hours and then she can stay go home. She has to have some rest and no strenuous activities for 3 days.”


A few hours later, Samm was taking me to his house. He wasn’t talking so I was scared something was up. I was right. “Refia, I’m sorry you thought I was cheating on you, but I wasn’t. But how come you wouldn’t tell me you weren’t supposed to do things like that before we left? I would have stayed home with you if you wanted me too. You could have been killed!” “I forgot. I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to do exercise. I wanted to see what you do on the weekends. I honestly didn’t remember. I’m sorry Samm.” He sighed. “Refia, it would have been fine with me. I was so worried that I was too late to help you. I thought you were gone… Please don’t do anything like that again, I couldn’t deal with it.”

I suddenly thought of something. “Hey Samm, guess what?” He looked at me. “My birthday is in 2 weeks. I will be 18!” I really was excited for turning 18, I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to turn 18?! “Wait, its October already?” I laughed. “Man you are unobservant! Yes it is.” He laughed shortly. “Well, it’s not my fault I lost track of the days you were in the hospital after 4.” What?! “Wait, it was Saturday when we went to the gym, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, its Wednesday? I can’t even go back to school tomorrow. I will have to wait until next week. Ugh so not cool!” Samm grinned. “Refia baby, that means you won’t have much homework. Most people would be excited.” I pouted. “But then I won’t be able to see you for 8 hours a day.” Samm laughed. “We can always make it up after school.” His voice was husky. I smiled; he was so bad at flirting it was funny. “Samm, how old were you when you had your first kiss?” I was curious; he never said questions like that. He thought about it for a few seconds and said, “I was 8 years old. It was a truth or dare thing. She was all spit and gums, it was gross. My first real girlfriend I had was when I was 13 and it turned out that she was dared to.” We were at the house now and heading inside. Samm was helping me, carrying most of my weight. “You know they said I can walk just no strenuous activities. Oh I just thought of what that means… Darn” He sat me on the couch and went to go get us some food.

“You don’t have to be such a gentleman, I don’t deserve it. You are taking care of me so well Samm.” He cracked a smile. “I was raised to be a gentleman. Sometime, we will have to take you to meet my parents and see where I get it from. They live on the outside of town and they would love you almost as much as I do.” We were already planning for me to meet his parents.

That night, he let me pick some movies that he had, and I picked my favorite, Titanic. I think Rose is stupid, she could have moved over and then Jack probably wouldn’t have died. He was snorting throughout the whole thing, he thought it was fake. I was crying on the whole last part of the movie starting with the ice berg. He saw me crying and held me and actually spoke the lines to me, just not very well. When I looked up, he was staring at me like I was his prize again. He wiped my tears from my face and kissed me lightly. “Refia, I had time to think when you were in the hospital. I only left your side once and that was for a specific purpose.” He got off the couch and when I tried to grab him and pull him back, he just smiled and pulled out of my hand. He slid down on the floor in front of me, reached into his back pocket, and grabbed my hands in front of me.

“Refia Snow, you are a minor, you are sweet, you are beautiful, you are fun to be around, you are a good friend, and I would like to know if you would accept this necklace instead of a ring as a proposal of marriage?” He opened the box and I saw the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. My eyes must have been huge, but I didn’t know. I felt them fill with tears and brought my free hand to my mouth. Samm looked really worried, and I finally found my brain. When I moved my hand away, the tears fell and I nodded. He looked triumphant. Tears started to come out of his eyes too and I moved to the floor and sat on his lap. He hooked the necklace around me and kissed me so beautifully that I didn’t even know it was happening. My heart was singing and I was so happy. “Refia?” Samm asked. I looked up at him. “If you changed your mind about keeping your child, I will raise him or her like my own kid. I wanted you to have that option out there." I smiled. I was starting to have second thoughts about the child and I was starting to love it.


The week passed by slowly and on Monday I was ready to get back to school. Since Samm was a teacher he had to go early, and Stella came and picked me up. After I told her that Samm proposed, she squealed and hugged me so hard I thought a rib cracked. When we got to homeroom, earlier than anyone else, she ran up to him and squealed again and hugged him too. I smiled and hugged him too. Again Stella, Bentley and another person sat in the front row making Brecken have to sit in the back. He had bruises under his eyes from his broken nose but didn’t look as bad as he did when I punched him the other day. I sent Stella a note in homeroom asking if she told Bentley that she cheated and she said she did and that they were fine, and then passed the note to Bentley and he added that they talked it out and it was perfectly fine. The foreign exchange students have made such progress that they are getting their English diplomas here and they will be done with school. People knew about my parents and they were supportive; everyone was nice to me and they knew that Samm had taken me in and they stopped calling him nerdy and weird and actually started to like him more. My life couldn’t have been any better. Except I was wrong. It could get worse.


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