Love and Be loved

What happens when an 18 year old girl gets pregnant, ditched, and hit on again by her boyfriend, then ex-boyfriend? Well, it happened to Refia Snow, and now... She is loved by the one who could ruin both her and her unborn child's lives.


9. Fight and then Flight

Chapter 9

Fight and then Flight

Oh my god my head is killing me. My back and neck and legs and everything else were in pain. I was lying on a cold floor; a floor so cold it was burning to the touch. I opened my eyes to total blackness. I sat up and tried to wipe my eyes, but my arms were tied behind my back. I tried to stand up but my legs were also tied. I shook my head and felt a movement above my lips, they were covered up so that I could not speak or yell. I scooted over to the wall and started to bang on it with my feet. I heard several footsteps and then the voice from the guy at my house spoke up. “What do you want?” “Mmmm mm mmmm mmmm.” I said as I wiggled some more. He came near me and I felt him take off the thing covering my mouth and I demanded to know where I was at. The guy snorted. “Like we would tell you where you are at. Not going to happen little girl!” I looked at him steadily and said, “First off, my name is Refia, not little girl. Second, I can’t believe you would treat a pregnant woman like this.” That got the guys to take a second look, and of course it was at me. “How pregnant?” the second guy asked me. “7 and a half months.” I said as I struggled with the ropes binding my arms and legs. That made me feel like I was going to throw up, so I hopped to the corner and it all came spilling out. “Ugh, looks like she really is pregnant.” One of the guys said. “Yeah, so UNTIE ME!” I shrieked. One of the guys left.

“Sorry about this, but we are getting paid for this.” Said the kidnapper guy. I glared and went behind him. I looked through the steady blackness and squinted. The figure seemed like a woman, but too burly. I couldn’t tell. All of a sudden, a flashlight was turned on throwing everything into a blindingly bright perspective. It was a woman that the other guy brought back. “So, she awakes finally. Didn’t I tell you not to hurt her in anyway and to make sure she stayed AWAKE! And what is THAT?!” she screamed and pointed into the corner where I got sick. She looked at me. “She’s pregnant, so she threw up.” Said the kidnapper guy. “Pregnant huh? How pregnant?” I flinched away from her tone and mumbled, “6 and a half months.” She continued to stare at me. “Where is the baby’s father?” I looked up now and stuck out my jaw. “In prison. For rape.” “Then who is going to take care of the child? Whose house were you in?” “Why are you asking so much questions?” I asked her back. She cracked a smile. “Little girl, I don’t like when people answer my questions with a question. Now, I am going to ask you one more time, and you will answer or you will be sorry. Who is going to take care of the child and whose house are you in?” I sighed and said, “Fine, my boyfriend and it was his house. Oh and in case you’re wondering, I got expelled, that’s why I was at home. I have to do my schooling online. Anything else?” She lurched forward and I felt the sting across my cheek. “What the HELL?!” “No one and I mean NO ONE talks to me like that!” she exclaimed.

            I sat down and started playing around with the ropes on my hands. They were tied really tight but I felt them budge a little as I moved my hands. “May I ask who you are?” I said. Everybody guffawed at me. “Please. Don’t make us laugh. Next thing we know you’re going to be asking us where you’re at.” Said the Queen Bee. She pulled something out from behind her back. In one hand it was a video camera, in the other hand, a knife. “Now, what you say we leave your boyfriend a little message. Something that will make him want to come get you, but for a price.” I saw the little red light that meant that the camera was recording. “So, let’s begin, shall we?” She pointed to one of the guys and gave them the knife. He moved forward and pushed the knife under my chin. He pushed a little bit and I felt the skin break. I breathed in a sob; I wasn’t going to let them get to me. He pushed the knife a little harder. I cried out. “Good, now what is this boyfriend’s name?” Queen bee asked. “No!” the knife got pushed a little bit more into my skin and I felt the blood trickle down my throat. “WHAT IS HIS NAME!” she screeched. “S-s-Samm.” I sobbed. “Sa-Samm! Don’t do an-an-anything Samm! Don’t!” “Shut up.” She said. She turned the camera towards her. “So Samm. You want your little girl toy back? You’re going to have to come get her. I want money for her though. $10,000 to be exact. You have 4 days to come get her, or she will be so dead, she will be unrecognizable. Meet at the Pizza-ronium to meet one of my guys to bring you up here and bring the money in cash. Good bye, Samm.” And the camera was shut off. She pointed at the first guy and said “Go upload this and put it on a CD. Then go put it in the mailbox at the house. Come straight back here!”

The guy left and she sent away the other guy. “What is your name again, sweetheart?” I glared, instantly suspicious. Now she wanted to be kind? “Refia.” I grunted. She nodded and came and untied my wrists and legs. “Sorry about the whole tying you up thing. We just needed you to participate. Do you know whether you’re having a boy or a girl?” She looked me in the eyes. “Yes, but I wouldn’t tell you or anyone else.” I said and I turned around and looked behind me towards the window. I felt her come up behind me. “I have always wanted a little boy. I can’t get pregnant, so Jamie and I were planning on adopting a boy. Jamie is the guy who I sent to your house and the other guy was Marcus.” Why is she giving me this life story? I put my hand on my stomach and rubbed. Daddy will be here soon to help us, Nikki. We aren’t on our own. Daddy will come. I thought it for Nikki, but also for myself. I felt the woman’s eyes on me. “You are really beautiful, Refia. I bet whoever this Samm guy is, he is absolutely perfect for you and he is incredibly good looking to be able to have a girl like you. Would you like me to sit her with you or not?” I raised an eyebrow and shook my head. “Are you NUTS? Why would I want my kidnapper to sit with me just so she has a chance to do something to me?” She looked sad. “I was really hoping you would let me talk with you. I know you. I have known you since you were a child. By the way my name is Mara. Mara Jameson.” And she walked away, leaving the flashlight behind.

I jumped forward and picked up the flashlight. I wasn’t going to let someone come back and take it away from me. I spun around with the light and looked around; it was actually pretty comfortable looking in here. There was a bed and a little sink, which, sadly, was near my pile of throw up in the far corner. I went and sat on the bed and played with the silk sheets. I wish Samm was here with me or I wasn’t here. I missed him so much. I heard footsteps running towards me. “Refia, Refia are you alright? Did they do anything to you? I paid her, so let Refia out!” Samm shouted towards the kidnapper. “I can’t let her out because I have to wait for Mara to get here with the key. She should be on her way right now.” And as soon as the words came out of his mouth, Mara was there. She appeared so quickly and quietly that no one knew she got there. She held a big silver key in one hand and a wad of cash in her other hand. “We didn’t even have to wait this long for him to get home; he was waiting for you at your house. And I was right; he is perfect for you and incredibly yummy.” Mara eyed him as she unlocked my door. I ran toward the entrance as fast as a pregnant lady could and Samm came towards me in a sprint. I clutched him and pulled myself closer than I thought he could.

 “Samm! Where did the money come from? How did you get it? Oh, now I’m going to feel guilty until I can get a job to pay you back. They weren’t too bad to me, just… annoying. Can we leave? I want to go home.” I looked over his shoulder. “Yeah, sure, go. He paid me, so you can go. Get out of here.” She backed away from the door. Samm turned around and wrapped an arm around my waist and hurried me out, glaring at Mara and the guys, and pulled me through the building into his car. “Refia, I am so glad you are ok. I panicked when you didn’t call me like usual so I called and sent you texts and you didn’t answer so I asked Stella, and she said she hadn’t heard from you. I came home and there wasn’t no one there so I stood outside and then some strange guy came over and told me what happened. I should have been there for you. I could have stopped them from taking you. I should have…” “Samm, you did what you could have. I was glad when you came, and now I’m back home where I belong. You have nothing to regret. I am the one who should be regretting something since I opened the damn door.” I yawned, and smiled apologetically to Samm. “You’re not boring me, I’m just tired.” I yawned again. “Well, we’re home. Come on. You can go get changed and go to bed. You and Stella can go out some other time.”


“So, I was wondering something. I’ve met your parents and you got mine arrested, so would you like to fly out with me so we can see my grandparents? They live in New York. Manhattan, to be exact. I want to go see them before I have Nikki, and I was just wondering if you wanted to see my true home.” I said to Samm as I cooked breakfast. It was Saturday, so we had the whole day with each other. “When did you want to go?” Samm asked. “Before prom, but not right away. Like 2 weeks. That will make it the beginning of November, so it would be fine.” “Yeah, I’ll go. Does your grandparents know you are dating me?” I nodded as I shoved down some orange juice. I told them as soon as it happened; my grandma and I were closer than anyone else in my family. I brought out my laptop. “Perfect, there is a flight 2 Saturdays from now. The plane will leave the terminal at noon. For a round trip, its $300 a ticket. That isn’t that much, and my grandma said she will help buy a ticket for my birthday. So it’s going to be about $400 after her help. What do you think? You could take like 3 days off of work and stay there for the weekend and a couple days and I won’t be behind on my schoolwork.” I gave him puppy-dog eyes. He chuckled. “I already said yes. We have the money, so you don’t need to torture me with that look. How about you call your grandma and tell her to have a spare bedroom open for us.” He smiled at me.

Crap. He doesn’t know how my family is. I wasn’t RAISED this way. He won’t like me after he sees the way I was raised. I kept thinking to myself. My grandmother is old fashioned; it’s why I drink and dress the way I do. When I go see her, its long dresses and no physical contact until marriage. She doesn’t know I am pregnant. That is the one thing I haven’t told her. I told her that Samm was my teacher, that he is older than me. She disapproved, but overall she just wants me to be happy. “Refia, can you hear me? Refia!” I shook my head. “What?” I laughed a little. “I was saying, your phone went off, Stella’s here, and she brought you a surprise.” I turned around and Stella was there holding a big purple box. I waved and she came and sat next to me on the couch.

She shoved the box into my hand and smiled. I tore it open and there sat something I had only dreamed about. It was a beautiful fuchsia dress that flowed easily. The bodice of the dress had some iridescent opal jewels that made it shine like a star. Stella and Samm were staring at me. “I am going to go try it on. Stella, come help me please.” I whispered. She looked at me in concern and nodded. We went to the bedroom and I undressed. I slipped on the dress and held my golden hair away from my neck so that Stella could zip me up. She gasped. “You look gorgeous! And it has room for you to grow, but it doesn’t look that bad the way it is now.” I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I was a golden haired angel. “Thank you so much Stella! It is so beautiful! I absolutely love it! I can go to prom now, not looking like a whale.” I glanced up and she hugged my lightly. “Well, my brother’s date HAS to beautiful.” Stella laughed. I waddled to the closet and pulled out a box with some shoes in it.

Stella had to help me put on the silver shoes, but she was in awe when she saw the final product. She ran ahead of me to the living room where Samm was still sitting on the couch. Stella covered his eyes and told me to come on in. I came into the room and stood in front of the fireplace across from Samm. Stella backed away, and I saw Samm’s eyes widen. “Refia, you look. Well you look amazing! That color looks great on you. I might just be jealous of Aiden after all.” He looked really happy. I blinked and smiled and Stella dragged me back into the bedroom so that I would not get anything on my dress. “OK, and since you helped me with my dress, I am going to take you out so that we can get our hair, nails and make-up done. I swear, I will make you prom queen. You are going to look so heart-breakingly beautiful, I swear, Samm is going to have to contain himself from going and defending you against every guy who will be flirting with you and trying to get you to date them.” I smiled at her and hugged Stella really hard. “OK, no hugs in the dress. We don’t need it getting wrinkled. Come on, we got to get you out of it so you do not get anything wrong on it.”

Stella forced me out of the dress and back into my sweats and then dragged me back into the living room. When I was walking out into the living room, I felt Nikki kick again. I knew that it was going to be anytime now that I would be having her, but I still wasn't totally ready. Stella stayed with me and Samm for another hour and then she went to go get ready. Her family was going out for some sort of intervention thingy for her younger brother. After she left, Samm made me a cup of tea and he made himself a cup of coffee. I took my tea and walked into Nikki's room. Her room was almost completely set up now, and so now we were just getting in some last minute details and then all that would be left to put in the room would be Nikki.


"Samm, hurry up! We're going to miss our flight! I yelled from the living room. Samm came from the bedroom with the last suitcase. I grabbed my purse and the two carry-ons, and Samm grabbed both of the suitcases. As we put our stuff into the trunk of the car, my phone rang. It was Stella. "Hello?" I asked as I climbed into the front seat. "Hey, just wanted to say, have fun seeing your grandma! And don't worry, the whole pregnancy thing will work out. I've met your grandma, she is nice." We had a short conversation and then hung up, and by that time, we were on the highway to the airport.

We made it to the airport just in time. When we got our carry-ons into the overhead carrier, the flight attendant spoke. "Please turn off all electronic devices and buckle your seatbelts. We will be leaving for Manhattan in about 10 minutes." Samm looked a little nervous, and when I asked him why, he said that he had never been on an airplane before and he was a little nervous. I smiled and put my hand on his leg. He was sitting next to the window, so shortly after we were in the air, he was staring out of the window. "Wow, this is beautiful." he spoke in awe.

When we landed in Manhattan, Samm helped me get up and get our stuff. When we walked out of the airplane and into the terminal, I heard my grandma's voice. "Oh, Refia, it's been so long! What in the world are you wearing?" She wrapped her arms around me and I was kind of shocked that she hasn't felt my stomach yet. We got our luggage and the first stop was to the bathroom. My grandma wasn't about to walk out of the airport with me "looking like a street walker". After I had changed into the unflattering dress that I had brought with me, I introduced Samm to my grandma. "Are you the father of my granddaughters child?" She demanded. "Nanna!" I groaned. Samm chuckled nervously. "No ma'am. I wish I was, but I'm not." I just thought of something. "Nanna, how did you know I was pregnant? I didn't tell you that!" She laughed. "It's kind of hard not to notice sweetie. Especially after I hugged you earlier."

 When we got to Nanna’s house, she made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. “Refia, dear, what made you want to come visit old Nanna now? You have never made any attempt to come see me after you left, and I thought you liked me!” I laughed. “Nanna, I do love you. I just couldn’t afford to take a break from school and the money. Plus now that mom and dad are in jail, and I am expelled, plus the whole eight month pregnancy gives me a ton of free time.” Nanna did a double-take. “You’re expelled from school? Refia Lynn Snow, what did you do?” Nanna said in a patronizing tone. I hung my head and Samm spoke up for the first time in a while. “She had a lot going on, and we hugged and the principal came in and saw us.” He explained really quickly. Nanna just stared at this explanation and it was clear she was debating whether or not to believe it.  I gave Nanna a guilty look that she then knew was the truth. “Sorry Nanna. But I get to do homeschooling online and I get to go to prom and graduation. It’s almost better than actually being in a classroom for 8 hours a day because I get to do the work on my own time.

After we finished eating dinner, Nanna turned on the news. I was shocked to find out what the top story was. It was about a teacher who had been having an inappropriate relationship with one of her students. The teacher got arrested, her teaching license revoked, and the parents of the kids were saying that they were planning on suing the teacher. The kid on the other hand, was expelled from school. I looked at Samm and saw that he had gone exceptionally pale. Shortly after the news, Nanna went to bed, leaving Samm and me in the living room alone. “Samm…” I started to question why he was acting so weird. He shook his head and walked into the kitchen. I started to follow him, but when I got him in the kitchen, he just turned around and stalked out and I heard the door shut to the room we were sharing.

I sat in the living room for a couple more hours and watched some more TV. After a while I finally started to get tired, so I went to my room with Samm, grabbed my change of clothes and went to the bathroom and changed. I padded back to my room and climbed into the bed on the other side of Samm. I turned my back towards Samm and fell into a troubled sleep.

4 days later, Samm had hardly spoken to me at all, and we were fixing to board our airplane back to Duluth. We went through the entire plane ride barely even looking at each other and a really awkward silence on the drive home. “Samm, what happened? Why are you ignoring me? Ever since that… ever since that news piece came on you haven’t talked to me, or touched me in any way…” I stopped right then because I had an idea of what happened. “Samm, are… are you concerned about the fact that that teacher and the student and the consequences of what happened? Samm, that won’t happen to us. I won’t let it. Besides, I’m 18, I’m legal now!” I was getting really worked up. Samm still wasn’t looking at me, but he spoke to me.

“Refia, that woman got her teaching license revoked! I can’t afford to not be able to teach! And even though you are 18, our relationship started way before then! I could still get in trouble and so could you! Aren’t you even a little bit concerned about that?” Samm was getting worked up and tears were forming in my eyes. “Samm, we could have been caught but we haven’t! “Why is this such a big deal now?” The tears fell from my eyes.  Samm took a deep breath. “Refia, I think you need to go stay with Stella for a while.” I sat in silence. I was stunned. The tears kept falling silently.

When we got to Samm’s house, no longer my house, I called Stella and asked her if I could come stay with her for a while. I didn’t even bother unpacking my suitcase. I grabbed all of my stuff and sat down in the living room. Stella came up the steps and walked straight into the house. “What’s up Reffy?” I looked at her and my eyes filled with tears. I waddled out passed her and put my stuff into her car. Stella came out and sat in the driver’s seat. “What happened?” She questioned me. I told her what happened and she seemed really mad. “Stella, I can’t go back in there. I was wondering if you could give something to Samm for me.” She nodded so I gave her the picture I drew of Samm.



            Stella came back into my recently empty house. She looked almost as mad as she did the day Brecken called Refia a whore. “Mr. Taylor, Reffy asked me to give you something.” She thrust a piece of paper at me and stalked back out of the door. I heard Stella’s car start and pull out of my driveway. I felt so tired. I love Refia, but I can’t risk me getting into trouble and her getting in trouble, especially with Nikki on the way. I looked at the piece of paper Stella gave me and unfolded it.

            I flipped the paper from some words to a picture and felt the tears fall from my eyes. Refia took the time to draw one of the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen.  She had drawn us both perfectly and added so much detail; it was almost an exact replica of us in the living room. I flipped the paper back over and, as ashamed as I am to admit it, her words caused me to bawl. I knew I had made the worst mistake of my life letting her go, but I would almost never get her back after what I had done to her. I broke her heart, and now, with beauty and truth, she broke mine.

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