Another Life

This story takes place in the big city, New York. Angel is just a normal girl living in a normal life, secretly desperate for something to happen. But when one day, in her ADHD life, she later found out, that her prayers have finally been answered. But will she enjoy it as much as she thinks she would?


3. You're sending me to camp?!

Confused, frustrated and completely freaked out. Maybe that's why I fainted right after I met annabeth.

I woke up in this sort of infirmary place, the place was a cabin looking place, just bigger. The ceiling and walls were logs, there were just pieces of cloths as "windows" it was pretty cozy. I was laying on the bed staring at the logged ceiling. Ouch my head hurts. I sat up (well I tried to at least) and I saw annabeth standing next to a guy with black hair and sea green eyes. I could tell they were an item since they're holding hands.

The guy said "easy there. Here have some ambrosia" he handed me a plate with a single brownie looking thing, but it's light yellow(soft yellow). I'm not sure what it was so I just looked at him like "seriously dude? I hardly know you and you expect me to eat something yellow while I just fainted"

"Ummm. Before I eat this probably poisonous snack, may I ask who are you and where am I?"

He smirked and annabeth laughed. "I'm percy Jackson, and you've already met annabeth. That's not poisonous it's supposed to make you feel better."

"Okay..." I took a bite out of the yellow snack. Oh my goodness that is delicious. It's a mix of chocolate chip cookies and milk, like I'm freaking Santa Claus. "Mmmmm"

"Whats your name?"

"Angel" I mumbled, too endured in the yellow brownie.

Annabeth took my plate and put it on the bedside table"Well, Angel. This is going to shock you for a bit, but just stay with me okay? Your in camp half blood. A place where demigods train to fight against monsters like that spider, they also come here to learn about ancient greek. Of course we still do camp like activities, just some are more... violent?"

This is seriously blowing my mind into little Angel bits. Demigods? I thought those were myths? But ME a demigod? um, I don't think so. I don't have super strength or any powerful ability. What? Am I the daughter of the completely normal human being god? They saw my confusion and shock, so they told me about how the gods from olympus come down to earth a "mingle" with the humans, creating demigod children. Apparently I am one of them, my parent just haven't declared that I'm her child. I wonder who my mother is, percy explained that our parents couldn't stay with they're children for more than two months because Zeus thought that they would ignore they're duties in Olympus. Guess where Olympus is? THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING WHAT.

"How about my dad? Can I call him or something?"

"Yea sure"

I called my dad and he was worried out of his mind. "Angel, are you okay?! The school said you ran out of your exam like a crazy person!"

"Dad I'm fine."

"Thank goodness."

"Dad? Do you know anything about mom... Anything mythological?"


"Honey. Where are you?"

"Don't ignore my question."

"You got attacked haven't you. Are you with them? Are you safe?"

"How did you know? I'm at this camp half blood place, dad why do you sound worried?"

"Trust them okay? Everything they said.... It's true. Your lucky they came to save you. Stay there, and train. I'll come and visit you once in a while, it's safer if you stay. *sigh* how could they have found you."

"Dad? Hello?"

He hung up. I'm scared. Insecure. But if he told me to trust them then I will.

"Everything okay?" Annabeth asked.

"No. He told me to stay here and train, yet I don't even know my own mother yet."

"It will come, come on let me show you around camp."

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