Another Life

This story takes place in the big city, New York. Angel is just a normal girl living in a normal life, secretly desperate for something to happen. But when one day, in her ADHD life, she later found out, that her prayers have finally been answered. But will she enjoy it as much as she thinks she would?


2. Annabeth, Annabeth Chase

  At first I thought I was hallucinating. Turns out I wasn't. I screamed of the creature, it was black with hairy legs and red beady eyes piercing through me, it was a spider. And yes, I am terribly afraid of them (it's a phobia) but this one was the most terrifying, it was as tall and big as the classroom! It was on the school garden, trampling on flowers, totally trashing this wonderful reading place that I always go to. The whole class stared at me, disregarding they still have the test to take. 

  "Are you guys blind! There's a ginormous creature out there trashing our school, that thing is going to eat us!" I said in panic.

  "What are you talking about Angel? I can't see anything?" Isabelle, my best friend said in confusion.

  "Okay, everyone keep taking your tests and Angel, come outside with me please." Mrs. Harrison said calmly.

  As I follow her outside, Isabelle passed me a note.

  ~ Dude, whats up with you? Are you hallucinating or something? Oh nothing, but if somethings wrong, you should really call your dad and talk about it. ~

  Isabelle had the curliest pitch black hair I've ever seen, it's not natural! I envy her, but she is half chinese, so I do tease her speaking a bit, she has perfect skin, no pimples whatsoever, and she is as slim as paper, lots of boys drool over her of course.

  I go outside, and Mrs. Harrison looked down at me with those pitch black eyes, I think she has no soul or something inside her, i'm serious, she seems. empty. I shiver. Has it gotten colder somehow? But it's the end of may! 

  "Is everything alright Ms. Day?"

  "No its not, everyone thinks I'm a lunatic right now, but I know what I saw! I saw this gigantic spider trampling all over my favorite book reading area! AND seeing a giant spider is not that welcoming either, I almost fell off my chair!"

  "Oh no, your not hallucinating my dear, you just saw something, that humans can't see."

  "Now your saying I'm not even human? Um, I think I got all my body parts actually, and I can speak English, not alien."

  "No no I don't mean that your not human, well your half human actually. But I guess you'd never know about your other half now, I have found you, and now I'm going to kill you, demigod!"

  My brain almost exploded. Demigod? Isn't that a Greek term for half human half god people? Has Mrs. Harrison gone completely insane? But a few seconds later, I knew that Mrs. Harrison, was not insane, I am. I saw her skin shape shift into a another creature, it looked exactly the same as the monstrous nightmare outside the window right now. A ginormous spider. I almost had a heart attack, since I am afraid of spiders, soooo basically this made me scream and run, while "Mrs. Harrison" chased after me. 

  Then after a while, I hear a window, someone came in THROUGH THE WINDOW, dramatic much? Then I heard Ms. Harrison.

  "How did you find me! Leave, or else I will kill you!"

  Then a male voice said back

  "Well we heard some ruckus, and came as fast as we could. And like you would kill me, you'd be dead by then!"

  He took out his sword and I heard some kind of goat sound, but I kept running, until I bumped into something and fell on the floor, I noticed, I didn't bump into something, in fact I bumped into nothing! But when I tried to stand, I saw a hand in front of me, I swore there was nothing there before. I took the hand and saw a beautiful girl, with blond hair and grey eyes just like mine (except for the blonde part), she had nice tan skin, and was wearing an orange shirt, with letters too faded to read, something camp I think. She was also holding a blue cap in her hands.

  "Sorry, didn't see you there, hi, I'm Annabeth!"

  "um.. are you another big scary spider monster" Cringing at the word "spider" when I said it.

  "Aha. No I am not, not that I think so. All half human flesh right here. And I am terrified of spiders, so the boys are taking care of that. I'm just here to see why it was here and who it was chasing. Well I guess it was you, since its the middle of a period, and you were running like a crazy person."

  "Yea, sorry about that, um, whats your name again?" Rubbing my bruised head.

  "Annabeth, Annabeth Chase."

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