The Next Heir

Julia Springforth was someone to be envied at Hogwarts. She was beautiful and had friends who were famous like Rose Weasley, James Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Despite that, she never felt proud of herself for being a half- veela, thus she kept it a secret. All her life, she asked herself why she was abandoned by her father and then her mother afterwards, but never got any answers. And then, she soon found herself having abnormal abilities… even for a witch.

((The story will start with Julia being in the first year but there will be a timeskip bringing them to the main story - the fourth year.))


16. The Hunt Begins

Finally, the Yule Ball came.

I walked with James into the Great Hall, wearing the beautiful white gown that Rose lent me.

Everyone was looking at James and I in awe and admiration. They were staring at us a bit longer than they even stared at their own companion.

I had to admit James looked even more handsome than usual as well.

The Great Hall was beautifully decorated with snow and floating crystals, and there were even floating crystal gondolas high above us - for couples who might want to enjoy their time with less noises up there.

Down on the floor, everyone was dancing slowly to the music at first.

"I thought you didn't remember the dance routine?" I chuckled teasingly at James.

"Well, are you hopelessly in love with me now that I can dance?" He grinned playfully back at me.

I laughed and enjoyed the dance the rest of the evening.

To be honest, my heart still felt uneasy when I saw Hailey with the guy from the Quidditch team.

I know I should be happy that Hailey's friends with me again, but I felt as if I was deceiving her. I knew how much she had liked James to be able to try and sabotage me. I had wanted have a talk with Hailey, so that she could tell me about her feelings, and I could've tell her mine, too.

But right now, unlike what I've wanted, I had to live with another lie inside my heart - that I might even be the Dark Lords's great granddaughter.

How would everyone look at me if they knew about it?

"Rose?" James' surprised voice suddenly interrupted my train of thoughts and drew my attention towards Rose. And her date.


"What?" Scorpius cocked an eyebrow at James when we were staring at Rose and Scorpius strangely.

"I mean, Uncle Ron wouldn't be liking this..." James held his stomach and started laughing his head off. Rose's face went so red, I couldn't help but noticed it.

"It's just a dance. And Scorpius has no date to go with!" Rose frantically explained and I chuckled quietly. Scorpius looked at me and smile.

"Well, you are sure lucky for someone who doesn't have a date." I said to Scorpius, glancing at Rose, who was shouting 'I'll kill you if you tell my father' at James.

Rose looked very elegant and desirable in the beige-coloured dress, and Scorpius looked very dashing as well.

"James' lucky, too." Scorpius muttered and stared at me. James suddenly noticed Scorpius and I talking, thus he barged in.

"Hey. She's my date. Your date is over there. Shoo. Shoo." James wrapped his arms around me from my back and everyone in the room started staring.

"Oh, right, Julia. I came over here to talk to you about something." Rose suddenly said, as if remembering something.

"Yes?" I asked curiously. The music was at a full blast right now.

"You should go to our family's vacation house this upcoming break." Rose raised her voice, trying to invite me over the excessively loud rock song.

'Our' probably referred to her and James' family's.

"I've invited Hailey and Scorpius as well. There's only you left." Rose said, smiling at me. James was grinning as well.

"Ohhhhh Scorpius. Uncle Ron and your father will be soooo pleased to hear thissss." James elongated his words teasingly and laughed while shaking his head. Scorpius glared with killing intent at James. James quickly stuck his tongue out in response.

Malfoy, Weasley, and Potter.

It sure was going to be a one of a kind Christmas Break to remember.

"Sure. But I'll have to ask my Aunt first though." I smiled sheepishly in reply to Rose's warm invitation.

"Oh by the way, how are things going on with Victoire?" James suddenly asked Rose.

"Victoire... Your cousin?" I queried. Scorpius was also confused at what James was talking about as well.

"Yes. Our eight-veela cousin. She was interrogated by the Ministry of Magic recently. My grandfather took care of everything though. I mean, it was a bit silly to have interrogated an eight-veela Weasley about such a thing..." Rose immediately started to ramble on and on, in order provide us with all the information she knew about her cousin's problem.

"What do mean? Why was a Weasley interrogated?" Scorpius interrupted, a tone of uneasiness in his voice.

Rose looked around to make sure no one was paying specific attention to our conversation and continued the story she was telling, but in a more discreet manner.

She even looked at her cousin, James, to get his approval to reveal the Ministry's secret.

James nodded at her.

"A trusted source told the Ministry...", Rose said, "That Voldemort's descendant is a half-veela."

Thump. Thump.

I felt a leap inside my heart and unconsciously dropped the glass of drink I was holding.

Voldemort's descendant?

The Ministry of Magic?

Interrogating people with veelas bloodline?

All the loud music and chattering suddenly began to fade away and I felt questions rushing up inside my brain.

They were hunting me down.

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