The Next Heir

Julia Springforth was someone to be envied at Hogwarts. She was beautiful and had friends who were famous like Rose Weasley, James Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Despite that, she never felt proud of herself for being a half- veela, thus she kept it a secret. All her life, she asked herself why she was abandoned by her father and then her mother afterwards, but never got any answers. And then, she soon found herself having abnormal abilities… even for a witch.

((The story will start with Julia being in the first year but there will be a timeskip bringing them to the main story - the fourth year.))


12. The Heir's Patronus

"Hey Julia! Don't you think Scorpius make a good Beater?" I heard James and Rose giggling under the sunlight as they pointed to Scorpius up in the sky.

I looked up at the sky and see Scorpius on his broom, hitting imaginary Bludgers.

"As long as it's Parkinson's face, I think I can hit the Bludger pretty well." Scorpius grunted and smiled down at us.

I woke up to the sound of the gentle thunder. I had a dream about my past again.

It was getting more and more frustrating everyday - I was determined to get my life back, but I haven't got a clue to how.

It had been 2 weeks since the Yule Ball, and all of my attempt to talk to the snake-like voice had also failed. There was no way of getting back to my old life.

I frowned as I saw the scenery outside the window. I couldn't see anything much  - the rain was trickling heavily down the glass, and the sky looked too gray and dark for a Sunday morning.

I ambled down the corridor lifelessly, towards the Great Hall for the breakfast.

The whole time eating - although I did not touch the food much - I was staring at the Gryffindor's table, and Scorpius, who was sitting among the Slytherins, looking bored to Eric Parkinson's rambling.

And then - when I looked back at the Gryffindor's table - I saw Hailey glaring straight into my eyes.

Her face was dark and there was something frightening in her eyes. It was such an intense feeling of hatred.

"Hailey." I said as I grabbed her arm when the Gryffindors were walking by me. Rose and James were together together with Hailey as well.

"What's wrong, Springforth?" Rose asked, looking at me in a suspicious way.

I looked at James.

He looked back at me, and after a moment, he smiled and sighed.

"Let's go first, Rose. Hugo and Lily are waiting." James said. Rose followed him despite the confused look on her face.

The both of them seemed to not notice the pleading expression Hailey was having, telling them to not leave her behind with me.

After all the students had left and the corridors were quiet with no one behind, Hailey yanked her hand off my grip.

"What do you want?" She grunted uncomfortably.

"Do you still remember me?" I asked.

 Hailey fell silent and her face become stern at my question.

"Well, aren't you Springforth, miss Popular?" Hailey snapped, twirling her hair with her finger.

I gritted my teeth at her comment.

"Hailey, give me back my life." I said. I didn't care if perharps Hailey did not remember me like everybody else, but I had a feeling she was the one behind this whole crazy time-turning thing.

"You're crazy. What in the world are you talking about?" Hailey snorted.

"I think you do know what in the world I was talking about, Hailey."

Hailey's face suddenly turned dark , just like during our breakfast. She clenched her fists tightly and walked away from me. I almost didn't notice the wand she was holding in her hand.

"Petrificus Totalus!!!" She turned back and yelled in my direction. I quickly grabbed my wand and said the first spell that came into mind.

I wasn't sure if it was going to even work.


"Huh, you couldn't do it last time, Springforth! It's not going to wor-"

Hailey suddenly gasped.

From the tip of my wand, a beautiful bright light bursted out, forming a beautiful white serpent.

A white serpent.


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