The Next Heir

Julia Springforth was someone to be envied at Hogwarts. She was beautiful and had friends who were famous like Rose Weasley, James Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Despite that, she never felt proud of herself for being a half- veela, thus she kept it a secret. All her life, she asked herself why she was abandoned by her father and then her mother afterwards, but never got any answers. And then, she soon found herself having abnormal abilities… even for a witch.

((The story will start with Julia being in the first year but there will be a timeskip bringing them to the main story - the fourth year.))


10. Cursed

"Master...Walk inside... As long as you're inside... The Time-turning curse won't affect you..." The snake-like voice said.

"Time-turning? What time-turning curse?" I stepped inside the corridor, looking in front. There was no light at the end of this tunnel.

"I should go bac-"

And then my heart almost fell when I saw what was happening.

The sunlight engulfed the whole room for half a second before suddenly disappeared. It was daytime and night time in a mere second .The sun and the moon were switching places rapidly.

I stood there frozen - confused if I should be astonished or frightened.

It felt as if time was flying back and forth at an incredible rate.

"Impossible. No one could perform such a spell...!" I gasped, terrified.

Who could have done this? Who would want to go back and forth in time? And why would they need to go back in time in the first place?

I felt as if my heart was about to drop dead.

And then, the sun finally stopped moving.

"Is it safe now?" I asked the voice.

There was no reply.

"I should go and look for Rose." I thought to myself.

I hesitantly took a step outside.

I couldn't even get an answer from the strange voice and there were already more problems to solve.

I walked urgently towards the Great Hall, glad that Hogwarts was still here, but not sure if the assembly might have already been over. And then, from not so far away, I could see James, Rose and Hailey leaving through the entrance.

"Rose, I must tell you someth-" I called out to Rose suddenly but immediately shut my mouth after that. Rose, James and Hailey walked by me as if we were strangers.

"Hey, Rose." I tapped on her shoulder lightly. All three of them - Rose, Hailey and James turned around to look at me.

"Hello Springfo- Why are you wearing Gryffindor's uniform?" Rose greeted, abrubtly asked when she noted my uniform.

I swallowed.

"What do you mean? If I'm not a Gryffindor then what am I?"

"You are a Ravenclaw, Springforth." Rose said nonchalantly.

"I'm a WHAT?" I coughed.

Hailey pulled James' arm and looked at him lovingly. The both of them then whispered something to Rose and left first.

I blanked out for a whole straight minute, not even bothering to reply when Rose asked me if I needed Madam Pomfrey.

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