The Next Heir

Julia Springforth was someone to be envied at Hogwarts. She was beautiful and had friends who were famous like Rose Weasley, James Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Despite that, she never felt proud of herself for being a half- veela, thus she kept it a secret. All her life, she asked herself why she was abandoned by her father and then her mother afterwards, but never got any answers. And then, she soon found herself having abnormal abilities… even for a witch.

((The story will start with Julia being in the first year but there will be a timeskip bringing them to the main story - the fourth year.))


15. Back to the old life

I opened my eyes and sat right up on my bed.

I looked around. The familiar scene and smell and soft touch of the bed rushed up to me.

I was back in my Gryffindor's bedroom again.

Rose was still in her bed next to mine, sleeping soundly. Hailey was asleep in her bed, as well.

I looked at the calendar. I was back to the day when Hailey stayed behind in our bedroom, while I and Rose were going ahead for an assembly after checking out the Yule Ball dresses.

We were also going to have a dance class today and James was going to complain about how he wasn't able to remember the dance moves.

Today was the day where the whole time-turning thing was supposed to happen.

"I'm back." I thought to myself, while looking at Rose and Hailey sleeping.

I was back to my old life.

An overwhelming feeling of happiness washed over me and I felt the tears swelling up in my eyes. The whole crazy time-turning thing seemed as if it was just mere nightmare.

But it wasn't just a nightmare.

Something cold and heavy was dangling around my next. It was Salazar Slytherin's locket.

Everything that happened was real.

Suddenly, I'm reminded of something else equally important. Even though I'm back to the old present, I'm not sure if Hailey won't find away to sabotage me again. How did she even find Salazar's Locket in the first place? Why does Salazar's Locket still exist?

"Hailey." I called out to her after the dance class. Hailey turned around cheerfully and brightly smiled, "Yes?"

I was surprised. No, I was so happy that she was back to her old self instead of the evil one who tried to use the Salazar's Locket against me.

"I- uh... D-Do you want to check out the Yule Ball dresses that our parents sent us in our room?" I stuttered nervously. Hailey nodded and grinned.

The afternoon passed inside our room with no major occurence.

"The white gown is lovely, thanks, Rose." I said gratefully as Rose handed me the dress. I looked at Hailey and her medieval looking dress.

"What's wrong, Julia?" Rose asked me, with a tone of concern. She could see the worried look on my face.

I stared at the beautiful white gown I was holding. Maybe Hailey should have it.

"Hey, Hailey. You want to check out this white gown?" I said to Hailey. Hailey looked up and her eyes brightened.

"That gown is so beautiful!" Hailey exclaimed.

"But you know, I'm good with the dress my mum sent me." Hailey sighed and smiled once again.

My eyes widened.

Something had changed about Hailey.

The prefect soon came and fetched us to the assembly in the Great Hall.

At the Great Hall, we were praticing dueling with the whole school, and something was strange. The way that Hailey looked at James was strange.

Before, I had always unconsciously knew that Hailey liked James from the way she looked at him.

Now, her stare didn't even lingered on him more than 1 second.

It was as if she was just looking at a friend, not someone whom she loved.

Then suddenly, I understood why.

The locket reversed everything that had happened so far, sending me back to my old life - with a slight change.

The locket had to make sure that Hailey will never attempt to sabotage me ever again.

It erased the feeling of love towards James from Hailey's heart.


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