A love triangle of a "Cinderella"(PAUSE)

Living in the richest part of London, is probably a dream everyone wants. But when you’re finally living it, it isn't that much of a “dream”. Nah. At least not to me. Now you may be thinking, who is this? Well... I'm Ella. I live with my horrid step-mom, Brenda, and her two snobby daughters. I clean, I cook and do practically every chore in the mansion, whose my so called “home”. I guess you could say this is a living Cinderella story. I know, how cliché. But when you don't have a “love of your life”, and a magical fairy to guide you, it turns into a living hell. So I guess you could say that this is my, classic Cinderella story… Not.


1. Fairytale

“Ella! Ella! Ella!?” An annoying voice yells at me, and waiting inpatient for an answer. “Ell-” I cut the voice off by pressing the respond button on the speaker and yell, “what!?”

“Don't you dare yell at me young lady! Come down, and make me my breakfast that was supposed to be done 5 minutes ago!” My stepmother yells at me, and hangs up.

I glance at my clock, and quickly get up with wide eyes. Crap! I'm late! I guess you could ask, why such a big fuss, just because of a late breakfast? But oh, if you do ask, you don't know my step-mother. She isn't the woo to the hoo kind of person. I sprint down from the attic were my fabulous room is -note the sarcasm-, and in to the luxury kitchen. The kitchen is completely new, the she devil (my step-mother) practically renovates it every 2nd year, to make sure, and I quote, “Everything is modern and perfect, not single dirt to be spotted.” But she does have the money for it, so why not? In case you didn't catch on, that was a rhetorical question. I take the fresh fruit and cut them into pieces, and quickly put them in the blender. A loud noise comes from the mixer, and at last I make sure no lumpy fruits are left, and pour it into a Gucci cup. Yes, you heard me a Gucci cup. I know weird right? But trust me. When your whole kitchen is full of them, you get used to it. I put the smoothie on a tray, with a non-fat and ecological biscuit, and rush outside, where Brenda is doing her cardiac training.

One of the things I’ll give her is that she keeps herself fit and healthy. Though with her face caked in make-up and fake boobs with the size of balloons, you wouldn’t think she was one of the, “My health is important” kind of person.

“Finally you came, next time you pull a stunt like this, you won’t be seeing any colleges.” She says.

“I know and I’m very sorry ma’am.” My innocent voice speaks. “Good you should be. Now go to the store and make sure Kylie and Kendall, are doing their job probably.” Brenda orders me.

I turn around with a swift movement, and start walking to the Clothing store, where Brenda is making all her money from. The store wasn’t actually hers but my mom’s. But when your mom is dead and your dad remarried a horrible woman, and then also kind of had to engage in her daughter’s life, you feel forgotten and obviously so was the store.

Before my father died he gave all his belongings to her, and in those things was me included, and the store. He completely forgot my mom’s wish for me, to get the store after she passes away.

Yeah, she knew she was going to die. She knew she had cancer but didn’t tell, or do anything. The next thing you know you get a call from your dad while you’re in school, and get told that you have to come to the hospital, because your mother is dying, and the only thing you can think about is why she didn’t tell anybody. People could’ve cured her. She could’ve still been alive, and happy. That makes me think sometimes, that maybe she wanted to die. Maybe this life wasn’t good enough for her, or maybe she just didn’t love us at all. I keep trying to convince myself that, that isn’t the reason, though the idea just keeps flowing back to my mind. The clothing store, Fairytale, is the only thing I have left of her, and not even. Brenda turned it into a Celeb hot-spot. Normal people without a status, doesn’t have a chance to even get an appointment there. I push the door open to Fairytale, and hear the familiar bell go off.

As I round the corner for the fitting area, I see a curly haired boy, sitting on his phone. As soon as he notices my presence, he looks up and look straight into my dark blue eyes, with his green ones. A smile spreads his plumb lips and I notice two dimples on each cheek. Cute. “Hi, you must be Kylie. You’re the one that’s supposed to measure me, right?” His raspy voice speaks, patiently waiting for an answer.

Before I can even say anything, I hear Kylie enter the room, and say; “No she isn’t. I’m Kylie.” She says with a bit of a flirty voice.

I cough and quickly say, “Ehhm... Yeah she’s Kylie I was just coming to see how the store was. Nothing special. But it was nice meeting you Harry.” I turn around, and see Kylie sending me a quick glare, as if saying; don’t talk to him.

Awkwardly I stroll out of the room, but quickly stop when I hear an ear piercing little scream, coming from the room I just came out from. I rush in there, to see Harry holding his arm and wincing a bit, in the meantime Kylie’s staring at him with embarrassment and shock while holding a sharp needle, with some thread hanging on it. Typical. If Kylie or Kendall were “fitting” people, complains always butted in. Now you may ask, why don’t you just fire them? But you see, first of all Brenda is the one in charge. Second Kylie and Kendall are my step sisters. Yep, you heard me. They are the descendants from the devil.

“OMG! I’m so sorry are you okay?” Kylie shrieks. The Harry guy answers by giving her a slight nod. Kylie looks around and sees me, and quickly gives me the needle, while whispering in my ear that I’m going to take this one, but warning me to not make a move on him. I scrunch my face up in disgust by the last part. I would never make a move like that on a boy. I don’t know anything about him, and he just came to be fitted. I quietly nod at her, but she just sticks her chin up, and walks out of the room and makes sure to sway her hips.

“She’s had a bad day, sorry about that” I tell Harry, his eyes following Kylie. “It’s okay, I guess. What’s your name love?” He asks me. I feel a slight blush creep my cheeks as he says the word, love. “Ella, Ella Brighton. You? I only caught your first name.” I smile at him, and make him stand up.

“You don’t recognize me?” The cute guy in front of me asks. Confusion instantly shows on my facial expression. “No should I?” My voice says with clear confusion in it. He quickly says doesn’t matter and introduces him, “I’m Harry, Harry Styles. You’ve heard of one direction?”

“Yeah... I’ve heard of that band, but don’t really know them.” I say with a slight smile.

“Well, I’m in it. Together with four other lads.” He says returning my smile with an even bigger one.

“Well Harry Styles from one direction. Nice to meet you.”

Authors note: Heya! Sooo, this is my newest fanfic. This chapter was only a fill in, nothing biggy. Tomorrow I'm going with my classmates to an island for five days, so I won't be able to update any of my movellas. But while I'm there I'll make sure to write at night on my phone, and then post the chapters when I'm home again:) Thanks for reading this fanfic<3 Pleas eread my others too:) Love you!<3

Peace out!<33


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