Casey is visiting her best friend in London, and her best friend happens to know Louis and El personally from a bar. Casey is a huge directioner, and when she hears that her friend is throwing a party and only inviting 1D and their girlfriends, everything is just getting better and better. So who's still single in the band and who does Casey likes the most? Will something sparks between her and one of the members? Is it going to be a flawless love story?


9. talking to potato

Casey’s POV

I get up from the log and still have the blanket wrapped around myself, walking towards my room.  I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn around to see Niall’s ocean blue eyes looking right into mine. “Hey, I was wondering if I can sleep on the floor in your room, so we can like talk and get to know each other more before we fall asleep?” he asks me.

“Well since I am a loyal directioner, I’m pretty sure I know quite a lot about you already, but ya you are welcome to sleep in my room if you want,” I smile at him.

“Yay! I’m just gonna go take a shower and I’ll be right there!”

“okay, cya soon!”  Niall runs to the bathroom and push the other boys out of his way, so he can be the first one.  I go straight to my room since there is a bathroom there.  I take a twenty minute shower and dry my hair and change into a white tank and grey sweatpants.  When I walk out of the bathroom, Niall is lying on my bed looking at his phone.  He’s still wearing the same white v-neck and back jeans since he didn’t know about the sleep over.  “Hey beautiful! Can I stay on the bed for a while and I’ll go back on the floor when it’s time to sleep?” he looks up at me and says.

“Yep!” I agree and climb onto the bed beside him.  He puts away his phone and starts to ask me some questions. “So Case, since you know so much about me from being our fan, it’s my turn to get to know you more.  Alright, so what are you doing now in Canada?”

“Well I just graduated from university with a bachelor degree in biochemistry, and I’m gonna apply for a job at a biochemistry lab when I get back at the end of August.”

“Wow you don’t look like the nerdy type.”

“Hey!! Don’t call me nerdy!”

“I’m just kidding!  I like girls who know what they want to do with their life.  And plus, smart girls knows what they are doing!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment…thanks?”

“no prob! Hey wait… so you are leaving in two months?  Then I won’t be able to see my princess anymore…”Niall whines and look at me with his puppy eyes.  Oh my god why is he doing this to me!

“Aww Potato! Don’t look so sad! We have two months right now before I go back, and plus we can skype each other every day if you want?” I say holding his hands in mine.

“What did you just call me? Potato?!”

“Hahaha ya I think its really cute and it suits you!” I laugh and he laughs too.

“Fine then I need to give you a nickname too! You will hear it when I think of one!”


“So you promise that we will skype every day when you go back?  You know I’m going to miss you like crazy right?”

“Niall! You’re making me blush!” I hide my face in his chest.  He starts to stroke my hair gently which makes me kind of sleepy.  His other hand is drawing circles on my back, and he starts to tell me more about his feeling for me.

“You know…when I first saw you at the door step, your smile took my breath away.  It was the cutest smile I’ve ever seen.  And when you spoke, you voice kept ringing in my ears.  You treated us like we are just normal lads not the most famous band on the planet, and I appreciate that!  I’m glad you’re not one of those crazy fans who scream and cry when they see us.  And the way you dressed, I knew you are my type coz you didn’t wear tight dresses or skirts that barely cover your ass to grab out attention.  I like girly girls, but I also like them when they are wearing something casual and a little sexy.  You know when Ashley asked you who your fav member is, I was nervous that you would pick Harry since he’s the most popular in the band.  When you said it was me, I knew I had to give it a try and ask you for a chance…” he just keeps on talking and talking, and I fall asleep in his arms with a smile on my face.  No one has ever talked about me in this way.


Niall’s POV

After talking for a while, I realize Case is not responding.  She falls asleep; her head is on my chest, and she’s smiling.  I’m glad I can make her happy and confident about herself.  I was going to sleep on the floor, but I don’t want to wake her so I stay on the bed and fall asleep in her scent in my nostril and thinking about her in my dream.  

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