Casey is visiting her best friend in London, and her best friend happens to know Louis and El personally from a bar. Casey is a huge directioner, and when she hears that her friend is throwing a party and only inviting 1D and their girlfriends, everything is just getting better and better. So who's still single in the band and who does Casey likes the most? Will something sparks between her and one of the members? Is it going to be a flawless love story?


8. strumming the guitar

Niall’s POV

After we give them their cups, we return to our log.  I cover Case and myself with our blanket; I can see the others staring at us.  Damn it, Harry told them what he saw… Oh well, they will find out sooner or later.  I’m kinda surprised though coz they just stare and not asking any questions.  I guess they don’t wanna push things too far either, glad that they are giving us some space.  Suddenly, an idea comes to mind.  “hey lads, let’s sing for the ladies!”  I didn’t want to say OUR ladies coz that would seem like I being too aggressive and claiming Case to be mine.

“Yea good idea Nialler! But we need a guitar,” Liam suggests.

“I have one! It’s in my room. I can go get it!” Ash says.

“Awesome! Can I borrow it?” I ask since I’m gonna be the one playing it.

“Of course! I’ll be right back!”


Ashley’s POV

HOLY SHIT!  I can’t believe Niall confessed to Case already, and he’s gonna sing for her?!  Tonight is getting better and better! I run into the house and to my room.  I flip through my closet and dig out the guitar that my dad bought me for Christmas three years ago.  With the almost brand new guitar, I run back out into the yard and hand it to Niall.  He takes off his half of the blanket and wraps it around Casey’s shoulders. Awwwww these two cuties. “So lads, what should we sing? Or rather…ladies! What would you like to hear?”

“Little Things!” all of us shout together.

“Who’s singing Zayn’s solo?” Niall asks and starts strumming the guitar.

“I’ll do it!” Lou volunteers.

Your hand fits in mind like it’s made just for me, but bear this in mind it was meant to be.  I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks, and it all makes sense to me.  I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile.  You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs.  The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, I’ll love them endlessly.

When it gets to Niall’s solo, Casey rests her head on Niall’s shoulder and listen to his angelic voice.  They are really really cute together.  When they finish the song, we ladies claps and shouts! Suddenly, I have a song in mind that I want them to sing!  “hey guys! Can you sing Moments?  It’s such a beautiful song, so pleaseeeeeeee?” I beg them.  They look at each other and nod.

Shut the door
Turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this
Even though I try
Heart beats harder
Time escapes me
Trembling hands
Touch skin
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face…

When the boys are singing, Dani is in Liam’s arms, El is in Lou’s arms, Harry wraps her arm around my waist and give me a chill down my spine, and Case is staring at Niall admiring his face features.  After they finish singing, I look at my phone to check the time and it is already eleven o’clock.  “hey it’s eleven already, so you guys wanna sleep over or…?” I ask.

“Sleep over!!” Louis cheers and kisses El on the cheek.  These two are totally meant for each other.

“Alrighty! Let’s take turns to shower or do whatever you need to do.  The living room is all yours!” I say to them before heading into my room. 


Sorry this chapter is so short... what is going to happen next when Niall and Casey are sleeping in the same house? xxx

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