Casey is visiting her best friend in London, and her best friend happens to know Louis and El personally from a bar. Casey is a huge directioner, and when she hears that her friend is throwing a party and only inviting 1D and their girlfriends, everything is just getting better and better. So who's still single in the band and who does Casey likes the most? Will something sparks between her and one of the members? Is it going to be a flawless love story?


2. Picking outfits

“Hey Case do you want me to help you pick out an outfit for tonight?  I can lend you some if you need it!” I yell from my room

“Ya sure! I really can’t decide what I’m gonna wear now that you told me 1D is gonna be here!” she yells back from the guestroom across the hall.


Casey’s POV

I am sooo nervous for tonight!  Probably because I’m a huge directioner.  Ash offered to help me pick out an outfit, and I gladly said yes coz she has the best fashion taste among all of my friends!  Well duh! She’s an intern at a fashion design company. 

“Alrighty Casey Case, show me what you brought,” Ash says leaning on the doorframe. 

I display all my clothes on the bed for her to put the puzzles together.  After a minute of examining my clothes, she asked, “okay now tell me who you wanna impress in the band?”

“Wait…What did you just say?” I question, can’t believe what I just heard.

“Well your dream is to date one of the members of 1D right? So tonight I’m gonna pair you up with the prince charming of your dream!”

“Ashley! How am I ever gonna be able to repay this favour?” My jaw drops wide open. 

“No need! This is what best friends do!  Now stop wasting time and tell me who!”

“Well Louis has Eleanor, Liam has Danielle, Zayn has Perrie, and Harry is too popular…”

“So Niall?”

“Yep!” I blush and reply shyly looking down at the floor.

“Alright! Let’s get started!  So Niall once said he would not date a model because models are too perfect.  Therefore, hmmm…let’s give you a more casual look but sexy enough to show off your body line!” Ash suggests.

“Whatever you say girl! You’re the expert here!”

After thirty minutes of picking, we decide baby pink translucent blouse with black skinny jeans and black flats. I am not wearing heels coz I don’t want to be taller than Niall.  After we have my outfit figured out, we skip to Ash’s room and pick out hers.  She already has her mind decided on a strapless plain black dress that ends just above her knees with a pair of silver stilettos.  She’s the hostess of the party so she gotta look gorgeous right? 

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