Casey is visiting her best friend in London, and her best friend happens to know Louis and El personally from a bar. Casey is a huge directioner, and when she hears that her friend is throwing a party and only inviting 1D and their girlfriends, everything is just getting better and better. So who's still single in the band and who does Casey likes the most? Will something sparks between her and one of the members? Is it going to be a flawless love story?


15. Hangout 2- meeting James

“ME!!” everyone yells at me.

“Hahaha alright, someone takes the order and come tell me. I’ll be in the kitchen,” I sound kind of bossy but oh well someone needs to give them instructions sometimes.

“I’ll do it!” I hear Harry voluntarily offers as I walk towards the kitchen.  After a minute, Harry comes in and tell me the drinks they “ordered”.  “Louis, Liam and Niall want beer; Zayn and I want Coke.”

“No alcohol for you two?” I question.

“Nope, we need to drive Louis and Liam home if the y get drunk.” How responsible!

“You know, you are welcome to stay for the night if necessary, I’m sure Niall would not mind.”

“Thanks for the offer! We’ll see,” Harry says and takes the three beers and walks back to the living room.  I take the two Coke for Harry and Zayn, and my own Diet Coke.  Personally think Diet Coke tastes better than regular Coke. Anyways, when I’m about to sit on the couch beside Niall, the doorbell rings.  I quickly jump up and go to open the door because I know it’s Ashley and her mysterious friend.

“Casey!! I miss you!!!” Ash gives me a bear hug as soon as the door is fully opened.  Niall yells from the living room, “you girls just talked on skype last night!”

“Shut up Horan!” Ash yells back.

“Hahahahahahahahaha, it’s nice to see you too Ashy! So who is this friend of yours?” I ask her as I invite them into the house.

“Oh ya I almost forgot! Casey, this is James, my boyfriend; James this is Casey, my best friend that I’ve been telling you about,” she introduces us. We exchange a handshake and a “Nice to meet you”.  I lead them to the living room and have the  boys introduce themselves to James.

“Hi I’m Niall, Casey’s boyfriend.”

“Hey I’m Harry, and we are Niall’s band mates.”

“Hello I’m Liam.”

“Hey I’m Louis.”

“Hey, I’m Zayn.”

“Nice to meet you all! I’m James, and ya Ashley’s boyfriend.”

“Okay! Now we all know who each other is, let’s put on a movie and enjoy our drinks!” I say, “Louis can you pick a movie while I help Ash and James with their drink?”

“Yes meme!”

“James, tell me what you want, and you can go talk to the boys; I’ll get our drinks,” Ash says.

“Uh…a beer please! Thanks babe!” James replies

“Ok!” Ash calls back from the kitchen.

“So when did you two start dating? How did you meet him? Why him? Tell me everything!” I start to fire questions at her while taking a beer from the fridge.

“I knew you were going to ask! Ok, so we met at a mall where we pumped into each other.  All of my stuff were on the floor so he helped me pick them up.  Then, he offers to buy me a cup of coffee for apology and I said yes.  So we sat in the food court and started talking about random stuff and exchange our phone numbers.  After I went home, he texted me wanting to hang out sometimes, and I thought he was a nice guy so I said yes.  We ended up hanging out and texting none stop every day after you moved out, and he confessed yesterday. The end!”

“Ash you do realize that I’ve only been out of your house for three days! Isnt it kind of quick to fall in love with a guy? Plus, I thought you said that you need some time before beginning another relationship after the last one,” I’m a little worry that Ash will get hurt.

“Yea I know all that, but James seems like a nice guy, and I won’t fall too hard for him for a little while because I don’t want my heart to break like the last one,” Ash informs me.

“Ok, just be careful, alright? C’mon let’s get you a beer too and head back to the living room.”  We walk back to where all the boys are, and I sit between Niall and Louis; Ash sits with James on the love couch. “So what movie did you pick, Boo Bear?” I turn to the side and look at Louis.

“Hangover 2! We all need to have some laugh!”

“Good choice!” 


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