Casey is visiting her best friend in London, and her best friend happens to know Louis and El personally from a bar. Casey is a huge directioner, and when she hears that her friend is throwing a party and only inviting 1D and their girlfriends, everything is just getting better and better. So who's still single in the band and who does Casey likes the most? Will something sparks between her and one of the members? Is it going to be a flawless love story?


14. Hangout 1

It’s been three days since I moved in with Niall; we haven’t been doing anything too special, just watching the movies at home or movie theatre, dining at Nando’s, ordering pizza at home, cuddles and a lot of cuddles, walking in the park, making brownies, looking through One Direction’s articles or pictures that Niall collected, and last but not least…twitter!  We haven’t told the world that we are dating yet coz we want to find the perfect timing.  It will come.  So today, my prince said that he invited the boys to come over since Zayn is back, and he wants to introduce us to each other.  I asked if I can invite Ashley too (haven’t see her physically for a few days, don’t want her to think that I’ve forgot about her), and of course he said yes. So I call Ashley.  “Hey Ashy! Are you free today?”

“Yea why?”

“Well Niall invited the boys to come over to chill, so I figure I can invite you and we can catch up a little.  It is just not the same to talk through skype or phone.  So you wanna come?”

“Of course! I can’t wait! And I have a news to tell you; can I bring a friend too?”

“Sure, just one right”


“Cool that’s fine.”

“Okie dokie! Cya at…?”

“Uh…three ish?”

“That works! Bye bye!”
At three-ish, the Louis and Harry come together, and they are the first ones to arrive. “Case Case!!!” Louis screams and runs towards me to hug me.

“Boo Bear!!” I do the same and hug him back.

“Yo bro, get your hands off my woman,” Niall says jokingly.

“Wow your woman heh? Come here and give me a hug,” Louis jokes back give Niall a quick hug.

“Hey Case,” Harry casually walks in and smiles and hugs me.

“Hey Hazz!” I hug him back too.

“Hey you too! Hands off my princess,” Niall still laughing.

“Somebody is being too protective today eh?” Harry tries to sound Canadian, which makes me laugh.  Soon everyone else arrives, and they all hug me, and Niall does the same speech to them.

“Case you are lucky that Niall is being protective towards you,” Liam says.

“Yea I know,” I reply with a warm smile.

“Alright! So Zayn this is my girlfriend Casey who you’ve heard tons about from me and the rest of the band,” Niall introduces me to Zayn.

“Hey Casey! Nice to meet you!” he hugs me just to bug Niall.

“Hey Zayn! Glad to finally meet you!” I hug him back to play along.

“Malik you pick up fast huh? Stealing my babe like the other three idiots?”

“Yep that’s the plan,” Zayn laughs.

“Ok guys let’s get some snacks ready before Ash and her friend comes,” I say to stop Niall’s mischievous act.

“She’s bringing a friend? Who?” Harry suddenly looks up from his phone.

“ Don’t know…she just asked if she could bring a friend, and both me and Niall agreed,” I tell the truth.

“Oh…ok.  Who want some drink?” Hazza looks a little bit disappoint; I wonder if he has a crush on Ashley.  

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