30 Days

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5. Chapter #5

*Leigh's P.O.V.*

"I think we should just pass around the ball," Harry suggested.

"Harry, that's the lamest game I've ever heard of," Niall said.

Louis started jumping up and down,"WE SHOULD PASS THE BALL AROUND AND ANSWER QUESTIONS.HERE I'LL GO FIRST." Louis took the ball out of Liam's hands. "What's your favorite colorrrrrr Leigh?" He threw the ball at me.

"Um...blue." I passed the ball to Niall.

"Leigh stole mine." He passed it to Liam.

"I like red." Liam passed it to Harry.

"Orange. I'm changing the question. Virgin or non-virgin?" He passed it to me, naturally.

I haven't even had a real first kiss. I know that sounds bad for an almost eighteen year old, but it's the truth.

"I'm changing the question. What's your favorite movie?" I passed it to Louis.

"Okay guys, this isn't going as I planned."

I heard Zayn screaming at us from the dock, "GUYS LOOK OVER THERE!" He pointed out further in the ocean.

"Oh my god." Harry said.

"What is it? I don't see anything!" I was frantically jumping to see whatever all the boys were looking at.

"Jump on my back," Harry offered. He turned around and prepared to catch me.

"Are you sure?" I didn't want to hurt him or anything.

"Yes, hurry before it sails away!"

I placed my hands on his shoulders and jumped on his back. In one swift motion he somehow got a hold of my thighs and got me on top of his shoulders.

"Now don't you dare drop me, Styles."

"I won't."

I looked out in the distance to see what they were all looking at.

"Do you see it?" Harry asked

"Give me a second, I'm still trying to get over my fear of you dropping me."

"I won't drop-" He then jerked like he was falling and I screamed. I realized he did it on purpose once he started laughing.

"Harry!" I said said playfully hit his arm. "You jerk."

"Leigh, just look at the boat and I'll put you down."

"Hold on, I'm trying to find it." The sun was in my eyes and it was hard to see. I put one hand up to cover my eyes from the sun. Then I grabbed onto Harry's hair with the other hand.

"OW LEIGH. Don't pull out my hair. My hairdresser would murder you."

"Sorry!" I was going to loosen my grip but I was still scared of falling. I looked out into the ocean and finally saw the boat. It had a huge 'I <3 1D' banner on it. "Oh wow." It was very detailed and I could tell the person who owned it had worked really hard on it.

"Are you ready?" Harry asked.

"Ready for what?"

"THIS" Harry reached his arms behind his head, grabbed my waist, pulled me off of him, and threw me in the water. I plunged in the water and came back up as fast as I could, gasping for air.

"HARRY! YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!" I screamed at him while he was running away. "THAT WASN'T FUNNY!"

I slowly started swimming to the shore where everyone else was. I kept my face looking as angry as I could possibly make it look. I was not letting him get away with this one. When I reached the shore everyone was laughing hysterically.

"Is something funny?" I said, still keeping my angry face on.

"No..." All the boys responded.

"What the hell was that, Harry?!"

"Oh come on. You're fine!"

I just glared at him. Then I glanced at everyone else who was looking back at me. I just decided to go back to the house to get dressed. I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I walked back to the house without an explanation. I walked inside and changed into a t-shirt and shorts. Then I went into the kitchen and made myself a PB&J sandwich and called it lunch. Once I finished eating, I heard the door open.

"Leigh?" Niall said. "Are you in here?"

"Yeah, in the kitchen." He walked over and smiled at me a bit.

"Harry didn't mean to hurt you or anything, you know."

"I know, but I'm still mad. Why would he do that anyway?!"

"Well he likes you, a lot, so I think he's just trying to get your attention."

"By drowning me?!" I wish I could know what he's thinking sometimes.."Did he send you to talk to me?"

"Actually no, I was hungry." He said opening the cabinet and getting a bag of chips.

"Are you going back outside?" I asked.

"I wasn't planning on it. I'm probably just going to watch some TV. What were you planning on doing?"

"I don't really know, to be honest. I guess I'll just watch TV with you."

"Okay, let me get changed first. The remote is on the table, you can change it to whatever channel you want."

I went into the TV room and changed the channel to 'Say Yes To The Dress'. Hopefully Niall won't mind. I sat down on the end of the couch.

He came downstairs,"So what are we watching?" Niall said as he sat down next to me.

"Say Yes To The Dress" I chuckled a bit.

"Not my first choice, but I guess it works."

We sat there critiquing all the dresses. I found it funny that we always liked the same ones. Soon everyone else came in for lunch.

"Oh wow, you guys sit here and take a break and don't even make lunch for us." Zayn said.

"Make your own food." I replied.

After everyone had lunch I went up to my room and looked at my twitter. My mentions were going nuts. I was too lazy to look at them and just went onto my tumblr. It was also exploding with messages and people sending me pictures of me and the boys today at the beach. I didn't even see anyone taking pictures..A little scared and confused, I went to find Harry, because most of the pictures were of us. I almost suspected he was up to it. Why would he do that? I don't really know. He was just the first guy I thought of when I thought of trouble. I found him sitting on the couch, taking a nap. I shook him to wake him up.

"How do you explain this Harry?!" I yelled at him.

He slowly opened his eyes,"Explain what?"

"These pictures!" I shoved my phone in his face.

He started laughing. "You think I did this?"

"Who else could have?!"

"How could I have possibly taken these pictures when I'm in them?"

"Um..hiring someone?" I really didn't know what else to say.

"Leigh, it was probably just the paparazzi, they are everywhere. You kinda get used to it after awhile."

"I didn't even see anyone with cameras!"

"They can hide very well. Come on Leigh, it isn't that big of a deal."

Just then, Ashley walked into the room,"What's going on?"

"THIS." I showed her the pictures.

"Awhh, that's so adorable!" I glared at her. Adorable?

"No it's not, Ash!!!"

"Yes it is! You guys look so cute and happy!"

I was about to protest, but I looked at the picture of me on Harry's shoulders...We did look pretty happy, even me.

Harry shifted on the couch,"She was just having a great time riding me."

"I wasn't even having a great--wait...what? Harry, that sounded really wrong..."

Ashley burst out laughing and I glared at her. "Okay, I think I'm going to leave now." She said, exiting the room.

Harry had a cheeky smile plastered to his face. I just shook my head at him.

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