30 Days

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4. Chapter #4

A/N-I feel like I should tell you that Leigh is represented by Jade Thirlwall so you can picture the story better. Okay hope you like the chapter :P

*Leigh's P.O.V.*

I don't even think they noticed me leaving. Well, Harry did. I heard him following me up the stairs. I turned around.

"What do you want Harry?"

"I just wanted to know what you're doing?"

"Well I'm going to be getting changed so bye." I pushed him back a bit. He didn't say anything and just walked away. I felt a little bad, but then again what  did he expect? I wasn't going to change in front of him...

I put on my bathing suit I got last week when I went on a shopping spree with Ash. I left my hair natural. There was really no point in makeup if we were going swimming. I went downstairs in nothing but my bikini. Once I saw everyone, I got extremely insecure and thought about going back and getting my sundress to put over it, but everyone was already looking at me.

There was a long silence until Harry spoke, "Well I'm going to get ready." He walked upstairs. Not long after that everyone filed up to their rooms. I sat at the table and just waited for everyone. Soon Harry came down.

"Do you want to put some sunscreen on my back?"

I just gave him a confused look. Why would he even ask that? He knows the answer. "Uh...no."

"Please? I'll do yours."

I just couldn't say no to a shirtless man with abs. I sighed, "I guess so..."

I took the sunscreen from him and went around to his back. I eyed it up and down. As weird as it may sound, backs were a turn on for me. Ashley too. I don't really know why, they were muscular and hot..How isn't that a turn on? I squeezed some sunscreen into my hand and slowly started rubbing his back.

"That feels really nice," He said. "You should be a masseuse."

"No thanks, not everyone's back is as nice as yours."

I could tell he was smiling. "I have a nice back?"

"I think so..yeah." He just nodded his head.

"Don't forget the shoulders," He added.

I sighed, "Whatever you say, master." I said sarcastically.

I rubbed his shoulders until every inch of his back was covered in sunscreen,"There you go."

"Thanks Leigh." He smiled,"Now it's your turn."

I turned around. I felt extremely awkward, but he insisted.

The sunscreen was really cold on my back, but it felt nice. Harry's hands were huge compared to my back. I felt like it would take no time before my whole back was covered.

"Do you work out?" He asked.

"Not really, I run...why?"

"Running is working out," he said chuckling a bit. "Your back is really toned."

"Well it comes naturally to me, now weight lifting, that's a workout, and umm thanks I guess.''

"I agree with you on that one, no problem."

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.


"That's because we're wearing it," Harry replied.

He finished rubbing my shoulders and put the bottle of sunscreen down.

"There you go."

I gave him a 'thank you' head nod.

"Is everyone else coming?" Harry asked Zayn.

"Yeah, they should be on their way down."

Right as he said that, the rest of the gang came down.

"WHO WANTS TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON MY BACK?!" Louis yelled rather loudly.

"I'm actually really good at putting sunscreen on peoples backs. Even ask Leigh, I always do hers." Ashley smiled.

Thank the lord she came out of her shell.

She made me take pictures of her putting sunscreen on One Direction's backs. I posted them on twitter and gained hundreds of followers. It was insane.

When everyone was finally ready to go to the beach I felt bad for not replying to the mentions I got, asking questions, but I was so ready for the beach right now...

I opened the screen door and ran outside. "IT'S SO NICE OUT. THIS IS GREAT!"

Everyone just started laughing.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing..." All the boys replied simultaneously.

I looked around on the back patio and saw a huge trampoline. "YOU GUYS HAVE A TRAMPOLINE TOO?! THIS PLACE IS PERFECT."

"Let's go jump on the trampoline then," Louis said, looking at me.

Ashley sighed,"Guys, I wanna go to the beach!"

"Okay, beach today, trampoline tomorrow," I suggested. Trampolines were so cool. My parents would never let me have one sadly.

We all started picking up the pace and eventually started jogging to the beach. The boys got competitive and started sprinting.

"Guys wait up!!" Ashley yelled.

"I don't think they're going to stop."

"Probably not."

Me and Ash just walked the rest of the way. By the time we got there, the boys were already in the water passing around the huge beach ball, Niall brought.

"COME ON GUYS, JOIN US!" Zayn yelled.

"I THINK WE'RE FINE HERE." I called back. Ashley and I were just lying in the sand tanning, something you can't really do back home. It was so relaxing and warm. We both closed our eyes and enjoyed the heat. It didn't last long though. I felt drops of water on my face and scrunched up my nose in displeasure. I opened my eyes.


"Come in the water with us!"

"But I haven't tanned my back yet..."

"You'll be fine, come on! Everyone else is over there."

"Not Ashl-" I looked over next to me where she was before. She wasn't there.

"She went in the water with the rest of us." He replied.

"Oh, well I'll come for a little bit I guess." I slowly started to get up.

"Can you go any slower?!" Harry asked.

"Do you want me to?"

"No! Come on!" He grabbed my wrist and jerked me up. He was pretty much dragging me to the water.


"Oh come on Leigh." He didn't pay attention to how tightly he was holding my wrist, but we were almost there so I decided to suck it up. We were about waist deep in the water. Harry started looking all around the beach.

"Where'd Zayn go?" Harry asked.

"He's over on the dock with Ashley." Niall said with a slight head nod over towards the dock.

"Woah, well okay then."

I looked over and Ashley and Zayn were sitting next to each other on the dock, laughing. How cute. Surprisingly, Ashley didn't run over asking me to take a picture of her sitting next to Zayn Malik.

"So what are we playing?" I asked.

"SEA MONSTER!" Louis said while jumping on Harry's back.

"OW, LOUIS GET OFF!" Louis jumped off of Harry and shook his hair. "You're heavy, my lord."

"I should be considering all the carrots I get daily."

"Pardon? Did he just say carrots?" I asked.

"Oh I forgot..You hate us.

"No! I don't..I don't hate you guys..I just don't obsess over ever little thing you do." I sighed.

"In our video diaries on The X-Factor," Liam explained, "Louis decided to say that he liked girls who eat carrots. We get them in endless amounts everyday."

I burst out laughing because I could definitely see Louis saying that.

"You know what, that actually makes sense. Ashley would always laugh at me if I had carrots for lunch. And before we left she told me to 'pack all that carrots you can'"

"You didn't pack any, did you?" Louis asked me.

"No way! I thought she was nuts." I laughed.

"THANK YOU." Louis ran over to me, well as fast as he could in water anyway, and hugged me."Those are probably the six most regretted words I have ever said in my life. I'm afraid if I eat anymore carrots I'll die of overdose."

"Haha I could see it in all the newspapers."

"DON'T JINX IT!" Louis put his hand over my mouth.

"Okay guys, why don't we start the game?" Liam suggested.

"Sure..So what are we playing?" I asked.

^^Leigh and Harry at the Beach




I'm probably gonna be putting pictures in my books to make them seem more real haha

I have over 50 pictures of Harry and 'Leigh' saved on my computer so there's a lot more #Heigh to come :P

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