Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


4. The Slytherin Princess has come to Hogwarts

•Amber's POV•

I looked at the tattoo on my arm. Marked by the Dark Lord. But I don't care. Malfoy wrapped his arm around my shoulder. We were walking around the inside of the school. Before we all had to head to dinner. Malfoy had my hand. I giggled as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. That's when we were stopped. Ahead of us was Hermione, Neville, Ron, Harry, and Luna. Harry took my arm. I gasped. Quickly he pulled up the sleeve.

"Get your filthy hands off her, Potter!"

But it was too late. He saw the Dark Mark embedded into my skin. They look disgusted at me. They were my friends, but now I'm a death eater. And the Slytherin Princess. They muttered and walked away. I pulled my sleeve down, and we hurried to dinner. As we walked in I heard, 'Is it true the Slytherin Princess is at Hogwarts?' I didn't look at them, because they knew it was me. Malfoy glared at people who tried talking to me. My head was facing down. Should I be ashamed of being a Death Eater? Dumbledore came walking towards Malfoy and I. He took us, and lead us from out of the dining hall. 

I was confused. But Malfoy just had us follow. It was like I did some unforgivable thing. I leaned against the wall with my head down. Malfoy was next to me, waiting for Dumbledore to speak. Few people gathered by the door as he began to speak. 

"I know what the two of you are doing", he states. 

"Oh yeah? And what's that?", Malfoy spits. 

"You've both become Death Eaters. Ms. Plymoth I certainly didn't expect this from you." 

My head remained down, as I started running off. I hate being confronted, I hate being in trouble. Someone caught my wrist and pulled me back. It was obvious it wasn't Malfoy. He was still bickering with Dumbledore. When I looked up it was Harry. Looking down at me, with a slight smile on his face. Is he still going to be my friend? Because I hate the stereotypical way we do things. If I were to be placed in his house would Malfoy still care for me? Probably. 

"Why are you a Death Eater?"

"I-I don't know, Harry." 

"Did Malfoy force you into it?", he asks, urging me to tell him. 

I look down, not wanting to tell him. But he's my friend. Someone that I can trust. But when it comes to this; it didn't seem like I could tell him. Because Malfoy would kill anyone who knew I did this. Telling Harry things that isn't his damn business. I looked down, afraid to tell him. Because Malfoy would find out later. 

"I won't tell him I know." 

"I-", but I couldn't speak. 

I was frozen, muted by what he'd do of he found out. Because even if Harry didn't tell him, someone would. Because people here love drama. Harry's hands rested on the side of my head. He was close. Way too close. But he was pulled away. With Malfoy glaring at him. I was pulled away.  We hurried to the Slytherin common room. With him, leading me to a corner of it. I tremble as his blue eyes are steady staring at me. 

"What did you say, Amber?" 

"N-nothing. I didn't tell him anything." 

I got up and went to head for my room, but Malfoy stopped me. Tears brimmed my eyes. When I turned to face Malfoy I saw the sadness in his eyes. He isn't mad anymore. More worried. He moved my hair from my face. The touch made it feel like electricity was burning through me. That it was only us, and was ever going to only be us. That no one else in the world seemed to matter. In only seconds, we were millimeters apart. Just close enough. His breathing was heavy, quick. 

My wand was clenched in my right hand. Gingerly he took it put, and placed it on the desk behind him. Then, he took both of my hands and made me look up at him. No one at Hogwarts will ever see this side of him. He wiped the tears away and hugged me. It was like he isn't who everyone thinks. At least around me. The sound of student filled my ears. Malfoy pulled away. He looked ashamed that he did that. My wand was given back, and he went to his friends. I just sat down and watched as people chatted. No one in Slytherin cared that we're Death Eaters. No one ever talks to me. Blaise sat across from me. My brunette hair was tangled, from me constantly running my hand through it. 

"Draco shouldn't have left you by yourself, Amber."

"shut it, Blaise." 


I got up, ready to leave. But he grabs my wrist. Standing up. I tried getting out of his grasp but couldn't. 

"Let go of me!" 

Of course, that got Malfoy's attention. He walked over. Blaise lets go. Looking defeated. He walked away, and Malfoy walked me towards my room. 

"You okay?", he asks. 

Malfoy just kissed my head and pushed me to go and sleep. 


I couldn't sleep. I climbed outta bed and down towards the common room. To be by the fire. Up so much has happened in the last two weeks. I don't know who I am. Who my parents are, or siblings. Malfoy and Lucius won't tell me. I curled up in my blanket. Watching the fire crackled in the hearth. How did I get into this? A creaking caught my attention. There was Malfoy, looking tired, and like he didn't sleep. His blonde hair was in every direction. Malfoy joined me and wrapped an arm around me. 

"You okay?"

"I can't sleep." 

"Me neither." 

I giggled at him, and he shot me a playful glare. I rested my head on his chest. Draco Malfoy is my personal pillow. He played with my hair. I admit, we aren't perfect. Though he pretends he is. But I think we an find a way around the taunts. My eyes started getting droopy. I heard his laugh as my eyes closed. Then I was asleep. 



I  woke up to Pansy shaking me. I got up and started getting ready. Putting on a white blouse, tie, robe, black skirt, shirt and earrings. I hurry down to join Malfoy. But he's chatting it up with Pansy. I walk past them. Feeling his hand on my shoulder when I stop. His breath hit my neck. Everyone was leaving, and we trailed behind. There was never a time where we go to our meals on time. 

"Are you jealous, of Pansy?", he asks. 


He chuckles, his eyes stare at me. Before I could do a thing, Ron and Harry came running to us. But when they saw who it was they stopped. Ron glared at us, and Harry smiled slightly. 

"Did we interrupt something?", Ron asks. 

"Not at all", Malfoy and I say. 

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