Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


22. The Day I've been waiting for

•Amber's POV•

I look at myself. Just a month ago it was the same. No one will remember what happened between me and Ashton. Because he barely remembers what happened. Or he remembers completely and figured that he's done with me. I flatten the dress and looked at myself. Was I ready for this? Was I really ready to commit myself to Draco? The person so many people despise? I inhale and take one last look at everything.  My mother came in and escorted me out. She'd be giving me away. Draco's father hates my guts. So he won't be coming. That's when I saw Ashton in the corner. Smirking at me, he remembers. What happened to Obliviate? He wasn't supposed to remember me. What the hell is happening? Draco smiled at me, I gave him a weak smile. Then everything happened fast. Ashton was trying to pull me away.

He remembers everything. And was letting me do this. Someone used a spell. Everything was frozen, but Ashton and I.  He smirked and walked towards me. 

"I-I thought Draco used Obliviate on you", I whisper. 

"He did, but your father knew it would happen. So he reminded me of everything just that day. You're going to have to choose. Draco, or me." 

I looked at the frozen people. My mom smiling in the front row. Draco looking happy in front of me. I can't let this go. 

"Sorry Ashton. You caused more pain in my life than Draco. Can we still be friends?" 

He smiled and nodded. 

"That's all I ever wanted." 

I hugged him and pulled away. He sat down and everything unfroze. I look at Draco as he's talking. I smiled, speaking my vows. We kissed and he hugged me, as we were finally married. The reception came and we danced for awhile. Before my feet started hurting. I was the only child in my family. Along with Draco. I mean, besides Harry. But with the parents who raised me, that's why they adopted me. They thought I was normal. Till I was showing signs. Dumbledore knew who I was. But he kept on calling me by my fake last name, and pretending he didn't. We found out from Voldemort. Who finally died, and hasn't been spoken of. Except between me and Harry. I don't think Draco minded having Ashton here. But Ashton stayed away. I sighed as Draco talked with people. Ginny and Hermione didn't come. But Ron and Harry did. Along with Pansy and Blake. No one knew she had a brother but me. Mum and Narcissa were talking.

harry was talking with Draco. While Ron decided to bother me, walking over and sitting by me.

"why are you marrying him?" 

"Why did you marry Hermione?", I ask defensively. 

"You seemed better with Ashton." 

I tensed up and looked away. Ron noticed and patted my back. Walking away. Before I could think if what happened, Draco came up and kissed me. I smiled and kissed back. I heard wolf whistles. Meaning Blaise was here. Great. I pushed him off, and Draco only smirked. Winking at me. I blushed and I heard some "awes" erupt from the crowd. Draco continued talking with people. I play with the green ring. Slytherin pride. Just thinking about our future scares me. Because we've never been perfect. Mum sat next to me. 

"Your father reminded him."

"Ashton only ever wanted to be friends. He doesn't care." 


It's been a long day. I was finally able to relax and wear clothes I was comfortable in. Because I hate wearing dresses, and if I do. I wear leggings underneath. I was laying on Draco's and my bed. We had to buy new furniture. Thank god. They offered me a job at Hogwarts, but I want to work in the muggle world. There're certain complies that pay in galleons. Draco didn't seem to mind. I'm still wondering how I'm a Pureblood and Harry is. Did my father have me with another woman? He had to of. That means Harry's my half brother. I sigh and shake my head. Draco was out, getting something. Before I could speak the lights went out. Making the house eerily quiet. 

"hello?", I call.

There was crashing, I cower in the corner. Someone walks in and I see their tall figure. 

"There's a storm, Amber." 

I sighed he'd happily it was Draco. 

"Lumos", I whispered and a light appeared at the tip of my wand. 

There he was smiling like an idiot because he knew I was scared. Draco sat next to me and hugged me tightly. We were the prince and princess of Slytherin. I don't mind either. My past is behind me, I lean on him. Happy we can go on with our lives, and not be separated. 

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