Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


6. The Bullied Girl

•Amber's POV•

I couldn't remember how it happened. Or what was going through my mind, but Harry knew. As did the whole school. I've been made fun of it, and Malfoy didn't care. It's Saturday. A day with no classes. Everyone was out, but Malfoy and I. He was across the room from me. He's been trying to get me to talk to him. But why should I? The tears brimmed my eyes as Pansy's words replayed in my mind. 

"I was so right. You aren't fit to be a Death Eater. You should have died with your parents!", she taunted. 

I held in my sobs as Malfoy walked over. He sat next to me. Not touching me, but trying to get me to speak. His hands took mine. That's when it came out. The sobs and everything I was forced to keep away from Malfoy. He hugged me close. Even as we heard people fill the Common Room, he still hugged me. I heard the laughter, the taunts. The insults they were throwing at me. I quieted my cries, but they were still laughing. 

"Shut up!", Malfoy said. 

They did.

"who cares if she's Potter's sister? She doesn't deserve to be taunted and ridiculed about it." 

"Don't stand up for her, Draco", Pansy sneered. 

I pulled away from Malfoy and ran out of the Common Room. Harry won't talk to me because his sister is a Death Eater. No one talks to me. I went and sat on a bench outside the school. Not looking at people as the snow fell delicately. I love this weather. With Winter starting, I knew I could last longer. I forgot to put on a sweater, making me freeze. The taunts were thrown at me as people walked past. I don't know who had the courage besides Malfoy to come by me. But someone sat directly next to me. A warm blanket was placed around my shoulders. When I looked up I saw Harry. I'm ashamed to be his sister. Because we're opposites. 

"Amber", he said quietly. 

"I know you hate me for being a Death Eater. Mum and dad would be ashamed", I say softly. 

"No they wouldn't." 

"Really? Because I have no choice! Because I can't get out of it", I say with my voice cracking. 

Leaves crunched from behind me, and I see Malfoy. This isn't going to turn out well. More people laughed at me. Except people in Gryffindor. They just ignored me. This is the first time there wasn't bickering. I hate this. Might as well sleep in the Slytherin Dungeon. No one goes in there anymore. They just hang out with friends. There was no way I could walk into class on Monday and have people laugh at me. But I'd knew it would happen. Malfoy rubbed my back, as Harry got up and left. There was silence between us. More Slytherins came out to pull Malfoy away from me. He let them too. Tears burned in my eyes. 


"Look at her!", they laughed as I walked into potions class two days later.

My head hung low as I stayed in the back. Professor Snape didn't speak he let them do it. I worked alone as everyone in school hated me. The potion turned out perfectly. I got my mark on it. I just sat in back as people struggled. Malfoy didn't look at me as Pansy talked. I just wanted out of the school. I felt sick to my stomach. It happened fast. Me getting sick and then being sent to the Hospital Wing. It didn't stop as I kept vomiting. Madam Pomfrey has me lay there for the rest of the day. Only she would come around to see if I was better. The sun was finally starting to set when I was woken up by Malfoy. But I wouldn't speak to him.  Why should I? 

"Do you hate me?" 

I shook my head. 

"Do you want to?" 

I nod. 

"Why don't you?" 

Oh, I don't know. Because I'm madly in love with you. You saved me from never knowing the truth. From believing, I was a mudblood. I didn't say that. 

"Because it's not your fault." 

"It is. I-I told him." 

Of course. He couldn't let me do it. Harry told Ron, Ron told Hermione and so on. I look down. The tear fell on my leggings. Maybe I should hate him. But I don't. I'm not a hateful person. If I told Harry it would have happened. Of course, Pansy, Blaise, and Goyle follow Malfoy everywhere. 

"Just do it already", she sneered. 

I didn't have to ask to know what it was. He's going to break up with me. I look at him. The tears brimming his eyes. He doesn't want to, but has to. His fist was clenched. But he said it. Said the thing that hurt the most. 

"We're over." 

Then, he left. Pansy was laughing. I screamed into my pillow. God, why did I believe him? To believe he cared. I slept in the Hospital Wing that night. Not wanting to deal with Draco.


I woke up just in time for the first class. They laughed at me, and Draco pretended I didn't exist. Harry looked worriedly at me. My eyes still have tears in them. Hermione sat next to me, not caring what people thought. So did Harry and Ron. They cared for me. At least someone did. I heard Pansy laugh. Draco looked at me, his blue eyes melting my brown ones. Classes had gone by fast and I just wanted to be alone. I didn't join people in the Great Hall. I stayed sitting in the library. Knowing Slytherins barely came in here. Footsteps caught my attention as Dumbledore stood there. Looking down at me.

"What's wrong, Ms. Potter?", he asked.

"Everyone is making fun of me. Malfoy stopped talking to me, and I'm stuck being a Death Eater!" 

"Why do you care if young Draco stopped talking to you?"

"Because he was my best friend. He cared about my feelings. But now every time he looks at me I get glared at. I haven't been sleeping in my bed. I've been late to classes. I don't know what to do, Dumbledore", I mutter hopelessly. 

"Have you tried ignoring them?"

I nod.

"confronting them?"

"Yes. My parents are probably ashamed of me."

"They wouldn't be. Because Harry isn't, is he?" 

 "Yes, he is. Because I'm a Death Eater."

Dumbledore left me to think. But I felt vulnerable. I walked back to my house, alone in the empty halls. I said the password and hurried to my bed in the corner of the room. It's a dark corner where the other girls can't see me.  The room was filled up with them talking. 

"Did you see her face?! It was hilarious." 

I didn't speak as they continued to talk about me. There was a knock at our door. Standing there was Draco. What is he doing? He isn't allowed in here at night. 

"Have you guys seen Amber?", he asked. 

"No, she probably got shipped back off to her Muggle family", Pansy sneered. 

He walked in and came sitting on my bed. Before he did I moved my feet, so I didn't give it away. But he knew I was there. They all had their eyes closed. Draco pulled me up and out of the bed, shutting the door behind us. We walked down to the common room. He sat me down, not speaking for awhile. 

"I'm sorry. I was stupid enough to listen to Pansy. I was stupid enough to believe he wouldn't say a word. Now you've gone through hell. Because off me. You hate me, right?" 

I nod. 

"I'm so sorry." 

He sat next to me, hugging me tightly. How can he still care? I buried my head in his chest. His arms went around me, and I smiled. The couch was just big enough for the both of us. He buried his head in the crook of my neck as we fell asleep together. Not caring if they saw us in the morning. 

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