Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


7. The Boggart and Draco Malfoy

•Amber's POV•

"Poke them", Pansy whispered. 

"No, what Draco said is true. We can't make fun of her for being a Potter", Blaise whispered.

I was shoved off Draco and he woke up. I groaned looking up at Pansy and Blaise. Draco helped me up. His blue eyes looking at mine. Pansy looked as if she'd puke. She's just jealous that he no longer cares for her. I shove my way past Pansy to go get changed. I put on my clothes. And quickly do my makeup and hair. Behind me, I see Pansy and her jealous self. 

"What do you want Pansy?", I ask turning to her. 

"Oh nothing", she says. 

I roll my eyes and push past her. I'm so annoyed with Pansy. She acts like she's better than everyone else. She acts like I can't be anything, but a little girl who can't handle herself. As I walk down Draco smiles. He takes my hand leading me out. The tension between Pansy and I will just get higher. People looked at us no one was laughing or pointing anymore. What did Draco do? We entered the Great Hall. Harry smiled at me. We were all talking about using the Boggart. I heard Harry used it before. And his biggest fear was horrid. He won't tell me what it was. We ate and then hurried off to class. Draco wrapped his arm around my waist. I knew what would be out of there when it came to me. Draco. Sure I'm in love with him. But at times I'm so afraid of them. 

As we walked in people looked away. Except Harry, Ron and Hermione. They smiled at me, I giggle and stand round like everyone else. I watched as different people's fears came to life. Ron? A spider. Gross. It was mine, people were laughing. They think it'd be nothing. But no. It formed into Draco. People gasped. I blinked and it turned to a clown. My eyes stuck to the ground as I pushed past people. Pansy was laughing. But Draco grabbed my arm. I faced him, and he frowned. He wants to know why I'm scared of him. Before I could speak people were screaming. Pansy's was Voldemort. 

Draco pulled me out of class. We ran down the hall. Laughing 

"so I'm your biggest fear?" 

"Yeah", I sigh. 

He only hugs me. Muttering how sorry he is. I kiss his head and he smiles. We walk toward our common room. It's like us to skip class. We enter and sit on the couch. I took off my robe, only to remember what I did the past two days. Draco saw my arms. Quickly I raced to get away from him. But he caught my waist. Not letting go. We sat on the staircase leading up to the boys dormitories. I didn't look at him. Because I knew he was furious with me.


"Pansy, the taunts, the stares. Almost losing you."

He hugged me. Tight. It isn't something I'm used to. I felt his tears fall onto my shirt. God, why was I so stupid to believe Draco Malfoy didn't care for me. When this morning he blew off Pansy. My cell phone from my robe went off. Draco looked at me. I ran and looked at it. I had finally found an outfit to charge it. Five texts from Karen. I ignored it and shut off my phone. Draco laughed and came to me. His blonde hair was a mess. 

"You're different, you know that?" 

"Yep", I smile.

"cheeky too." 

Forgetting what I had done he hugged me. Tightly. Only making me giggle. He kisses my neck and I know things are going to go differently. 

"Draco, stop", I mumble.

"Why?", he asks not letting go. 

"C-cause I can't do this." 

He pushed me to a wall. I gasped as he let me go, and walked around. No wonder I'm scared of him. He faced me again and took me by my hips. It only makes me blush. He has to lean his head down. Draco looks into my eyes. Numbing me. His hands remain where they are, only bringing me closer. My breathing increases as I'm so close, there is only the little space my hands made from his chest to mine. He chuckles lowly, making my heart flutter. I close my eyes. 

"Scared?", he asks. 


He didn't speak again, only placed his lips against mine. Trying to get me to respond. It takes me a minute before I kiss back. His right arm snakes around my waist. Crashing me into him. So there's absolutely no room between us. It only gets deeper-our kiss. I whimper as he bites my bottom lip. He only laughs at my reaction. God, I hate him at the moment. I wrap my arms around his neck, so they are no longer crushed between the both of us. He pulls away, and I smile slightly. 

He grins at me.

"Well someone isn't as innocent as I thought." 

"You wore off on me, Malfoy", I grin.  

 "I thought you were going to call me Draco." 

"Naw", I giggle hoping to escape him. 

His puzzlement gave me a couple second start as he races to catch up with me. My arm is pulled back, with me coming after it. I topple on top of Draco. Sitting on his waist. I can feel his pants tighten underneath me. I blushed madly before getting off of him. He sits there a minute, before walking towards me. I don't have to be facing him to know he was right behind. His hands rest on my shoulder making me jump. He laughs and turns me around. Quickly I cover my eyes. He laughs at my insecurities. Draco takes my hands in his and uncovers my face gently. 

I smile sheepishly before looking away. He takes one hand away from mine and gets me to face him. 

"You should have known this would have happened." 

"Oh, shut it, Draco!" 

"I'm sorry", he mutters and wraps his arms around me. 

I hate how he can make me forgive him so fast. 

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