Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


9. Not returning to Hogwarts

•Amber's POV•

I look at the man standing in front of me, with Draco by my side. His pale blue eyes staring down at me. God how I hate him. I back up a little bit, but his eyes follow my every move. I don't want to do this anymore. 

"I wish I'd found you then", he muttered. 

Draco pushed me behind him. Memories of that day burned into my mind. I didn't look at Voldemort. The mark on my arm started burning. I winced but didn't make a noise. As I tried backing up to leave. Draco backed up with me, knowing my fear. But I was stopped looking up was Draco's father. He pulled me back. I squeak. 

"She's been distracting you, Draco", Voldemort boomed. 


"She won't be returning to Hogwarts at the moment. Go on", he said.

Malfoy looked sorry as he walked out. I didn't want to see him leave. But he did, and Voldemort showed me where I'd be sleeping. We walked to a room, which was empty. I'm guessing it's Draco's room. I curl up on the bed as the doors locked. My wand is in my pocket. Why didn't he try to grab me? They'll wonder why I'm not in class. My brother will wonder where I am. I play with my fingers. Tears fall. I can't believe he's locking me up. Is it because he wants to kill my brother? My brown hair falls over my eyes. 

I hate Voldemort. I thought Draco cared for me. But I guess I'm wrong. He can't care for me if he lets me stay here. There is literally no sound as the mansion quiets. I hear the rain beat against the window. 

•Malfoy's POV•

I'm so stupid! I don't know the pain she was going through but being locked in the mansion with the man who killed her parents? Oh, Harry is going to kill me. Until I kill Dumbledore she won't be getting out. I don't want to kill him. I don't want to ruin this school. But I have no choice. As I head into the main part of the school Harry comes running up to me. His eyes pleading to tell me where his sister is. 

"About that", I say quietly. 

"Where is my sister?", he shouts. 

"Voldemort wanted to keep her there. I tried getting her out." 

"You better get her out, Malfoy." 

He doesn't know what Voldemort wants to do. He'll probably kill her by the time I get back there. Harry pushes past me and makes his way to Granger and Weasley. They glare at me and walk away. God, I hate this. Silently I walk through the halls wishing I was there with Amber. I sigh and look around. The rain pouring down on the school. The thought of if by morning Amber wasn't alive. She's all that I've got. There is no way I can lose her again. Silently I made my way to the Great Hall. Only to be greeted with glares from Gryffindor's and a sinister smile from Pansy. She forced me next to her. 

"Where's Amber?", she sneers. 

"None of your business." 

She just smiles. I look at Dumbledore. He knows something's wrong. For gods sake, he knows everything! I just wish I knew whatVoldemort was doing with Amber at the moment. 

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