Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


1. New Kid

•Amber's POV•

"Everyone, this is Draco. A transfer student from the United Kingdom." 

The boys snickered suggesting he was gay. Oh, because he surely is. Ms. Abernathy placed Draco right next to me. I admit he's cute. But he's got this bad boy vibe. Karen was swooning over him already. But with me just sitting by him. I have dibs. That's the weird thing with me and my group of friends. 

"I will be picking partners for your English assignment. Karen and Mark. Josh and Ashley", she just continued on, "Draco Malfoy and Amber Plymouth." 

I saw the smirk lay on Draco's face. I groan and hit my head down. We paired up and found separate spots throughout the classroom. For some strange, and demonic reason. Draco sat us in the dark corner of the room. Why did he have to come? Why do I have to be partnered up with some foreign exchange student? 

"So, I finally found someone who isn't hideous", he says putting the emphasis on the hatred for something. 

"I don't know whether that's a complement or not", I say softly. 

"It's a complement sweetheart." 

I rolled my eyes and started with our project. 


"So, Amber. Mind showing me around?", he winks. 

Oh, how I hate this. We had lunch right now. It wasn't like I'd eat. Quickly I pulled him over toward the lunch room. We sat down in the furthest table from everyone else. Because I'm already a loser and with him. Everyone will just hate me more. I sat across the table from Malfoy, not liking that he wants to be near me every second. His blue eyes sparkled as he watched me. Why is he so amused with me? How am I so important? Jordan, my official ex-boyfriend walks over to us. His brown eyes the same dull colour. But that arrogant smirk that I hate so much. He sat next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. Please leave me alone. 

"What do you want, Jordan?", I growled, hating what he's doing. 

"For you to get away from him." 

Quickly I pushed him off. There is no way in hell I'd let him take me to sit with him. I'd rather be stuck with Malfoy than him. Jordan glared but walked away. God how I hate him. But Malfoy talking interrupted my thoughts. 

"Filthy mud-blood." 

"What was that, Malfoy?", I ask. 

His blue eyes stared into my brown ones. He shook his head and came over to sit by me. I didn't know what it was about him. But Malfoy had this interest in me. And only me. It's like I'm just a prize. He moved my brown hair from my face. Making me shiver as a bolt of something made its way through my body.  His smirk returned and didn't move away. It was as if a buzzing had made its way throughout me. His face was close to mine. I swear he's about to kiss me. Before I could react his lips were on mine. Electricity buzzed through me making me weak to the knees. His hand rested on my upper thigh. It made me believe someone cared. 

I kissed back, afraid of what he'd do. Malfoy doesn't dress like normal boys. He wears a black suite. Quickly he pulled away. My heart was beating fast he smiled. The bell rung and he pulled me along. Why should I care so much about him? Just an hour and a half ago I hated his guts. Now, he kissed me. Making me fall for him. I knew what he'd suggest next. Go and drive me home. 

"Want me to give you a ride?", he asks sweetly. 


He opened the door of the charger sitting in front of us. I climbed in, careful not to let anyone see my face. The door shut softly and he got in on his side. The ride was quiet beside me giving directions. We had an English assignment might as well work at my house. As we pulled up I saw my mom and dad on the porch. Talking with a blond haired man. Malfoy groaned as we got out. Carefully we walked toward them. My mother smiled at me as we approached. Dad glared at Malfoy. He isn't bad. Malfoy didn't follow me. Soon I saw the resemblance. That's Malfoy's dad. 

"Honey, this is Lucius Malfoy. I see you've met his son Draco", mom said softly. 

Is she scared of them? What is it she's hiding. 

"Tell her the truth", Lucius says to my parents. 

"Tell me what?", I ask panicked. 

"Father", Malfoy muttered. 

"We adopted you, Amber. You're not what you think you are", Dad said walking toward me. 

I stepped back away from their grasp. The smile Lucius had on his face disgusted me. What am I then? Why did they never tell me I was adopted? Malfoy went to comfort me, but I stepped away. Running off the porch. Away from them. With Malfoy calling my name.


I sat on the swing hanging loosely from the tree. I've been lied to my whole life. Now, they won't even tell me who I really am. The bushes rustled. But I didn't care, snakes, foxes, wolves and bears live in this forest. I've encountered them all. So really, I'm not scared. Out popped Malfoy. Scratching his head. I stood up as he walked over. Extending his arms. Never have I cried I front of a boy my age. Because no one cared. Until now. 

"Amber. I-I has to tell you something. Please don't overreact when I tell you." 

"First let me ask. Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement. 

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess. 

"You don't need to know, Amber." 

"If you care about me you'll tell me!" 

"Then what am I?" 

"A witch." 

I giggle. He must be kidding? 

"I'm not lying." 

He took a long stick looking object and pointed at a tree.

"Lumos!", he yelled and light appeared at the tip of it. 

I gasped. He just smiled at me. So he's a wizard? 

"Comeback with me and me and my father can take you to Hogwarts." 

I nod. Following him away. 

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