Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


17. Hold on to the memories

•Amber's POV•

Ashton wraps his arm around me as we head back to his flat. I really hate him, because I never knew about this damned arranged marriage. My things were there. He had house elves and lived in a giant mansion like Draco. We head inside and he makes me walk with him. I thought he was nice. That he was different from people at school. But I'm wrong. Sitting on his couch was Blake, Josh, and jake. I step back, thinking of the days when they physically hurt me. Ashton laughs and pushes me forward.  The tree turn to face me. Blake smirks. I look down as Ashton forces me down next to him. Wrapping an arm around me. 

"they are too", Ashton whispers, "I know your brother too. Too bad he likes Draco more." 

"Who knew she'd be so popular in the wizard community", Jordan laughed rounding the corner. 

I glare at him. My wand in my pocket. But Ashton grabs my arm, pulling it away from my wand. Jordan sat next to us. Smirking. Josh looks… sorry? But why would he be? He was one of my bullies. I hate Ashton right now. So much. 

"We all know you have a crush on him too", Jake laughs. 

"Whatever", I mumble. 

This is worse than dealing with Pansy, or Crabbe, or Goyle. Speaking of Pansy. She walks in and sits next to Blake. Why didn't I see it before? His last name is Parkinson. She looks over and gasps.

"P-potter?", she asks. 


"Where's Draco?", she smirks. 

"She had to break up with him because we're in an arranged marriage", Ashton smirks. 

"That's the Amber you were talking about?", she shrieks, "Draco is in love with her. He won't let you two get married." 

"I know", he growls. 

Pansy pulls me from his grasp and pulls me up the stairs. She forces me to change into a pink shirt, jeans, grey supras and she does my hair. Why does she care how I look. She smiles at me, before sitting us down. 

"I'm sorry, Amber."  

"For what?" 

"Having to marry Ashton. He's a jerk and will hurt you physically. I date him this past school year." 

"You were the girl who he dated that didn't go to our school? 


"As you can tell, Blake is my brother. He wants to go to Muggle school so he can bully them." 

"Like he did to me." 

She nods. The door opens and Josh motions us downstairs. Pansy smiles and takes my hand. We head to the back door. Ashton. Doesn't even notice me walk out. When the door opens I'm pulled out. I land on top of Draco. He smiles at me. Josh and Pansy stand back. As we stand up. I hate this. It's been two hours. 

"I'll make sure you two don't get married." 

"Please, I don't want to be here.." 

"What the hell is this?" 

I turn to see Ashton against the doorframe. Draco looks at him dead on. I walk overlooking sorry. Draco nods and leaves. Ashton pulls my arm harshly. I wince as I'm pulled upstairs. Jordan laughs as I'm going to get hurt. He shuts his bedroom door and locks the door. He takes his wand out, I go to my pocket only to realize it's in my room. He smiles and says the curse I knew he would. 

"Crucio!", he yelled. 

I screamed as pain shot through me. He just smiled and kept his wand pointed at me. Was this how he'd treat me? Just when I was talking to Draco    without him knowing. He got closer and it hurt. He won't physically touch me. To hurt me, but this is more painful. I felt the tears fall. I've never felt this pain before. 


The door swung opened and he stopped pointing it toward me. I felt relief, as I tried sitting up. But it hurt too much. Pansy came in slapping him. 

"Why the hell did you do that to her? Just face it that she doesn't love you the same way she loves Draco! I have to deal with it!", Pansy said. 

"She could do anything. You can't stop me!", Ashton said. 

Pansy helped me up. But Ashton took my wrist gently. I nodded at Pansy. She sighed and let go. Before I could speak. Ashton crashed his lips into mine. I was surprised at how he can act like nothing happened. When I didn't kiss back, he dug his hands into my sides. Automatically I kissed back. It was sweet. Gentle at first. But it got rougher. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Giving in. Because I have to act like this is okay. He took the hem of my shirt. But I stopped him. I wasn't giving myself to him. 

"Are you a virgin?", he asks.

Lie, lie, lie. 


He sighs and walks around the room. I inch towards the door. He notices and stops me. Lightly he wraps his arms around me. From behind, entwining our fingers. His hands are warm and soft. I giggle as he turns me and presses me to the wall. I intake breath as he leans down. His brown eyes piercing my brown eyes. He smirks as he kisses my head and we head downstairs. Josh looks at the cuts on me from the Crucio curse. I look down and sit next to Ashton. In between him and Jordan. Jordan places his hand on my leg. 

I cross my arms. Pansy frowns. She actually feels bad? Cause as far as I know she hated me. I slapped his hand away, Ashton looked over at him and glared. Pulling me close, basically having me sit on his lap. God, I miss Draco. He sees so much in me that no one else does. I want to run my hands through his soft blonde hair. I want to see him smirk arrogantly. That's the person I fell for. Not this jerk. Ashton doesn't understand what I've gone through. I'm just holding onto our times. 


"Try and get me!", I call running across the Quitich field.

Draco is faster than you might think. We both giggled as Harry, Ron and Hermione saw us. They really didn't care at this point. I desperately tried to gain speed, but I had short legs. That's when I was cornered into the corner where everything met. Draco grabbed my waist and forcefully pulled me into him. I only laugh as he tickles my sides. 

Payback sucks when no one is there to help you. When I called mercy he pulled away and kissed my head. We headed towards The Three Broomsticks to get butterbeers. His hand lay resting on my waist. There was no one there to judge. Besides my brother who was further up ahead. Talking with Ron and Hermione. We entered and Draco ordered. I sat sitting in the furthest corner so no one saw me. This is the time when I was being bullied. When everyone hated me. Even my brother. 

Draco came with our butterbeers and he sat across from mine. Sipping his. No one noticed the miserable girl in the corner and her boyfriend. It seems as if the world froze when we sat here. Something caught Draco's eye and he excused himself. Gathering around me was. Harry, Ron and Hermione. They looked sadly at me when they saw Draco leave. 

"Again?", Harry asked. 


"What do you even see in him! He's snide, and rude", Ron says. 

"Shut it Ronald", Hermione says to him, "It doesn't matter to you."

"He hasn't been as rude", Harry said.

I nod in agreement. Wishing he didn't walk out on me.

*Flashback over* 

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