Who I'm Not (Draco Malfoy AU)

"Who are you really, Malfoy?", I asked making sure he knew my puzzlement.

He's constantly calling everyone mud bloods. What the hell are mud bloods? His blue eyes pierced my brown ones. His blonde hair in a mess.

"You don't need to know, Amber."

"If you care about me you'll tell me!"

Malfoy pushed me back to a wall. His blue eyes turning a deep ocean blue. With his hands placed above my head.


12. Getting Caught

•Amber's POV•

I look at Harry as we sit in the Great Hall. Draco wraps his arm around my waist. We got up walking out, Harry purposely ran into me. Knocking me down on the ground. I look up at my brother, he doesn't even look down at me as he walks off. Is he going to hold this grudge against me? Draco helped me up as we head toward the dungeon. Well, because that's where our dorms are. I hold his hand. Not wanting to be pushed away from him. Since Snape told them Dumbledore was dead. They think Draco and I should come home. For a while. I pack some clothes and my makeup and my brush. We head out people don't even glance at us. 

I hold his hand tightly. But something made me mute, something that I couldn't describe. I felt this uneasiness in the air between us and the whole castle. Sometimes I miss my Muggle life. But at the same time, I don't. I feel better knowing who I really am. We board the train to London. It's just us. Draco sits in a seat near the window. I debate whether or not to join him. But he pulls me next to him. He looks down at me, worried I haven't said a word. He gets me to sit on his lap. There's no way I can look him in the eyes. 

"What's wrong, Amber?" 

I shrug.

"I'm scared Voldemort will hurt me", I whisper. 

He sighs and hugs me tightly. Only to make me smile. Once again his pants tighten. It only made me blush, and as I tried getting off him. Draco only pulled me close to him. Making me kiss him. I giggle and rests my hands on his chest. My body is pushed against him with such force. I gasp at the gesture. He only laughs and kisses my neck. His hands rest on my hips. I try to get up, but he pulls me down. No words were spoken as we started approaching platform 9 3/4. We get off and head towards the one part of the wall. We run through and head into the main station. We causally walk out. One of the Malfoy's house elves came and helped us. No one even noticed. Draco pulled my hand from my side and took it in his own. It only made me sigh. Thinking about how close Draco lives to my "parents". I contemplated visiting them. But they think I hate them. But I can't. They raised me when my real parents were murdered by the man we work for. We head out of Kings Cross and over to the car waiting for us with a driver. If I ever married Draco I wouldn't be able to deal with him being rich. I just know we'd take his house. We rode in silence as the driver didn't look back. 

I held my tongue. We reached his home and got out as the elves carried in our things. Draco had never let go of my hand. We got inside and Voldemort, Bellatrix, and other Death Eaters beside his mother clapped. For him. I just stood there awkwardly. We walked to his room, and he closed the door. Locking it. Before walking up to me again and kissing me. Horny, horny boy. I kissed back as he pushed me down on the bed. He proceeded to take my shirt off.  He then took off my pants leaving me exposed to the cold air. He lays me flat on the bed. I gasp as his kisses travel down my body. He kissed my stomach and down to my underwear line. Before he could anything, I sat up and took control. Quickly I pushed him down on the bed. Proceeding to slowly take off his shirt. He only groans as I throw it off and kiss him hard. Grinding on him. He doesn't make any move to stop me. I stand up and go to take off his pants. He needs a pillow to keep from screaming. Once I did, I was quickly pushed on the bed. He smirked before taking off my underwear and kiss me. While his fingers teased me. I gasped. Being a virgin, I never experienced this. He smirked as I scratched his back. It felt so good. He covered my mouth, not wanting to get caught. 

He kissed down my body and got down to my clit. I gasped ad he starting licking up and down. I wanted to scream, but his hand was still covering my mouth. He soon sticks a finger in me. Going in and out. I moan into his hand. He smirks against me, as my hips reach in the air. He pushed them down. Before adding another finger. I need a pillow now. Out comes a muffled scream. He smiles and adds another. God dammit I hate him. He pulls out and sucks on his fingers. I sit up and pulldown his boxers. He groaned as I licked the tip. I put him him my mouth and started going up and down. He covered his mouth. I laugh in my head before going all the way down. He grabs my hair. Making me stay there. I pull up coughing. He makes me lay back down. Taking out a condom and rolling it on. He looks at me as he reaches my entrance. I only nod. He pushes in slowly. Before looking at me again. 

"Can we go under the duvet?", I whisper. 


Draco pulls it over us and pushes in. My eyes water. Is this the pain that happens when you lose your v-card? I scratch his back as I felt the pain receded and the pleasure increased. The door opened and I heard a laugh. Draco pulled out and pulled the duvet up a bit. There was Bellatrix in the doorway. Smiling. I know I turned red. 

"Get out!", Draco shouted. 

She ran off slamming the door shut. He looked at me. He smiled before pulling out and throwing it away. He put on his boxers and handed me my clothes. I put them on shamefully. As I tried to stand I couldn't. I fell back and he laughed. Draco walked Dover and sat next to me. It only made me blush more. He kissed my head. 

"That happens all the time, Amber." 


I put those clothes in a dirty bag for clothes. 

"I need to shower." 

I pull out a blue and white dress, black heels, nerd glasses, a red beanie and my makeup.  Draco laughs as he opens the bathroom door for me. I shake my head and walk in shutting he door locking it. I hear Draco groan and his bedroom door open and close. I started the water and feel for the warmth of the water. I get in and wash my hair with my shampoo I brought. I condition as well and shave. I shut the shower off and grab one of his towels. Realizing I forgot my bra and panties I unlock the door, and dig through my bag. Behind me, hands land on my back. Turning around it was Draco. I sigh, and he laughs. The door was shut and locked this time. I had my clothes on my hand, but Draco stole it. 

"Give it back! You arse!" 

"Reach for it." 

He holds it in the air and makes me jump. The fifth time I jump, he throws it on the bed and pulls me to him. 

"I'd like to see this towel off." 

"Too bad, Malfoy. I won't be nude in front of you for a long time", I smirk. 

"Oh really?" 

Before I could process it. The towel was off and I was exposed. The cold air nipped at me. I glared and grabbed my undergarments. Closing the bathroom door, and changing. I dry my hair and put on my beanie. I put on the heels. When I walk out, he looks wide-eyed at me. I blush and look down. He walks over and puts his finger under my chin, making me look up. 

"You look beautiful, Amber." 

My face heats up and he laughs before kissing me softly. 

"My mother wants to see us." 

I nod and walkout. He leads me through the mansion till we come to a room. Draco knocks and his mother opens it. We walk in and Draco shuts the door behind us. 

"Hello, Amber." 

"Hello, Mrs. Malfoy." 

"Well, she's polite." 

"Now since Bellatrix walked in on something… important. I want to talk to you both about something. Once this damn war, I want to know. Will you both be willing to be married?" 

"Yes", Draco says. 


She smiles and comes to hug me.  

"Call me Narcissa." 


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