You Never Really Can Fix a Heart (Regretting You Sequel)

*Sequel to Regretting You*
Isabelle has changed everything about herself to prevent Harry or anyone else from One Direction from finding her. But what happens if they do find her?


7. Why?

"What?" Isabelle stammered, "Who's Isabelle?"

"Don't try playing dumb. I know it's you," Harry sighed, and took her wrist, "Maybe I can persuade you to tell me the truth." He gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"I still don't know what you're talking about, Harry." Isabelle said nervously.

"How about now?" Harry locked the studio door, and pulled her close to him, kissing her hard.

"Nope." she replied.

"And now?" He took off his shirt.

"You know what get's me, Styles. But I'm not your... Isabelle. Just leave it alone." She lied.

"I know the truth. Why won't you just admit it?" Harry begged.

"Why do you think that I'm Isabelle?" Isabelle asked cautiously.

"It seemed odd. Isabelle was a music producer back in Seattle. You're a music producer. Isabelle's name sounds a lot like Belle. You act a lot like Isabelle. And you have a scar in the exact place that Isabelle has one. Right here. I noticed it in the shower this morning." He touched her stomach, "Please stop lying to me."

Isabelle muttered, "That fucking scar," and nodded, "you caught me."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Harry demanded, "Do you know how long I spent searching for you?"

"Well, obviously you gave up, because you're back to being a fucking womanizer!" Isabelle screamed.

"Iz, be quiet!" Harry growled.

"Do I need to vanish again, Harry? Because I will. I don't want to be with you. I can't have you come back into my life, and ruin it all over again. Now get the fuck out of my studio." She hissed. She saw hurt flash in his green eyes, and he looked down.

"Goodbye, Isabelle." He sighed, and walked out.

"Hey guys," Isabelle heard Harry say through the shut door, "looks like the song's off for now. Something's wrong with the equipment." Isabelle walked towards the door, and locked it again. Then she let the tears start.

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