You Never Really Can Fix a Heart (Regretting You Sequel)

*Sequel to Regretting You*
Isabelle has changed everything about herself to prevent Harry or anyone else from One Direction from finding her. But what happens if they do find her?


9. The Louis Lunch

"Meet me at Hard Rock Café. It's near your office, right?" Louis asked. Isabelle agreed, and asked Max to drop her off their.

"Are you sure Harry won't be there?" Max demanded softly.

"Fairly certain... I can trust Zayn," she smiled. She didn't want Max to know that Zayn wasn't Zayn, but he was actually Louis.

Landing the helicopter behind the restaurant, Max gave Isabelle a quick hug, and then she ran out and around. She walked, trying to look calm, cool, and confident despite the utter pain and despair threatening to break loose. The only thing that the events of the last few days had accomplished was that Harry had managed to break Isabelle all over again. A young man opened the door for her, but she didn't thank him, or even smile like she would've before.

"Belle?" a familiar voice called, and there was Louis Tomlinson, grinning.

"So you needed something?" Isabelle asked cautiously once the waitress took their order, and walked off, shooting Isabelle a dirty look.

"I know who you really are. Harry didn't tell the others, but he told me," Louis sighed.

"I wish he hadn't. But I am grateful that only you know," she expressed, "As long as it stays that way."

"I understand. I just wanted to see you. We've all missed you so much, and anything Harry said to you that states otherwise, don't fucking listen. Damn. I can't believe how bad he fucked up this. He's my best friend, but I might kill him."
"So, how is everyone?"

"Well, Lauren took Jordan when she left," Louis sighed. Lauren, his fiancé, had left him two months earlier, taking their daughter with her, "And Morgan had a miscarriage, but you would've heard the rest. Isabelle knew about the miscarriage; Deja loved Morgan like a second mother, and she texted her all the time, even though she wasn't allowed to give any information about their location.

"What do you really need, Louis? It's been nice to see you, but I know that you didn't come just to catch up."

"You're right. Something's wrong with Harry. I don't know what it is, but I need your help."
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