You Never Really Can Fix a Heart (Regretting You Sequel)

*Sequel to Regretting You*
Isabelle has changed everything about herself to prevent Harry or anyone else from One Direction from finding her. But what happens if they do find her?


2. Max

"So, One Direction is coming here. Better make sure Deja is busy." Max sighed. He had been Isabelle's best friend since she moved, and he reminded her of Zayn. Except she never would sleep with Max, and she did that with Zayn. But that was a secret that neither Zayn nor Isabelle had ever spoken of. Max knew about her history with One Direction, and he knew that Deja was Harry's, but Lexi and Daniel were the product of Isabelle being raped by her abusive fiance, Brian.

"Yeah. Maybe you could watch her?" Isabelle begged.

"Belle, of course I'll watch her. You would do the same for me. Except I don't have a kid. Or two. Or three." Max smiled. He knew her real name, but Belle could be used as a short version of Isabelle. But she said that her real name was Kiera Isabelle May. She just went by it.

"You know, you and the kids look nothing like how you looked when you came here." Max continued. "You're all now blonde, and you all just look more tan. He'll never recognize you, Belle."

"Well, I've gotta get to work. You can take the black BMW. It has car seats for Lexi and Daniel, and Deja doesn't even use a car seat. She's allowed to ride shotgun." Isabelle explained, tossing a pair of keys to Max, "Can you lock up the house when you leave?"

Max nodded, and Isabelle went to get dressed. Another thing about her that had changed was her was her sense of style. Back when she was Isabelle Curran, she wore business-like clothing, but she started buying more brand name clothing, and at 25, she wasn't only a famous music producer, but also a trendsetter.

"Bye Max!" She hugged him, and ran out the door.

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