You Never Really Can Fix a Heart (Regretting You Sequel)

*Sequel to Regretting You*
Isabelle has changed everything about herself to prevent Harry or anyone else from One Direction from finding her. But what happens if they do find her?


4. Harry's Plan

Isabelle sat outside of the booth, watching Harry flirt with one of her clients, Rose. She wanted to go in there and punch him. He was such an asshole! But then she remembered that he didn't even know who she was.

"Mr. Styles, please focus. I have better things to do then to watch you get to know Miss Rose." Isabelle said through the intercom. Harry nodded, and they all got back to singing, while Isabelle listened, and mastered the song.


Harry's POV:

Harry sang, while he stared at Belle through the glass. She had asked that they called her either Kiera, or Miss May, but everyone knew that she went by her middle name. She was beautiful. She reminded him so much of Isabelle, it wasn't even funny. He had to get her alone.

After they had been recording for several hours, Belle just sighed.

"Do you just want to work on this some more tomorrow? It's starting to get late, and I have to get home." she sighed. Harry knew that that was his chance. He nodded, and everyone else but Betty nodded as well. Everyone put up the equipment, and as they started to leave, Rose came up to Harry.

"So, Harry, do you wanna come over and hang out?" she said in her thick southern accent.

"I'm sorry, Rose, but I can't tonight. Maybe another time?" He said, secretly hoping that he never would have to. Rose nodded, and handed him her number. She planted a quick kiss on his cheek, and then strutted away. Once she was gone, he rubbed her pink lipstick off, and waited for Belle.

Once she left, he followed her home. He had done the same thing to Isabelle. It seemed weird that he had fallen for a girl called Isabelle, and then he was interested in a girl named Belle who was very much like her. Her house was beautiful. It was nothing like the house that Harry had used to own in Seattle. The entire band had lived there. This house wasn't big, but it wasn't small. It was very expensive looking, no doubt. Marble columns, platinum doorknobs, a large pool in the back. It had everything. Harry even saw a glimpse of a helipad on a patio.

Belle was just entering the house when he pulled his rental car up to the driveway.

"Hey, Zalik!" Belle exclaimed, and pet a large black lab that ran out to greet her. Harry thought the name was strange, but maybe Belle liked sci-fi. It sounded sci-fi. He waited for her to shut the door, and then he got out of his car, and went up to the front door. He knocked, and the door swung open. But who he saw wasn't who he was expecting.

A/N- Hi! Who do you think Harry sees when the door opens? I have something fun. In my authors notes, I'm going to start asking Questions of The day. Comment your answer, and the most interesting answer will be featured in the next authors note. QoTd- How do you wear your hair? But thank you for reading, and like, comment, and favorite!


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