You Never Really Can Fix a Heart (Regretting You Sequel)

*Sequel to Regretting You*
Isabelle has changed everything about herself to prevent Harry or anyone else from One Direction from finding her. But what happens if they do find her?


1. Catching up

"Boss, which studio do you want Miss Zoe in?" Kaylee asked. Sometimes, Isabelle wondered if Kaylee, or any of her other employees knew who she really was. They all knew her as Belle May, not her real name, Isabelle Curran. Her children weren't Deja, Lexi, and Daniel to them, but Marie, Ronnie, and Jake May. And Harry Styles was not there father.

"Miss Belle... Where should I bring Zoe Cyrus? Miss Belle?" Kaylee waved her hand in from of Isabelle's face. It had been one year since Isabelle's studio had moved to Atlanta, and she went through so many measures to make sure that Harry, or any member of One Direction would never find her. That was the last thing she needed.

Deja had been told that there had been a mistake, and that Harry wasn't her father. Lexi and Daniel probably wouldn't remember Harry; they only lived with him for 4 months after their birth. Harry had cheated on Isabelle at that point, and Isabelle gave back the ring. They had been engaged.

Isabelle had even changed her appearance, along with Deja's. They both bleached their hair, and Isabelle got colored contacts and a tattoo of a bunch of butterflies on her back.She also cut her hair into a pixie cut. She even considered plastic surgery, but when she looked in the mirror, she couldn't recognize herself.

"Miss?" Kaylee's voice snapped Isabelle back to reality, "I just received a message from Simon Cowell. His clients, One Direction, have requested to work with Complete Harmony."

"Deny it." Isabelle said sharply, "One Direction won't be coming here."

Kaylee stuttered a bit, then left. Isabelle picked up the phone, and dialed Simon's number. When his secretary answered, Isabelle told her that it was urgent. She heard the secretary call for Simon (she said, "It's Belle May!") and Isabelle then recognized Simon's voice.

"What the fuck is your problem, Simon? We had a deal! You had to keep them away from me!" Isabelle hissed.

"Belle, Harry won't know who you are. This could skyrocket Complete Harmony... I think that you should do it."

Then she heard his voice in the background. Harry's. "Who won't I know who is?" He demanded.

"You don't know her. It's Belle May, Complete Harmony's manager."

"Oh, can I say hi to her?" He asked playfully. She frowned when Simon agreed.

"Hey, love." The voice of the man who she had never stopped loving once for the last two years since she left sounded in her ear, "I'm Harry. Can our band please come work with Complete Harmony? Betty and Rose are really talented."

"That's fine. Just come tomorrow at four. Eastern time. I guess you should leave soon if you're in London." Isabelle responded, hiding her voice so he wouldn't recognize it.

"How did you know we were in London?" He demanded.

"Because I've known Simon for over 5 years, Harry." She sighed, "See you tomorrow. Bye" And then she hung up.

A/N- Hi! This is the first chapter (well, no shit, Sherlock) of the sequel of Regretting You. I hope you all love it! :) Like, comment, and favorite!

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