Angel's Blood and the Demon's Grip

Being a warlock was especially fun for Evelyn. Some people found the idea of living forever a nuisance, but she enjoyed her blessing. It helped when the Devil's mark was so easily covered by glamour. Everything changed once she met the Shadowhunters...


1. Prologue

I walked down the streets of Brooklyn, looking at each brownstone carefully, looking for the one that I had been summoned to. When I found what I was looking for, I smiled. I already knew what awaited me inside. I buzzed the doorbell connected to the gate separating me from my destination.

"Who is it?" A voice singsonged through the intercom.

"Oh, shut up, and open up," I said, feeling a grin play with my lips. A low chuckle carried its way through the intercom before a buzzer rang, opening the gate. As I walked, I enjoyed the silence that echoed through the sidewalk, rather than the many heels, clicking like gunshots on the concrete, singing every time a foot met with the pavement. I climbed the stairs, noticing the person in the shadow. "You didn't have to come out and greet me," I said, acting as if I was bored of them already.

"Oh, please!" A tall slender man stepped out of the shadows, his catlike eyes meeting mine amused. "As if I wouldn't come greet my own sister."

"Hello, Magnus." I smiled at him. These next couple of weeks were going to be fun.

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