I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


20. Words Spoken

Sure enough, the next morning came with the picture of Harry with Jessica in the news paper. Harry and Jessica went to the Interview Station. They didn’t even bother with the receptionist, just went straight up to the manager’s office. Harry knocked on the door and waited for the “Come in”.

“Ah, Mr Styles. What can I do for you today?” Mr Netle said smoothly, though when Harry and Jessica entered he was surprised.

“Good morning, Mr Netle. I would like to know where you are getting the information about my personal life from.” Harry said in a business like manner. A darkness seemed to come over Mr Netle’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, but I can not give you that information.”

“Why not? It is my right by law to have a say in what goes in the paper about me, let alone know where the information is from.”

“Am I right in thinking that you plan to take legal action if I do not tell you?” Mr Netle smirked.

“Yes.” Harry said.

“Well, how do I put this, Mr Styles? When the authorities come to question me, I may just let slip about your father’s theft and the fact that he and you live in houses bought with stolen money.”

“Are you blackmailin-”

“How do you know about father’s theft?” Jessica asked, eyes narrow.

Harry looked at Jessica in confusion and Thomas Netle’s eyes widened. Harry gasped in realisation. In the brief silence they heard high heeled footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly Mr Netle smiled.

“It’s called a Bahi.” Mr Netle smirked as the fire alarm went off. He ran out of the office. Harry and Jessica tried to chase after him, but quickly lost him in the large crowd going down the stairs to get out of the building.


When they got home, they told the boys of what they had just experienced. Of course, this involved telling them about their father’s theft, but the four guys took it well.

“But what is a Bahi?” Louis asked after Harry and Jessica finished informing them of what had happened.

“It’s a type of phone.” Zayn said.

“Yeah… it sounds familiar.” Harry said.

“Maybe he’s been hacking your father’s phone. That’s who he would know about your father’s theft and got the photo.” said Zayn “Does your dad have a Bahi?”

“Ummm, yeah he does!” exclaimed Harry.

“I think you should ring your dad and ask him who he stole the money from. We can easily pay it back, and ask for pardon. Then Thomas Netle won’t have anything to threaten you with.” said Liam. Harry thought about this suggestion for a while.

“I guess I could ask dad.” he said, and went out to the back lawn ring his dad.


“Gar. Poor Harry.” Jessica said after he had left.

“I know. Why does all this shit have to happen while he’s trying to spend time with his sister?” Louis said.

“And he’s probably stressed about taking me home. What mum is going to say.” sighed Jessica.

“I still think Luisa has something to do with all this.” said Niall “Stacy suspects her as well.”

“But how could Luisa be behind this? We have no actual proof apart from the fact that she’s a bitch.” said Jessica.

“I guess…”

“Dad says he’ll think about it.” Harry said as he came back into the room. “It’s a big ask of him.”

“Yeah, we understand, mate.” Louis clapped him on the shoulder.

Jessica walked into Harry’s arms and cuddled into his chest. He picked her up and went over to the couch, where he sat with her curled up on his lap.

“So, they have been hacking Harry’s dad’s phone, which explains how they have the photo of Harry and Jessica. It would also probably explain how they knew Harry is dating Luisa. But we still don’t know how they know about the theft or how they got the photo of Jessica and Luisa talking in the park.” Zayn sighed after a deep sigh.

“Would they have been able to find out about the theft through hacking Dad’s phone?” Harry asked.

“It’s unlikely, since he would have only texted or rung about it a very long time ago.” Zayn answered.

“I know this is very likely to be wrong,” Jessica started, “But it’s possible that Mark took the photo of Luisa and I. We saw him as we were leaving the park, and Luisa didn’t say any of the stuff that the article said about her, but Mark would have already known that information. What I’m saying is there was more info in the article than was said in the park, so it couldn’t have been some random spy.”

“That is possible… they would have payed him well…” Said Niall reluctantly.

“But what about them knowing about the theft? Mr Netle didn’t mean to tell us he knew that.” Harry said.

“Maybe there are spies everywhere. Maybe we are being watched right now!” Louis said, jumping up and moving quickly around the room. “Come out you spies!”

“Calm down Louis.” Harry said “I think Mark is getting some extra money from the Interview Station.”

“Oooor Luisa getting some extra money.” Niall said. Jessica felt Harry’s body stiffen.

“No.” Harry said. “I’m going to ring him and get him to come here so we can question him.” he got out his phone and rang Mark.

“Hello? This is Harry. we would like you to come over for a while please. Yes, now. Ok, see you in ten minutes.”

When Mark arrived, they sat him down opposite them in the living room.

“We’ve been having a talk, and come to the conclusion that it’s possible that you are behind all this media leakage.” Harry said.

“What are your other theories?” Mark asked.

“Basically just Luisa.” Niall said.

“Luisa?” Mark asked, looking up at Niall with a confused frown.

“Yes, they all believe Luisa could be the one talking as well, but I just suspect you.” Harry said. Mark was silent for a while.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I’ve been telling the Interview Station everything.”

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