I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


18. Tweet Tweet

“I’m hungry.” Hazel said.

“Biscuit time!” Louis said happily, running to the kitchen. All laughed, and followed him.

As they sat around on the couch, Jessica noticed a car she didn’t recognize coming up the driveway. It looked quite run down. It parked outside the house, and suddenly someone was opening the door without knocking. Jessica looked around, but no one else was paying attention. Then Mark came in.

“Hello everyone.” he said, then addressing Luisa, “Your chariot awaits madam.”

“Thanks.” Luisa said, standing up and kissing Harry on the cheek. “See ya” she said, and followed Mark out to the car. Jessica turned to Harry.

“Why is Mark driving Luisa, and why is he doing it in a run down car like that?” she asked him.

“She has been getting alot of hate, and they found her number plate. It isn't safe for her to drive or be in her car.” Harry said gravely.

“Oh.” Jessica said.

During dinner, Zayn voluntarily spoke to Jessica, which was unusual in itself, but even more strange, he was offering her help.

“Jessica, is your phone connected to the wifi?” he asked.

“No.” Jessica answered. With all the excitement she hadn’t missed the internet. Besides, all she used the internet for was mainly stalking the band, and here she was having dinner with them.

“We have some pretty tight security, so it’s hard to connect. I could do it for you if you want.”

“Oh, yeah, thanks.”

“I’ll need your phone. To find the right numbers and stuff to register it.”

Jessica looked at him suspiciously.

“Come to the computer with me, and you’ll be able to supervise me handling your baby.” he smirked.

She smiled inside, but didn’t let it reach her lips. After dinner they went over to the main computer, that was physically connected to the wifi router. He had to register Jessica's phone and stuff. after he had finished he handed it back to her, but she dropped it in surprise. It was spazzing out with notifications. She picked it up cautiously, and started reading the notifications. Alot had been happening in the fandom. The news about Harry having a girlfriend, and a sister had created quite a stir. There were theories flying around everyone was unsure. Jessica just started laughing, once she had started, she couldn’t stop. The boys started looking at her with concern. Her fandom had been thrown into confusion, and there she was, sitting in their sitting room, reading all this over their wifi. But she stopped laughing when she saw a spam facebook messages from her best friend, Amy. It would be her birthday tomorrow, or well, right then, because of the time difference. jessica gulped. she hadn’t talked to my best friend for a week, and had almost forgotten her birthday. In a couple of hours Amy would be up, ready to party, without her. Amy was going to have a One Direction themed party -she shared Jessica's obsession with the band.

“Guys!” Jessica suddenly whipped round.

“What?” Harry asked, half rising from his chair.

“It’s my bestfriends birthday in a couple of hours, and she’s obsessed with you. Can we skype her?! You guys could sing happy birthday to her and stuff!”

“Lets do it!” Louis laughed, going over to the computer.

“I have to see if she’s awake yet.” Jessica said, and messaged Amy, saying happy birthday and asking if she wanted to skype.

“Ok, guys. I want to talk to her a bit before she sees you. How about after I say, ‘I’ve got something to show you’ you all jump in and start sing happy birthday?” Jessica asked hopefully.

“No way.” Louis said. Harry looked at him in surprise.

“There is no way we are making such a normal entrance. Niall will jump in first on a low F and we will each go up a tone and then launch into our song.” Louis said seriously. Everyone looked at him in the usual way they look at him after he had said something. The stunned silence was interrupted by a ding from Jessica’s phone.


Jess turned to the computer, logged in, and started a video.

Amy was demanding for information, but Jessica just told her she had a surprise for her. Amy’s face during the little performance from the boys was too much to explain. It went a bit from shock to amazement to tears to hysterical laughter. afterwards they talked for a bit and explained everything to Amy. At one point Amy’s parents came in and got a massive shock. After they had talked for about an hour and a half, Amy had to go and celebrate her birthday. The girls gave each other a laughing good bye, and Jessica went to bed.


When Jessica woke the next morning, she reached for her phone on the bedside table. As she scrolled down her twitter feed she woke up fully and began comprehending what she was reading. Apparently Harry had a new girlfriend, and the photo that everyone was retweeting was a photo of Harry hugging Jessica in their dads garden. Jessica’s face was turned away from the camera. She jumped out of bed and ran to Harry’s room, and jumped on his bed.

“What?” he asked grumpily, rubbing his eyes and stretching.

“Apparently I’m your new girlfriend.” Jessica said, holding out the phone.

“This photo was taken from the house.” Harry said, confused.

“What?” Jessica asked, thinking that Harry had missed the point.

“Who ever took this photo was inside dad’s house. That’s the garden wall behind us.”

“Oh” Jessica’s eyes widened as she looked at her brother.

“We need to tell Zayn.” Harry said, jumping out of bed.

“Why?” Jessica asked, annoyed at being shoved out of the way as Harry got up.

“Because he’s better at computer stuff than I am. He might be able to track this down to the original account this was tweeted from, and then work from there.”

“Can’t you just look at who they’re all retweeting from?”

“It’s been retweeted so many times and people have saved the photo and tweeted it. It’s not that simple.”

They went into Zayn’s room and told him. He got out his laptop and started investigating.


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