I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


13. To The HP Museum!

The next morning found Jessica looking up at Stacy from her bed as Stacy ripped open the curtains.

“Rise and shine! We’ve got an awesome day ahead as we leave the boys working!”

“Huh?” Was all Jessica managed to say.

“The boys prefer to work on their own while they’re developing a song, so you and I, my dear fellow Potterhead, are going to the Harry Potter Museum of London!”

At this Jessica sat up.

“Harry Potter Museum?”

“Harry Potter Museum.” Stacy confirmed. “We’ll set off once you’ve had breakfast.” With that she left the room.

Jessica jumped out of bed and got ready. Within ten minutes she was down in the kitchen toasting toast. Harry beamed back at her.

“Excited?” he asked.

“Yeah!  Wish you could come to though!”

“I was actually referring to your favourite band releasing a new song soon, but if Harry Potter is more important to you…”

“Oh, well, yeah of course One Direction is important to me, its just, Im living with you guys, I can ask you guys to sing for me anytime.”

Harry chuckled. “I was only joking. Of course you’re excited to go to the HP museum.”


After breakfast the boys saw Jessica and Stacy off. Jessica got into the front seat of the car and saw who the driver was.

“Mark! Hi!”

Mark smiled at her grimly as he started up the car. “Hi, and before you ask, I didn’t see anyone else in the park.”

“Oh” said Jessica, taken aback “Well, yeah, I was going to ask that.”

“I still think Luisa has something to do with it.” Stacy said.

“Can we just drop the subject please?” Mark requested.

“Oh, yeah, ok.” said Jessica, slightly disappointed. She had been hoping Mark would have some information, or at least an opinion.

The rest of the car trip was spent in a strange sort of silence.

When they arrived at the Harry Potter museum, Stacy and Mark organised pick up times, and Stacy and Jessica went into the museum; they had all day to spend there. They paid, (It was quite expensive, but Harry was paying for Jessica) and walked through. It was like a fans heaven. There were bits of set from the movie, costumes, props. There were things showing how they made the magic in the films, the original prints of the books, some of the illustrations by JK Rowling. At the end was a shop filled with HP merchandise. Stacy and Jessica went through the museum about five times, stopping for long periods at every exhibit. Jessica’s favourite one was a room where they had on display the costumes and wands that were actually worn and used in the films. It showed what happened to each wand Daniel Radcliffe used, (most of  the pant missing, because he would always drum with it off set, even though couldn't play the drums).

At the end of their time there, Jessica emerged wearing a hogwarts uniform, and carrying a wand and a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, which she had purchased at the shop. In the car Stacy and Jessica told Mark all about their time. They were back at the house in the evening.

The boys were sitting in the living room in a happy sort of daze when they entered the house.

“We’re recording it tomorrow.” Niall told them.

“Cool. Do I get to know what its about?” Stacy asked.

“No.” Harry said.

“But its been a while since we hung out alone. How about we go somewhere?” Niall stood up.

“Oh, ok” Stacy smiled and let Niall take her hand and lead her out of the house. Jessica watched them go then rounded on the boys.

“Why are we keeping it a secret from Stacy?”

“Because he wants to tell her in a special way. Either he’ll sing it to her now or he’ll play it to her from the radio when we’ve recorded it.” answered Liam.

“Oh, ok.” Jessica said as she sat on Harry’s lap, her feet resting on Zayn. Zayn did not look very happy about this.

“So how was the museum?” Harry asked.

“It was great!” Jessica told him. And she went off with a detailed recount about the Harry Potter museum. By the end of it, Liam, who had no interest in Harry Potter,  was almost falling asleep, and Zayn had made many attempts to get up, but Jessica had forced him back down with her feet.

“Did you ask Mark about the newspaper article?” asked Harry.  Liam gave a start and Zayn ceased wrestling with Jessica's legs.

“Yes. He said he didn’t see anyone.”

“OK” Harry said, looking slightly disappointed.

“Well, at least we know he had nothing to do with it.” Zayn said. “I quite like the guy.”


The boys and Jessica decided to stay up and wait for Niall. They feasted on chips and played card games while they waited.

It wasn't till sometime after dinner that Niall came home. He bounded into the room, beaming.

“I played it to her! She loved it!”

“Great!” was the general cry that answered him.

“Yeah, she went all teary eyed and cuddled up to me when I finished.” Niall said happily, looking into the distance at something only he could see. “Well, we better get some sleep since were recording tomorrow…” he said, snapping out of his daze, then he wandered off up to bed.

Jessica looked at her phone, quarter to midnight. She announced that she was going to bed as well and followed Niall.


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