I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


4. To Britain!

The next few weeks went by extremely slowly. In those weeks Harry bought Jessica a plane ticket and told her what to do. She would stay up till half past midnight, then  quietly exit the house, would lug her bag to the bus stop which was thankfully just a few houses down the road, and catch the special air port bus. Then the bus would take her to the air port with enough time to get through customs and stuff. Harry wanted to send over someone to help her on her journey, but Jessica said it was fine, that she had already been on a flight by her self, even though she was only twelve. Harry took her through the procedure every time they talked, and wanted regular up dates when the time came.

Harry filmed a video that Jessica would leave open on her laptop on her bed, with a note beside. In the video Harry was explaining that Jessica was safe and would be back in two weeks, and he would be with her. The note would be from Jessica telling her mum and her step dad to watch the video.

When Jessica reached Britain, she would be picked up from the air port by one of harry's managers because Harry didn't want to be swamped by fans and paparazzi. Then she would be taken to the manchen where the boys lived together. It was all planned out.

Finally, the night came. Jessica sat in her room, fully dressed with her bag packed beside her. She was chewing really strong mint gum, the sort that is so strong it clears your nose, to keep her awake, and listening to music and reading a Harry Potter fanfiction from her Movellas app on her phone. The laptop was set up in her bed with the note beside it. Her light was out so her mum and step dad wouldn't suspect anything. She had skyped Harry earlier in the day and he was very nervious and excited. Finally 12:30 came and she had heard both adults go to bed. She picked up her bag and snuck out the front door. The cool night air pleasantly touched her face. She headed for the bus stop. The bus driver looked at her a little weird, but she just gave him the money and waltzed past. When they got to the air port she stepped of the bus, head held high, although in side she was nervous. She checked in in a sort of dream state, and found herself sitting on her seat in the plane. She was in a window seat, and next to her this kind old lady. Once the plain was in the air, it was around 2am, and Jessica fell asleep.

When she woke up there was only a few hours left of the flight. She orderd some food, and made conversation with the old lady beside her.

"So why are you travelling all by your self, dear?" The old lady, whose name was Iris asked.

"Oh, Im just going to see my brother." Jessica said, trying to keep her voice casual. Iris looked her up and down suspiciously though.

"Don't your parents want to see your brother as well?" She asked.

"Well, actually they don't even know I know I have a brother." Jessica looked at her feet. "and my dads in Britain aswell. they don't know Im not at home."

Iris softened her gaze and gave Jessica a reassuring smile. "It's ok, dear. I hope all goes well for you. I'll ask no more questions."

"Thanks. So why are you going to Britain?"

"I'm going to see my son's new baby." Iris smiled.

"Aw, cute, well have fun." Jessica smiled back.

Jessica finished her food and got out her phone and listened to music and carried on with the fanfic. When the plane landed she went into the same dream state as before, then found her self trying to see over millions of heads in the pick up area of the air port. Then she saw a big, bright orange sign saying JESSICA EVANS, held by a man in a suit. Jessica made her way over to him. He introduced himself as Mark and led her to his big, fancy car. It was early after noon. After half an hour of chatting to Mark as he drove through the city, Jessica saw a big fancy house with a big fancy fence. As they came to it, Mark pressed a button on his keys and the gates swung open. He drove through then stopped.

"Ok, my duty is done. The boys don't need anyone on a sunday afternoon. Im sure Harry can handle your bag."

"Thank you so much, Mark." Jessica said, grabbing her bag and dragging it out of the car.

"No problem sweetie." He smiled. "Have fun."

Jessica stepped back as he backed the car out. Then turned to face the house and started walking the long drive way towards it. The front door opened, Harry stood in the door way for a second, then started running towards her. Jessica dropped her bag and started running too.

"Harry!" she yelled.



Yay! together again:)

And yes, Jessica reads Movellas. Lets just hope she doesn't come across this one ;)


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