I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


19. Their Father's Photo

“Right, I’m going back to bed.” Harry said, and went back to his room. Jessica went down to the kitchen, and took the toast that had just popped out of the toaster and put more on. She then hid the toast as Liam came into the kitchen.

“It’s not up? Seriously?” Liam asked no one in particular. Jessica then ate that toast, then took the next pop of toast, and put more on. Finally she left the kitchen and Liam got some toast. Jessica was attracted to the lounge by ‘Loved and Alive’ by Jim and the Povolos playing, where she found Louis and Hazel dancing. When Louis saw her he held out one of his hands and Jessica joined the dance.

“Hey, Lou, I didn't give you permission to dance with my sister!” Harry said loudly as he came into the room. He then snatched Hazel away and started dancing with her. The music changed to a three beat song and Harry started a stuck up waltz.

“Oi, mate.” Louis said, pushing Hazel away from Harry and continuing the waltz with Harry. Both boys were quite good dancers, but they were both fighting to lead the dance, so it eventually failed. Zayn raised an eyebrow as he walked through to the kitchen. Jessica went after him, asking him what he had found.

“The earliest tweet of the picture was from an account called Purple Carrot, and it was the only tweet on that account. The profile picture and the cover photo are blank.” Zayn said, stealing Liam's remaining piece of toast.

“When was the account made?” Jessica asked.

“Last night, a few moments before the picture was tweeted.”

Harry finally gave up dancing with Louis, and came and found out what was happening.

“They tweeted it a few times, mentioning well known fan accounts and magazines. These fan accounts and magazines retweeted it.” Zayn told them.

“So who ever took the picture made the account to tweet the picture then made sure it was spread around.” said Harry.

“Yeah, and it’s obvious that it's been taken recently because Harry’s hair changes more often than than louisa changes moods. Well, it’s obvious to a directioner any way.” Jessica said, feeling a little embarrassed. It had sounded fine in her head, but after she had said it with two members of One Direction listening, it wasn’t so good.

“Well, I am Harry StyleS, not Harry Style. And Harry sounds like hairy, so what else would you expect?” Harry said with a cheeky grin.

Jessica and Zayn looked at eachother, they both knew they were thinking the same thing, and they both knew why they couldn’t speak their suspicions.

“I don’t think it could have been Luisa.” Zayn said after some careful thinking. “Whoever put this up knows a lot about 1D fan sites and what magazines write about us, and since when has Luisa showed any interest in the band?”

“I agree with Zayn.” Harry said, with a sigh of relief.

“But then who could it have been?” Jessica asked.

“Well, this is just a theory, but maybe your dad took a photo of his two children hugging, and then someone hacked into his phone and got the picture?” Zayn said.

“I’ll ring Dad and ask him whether he took a photo of us.” Harry said.

Harry rang, said hi and that he was Harry, but then had to hang up quickly.

“Dad said he was busy and to ring later.” Harry said, with a confused frown. “He sounded ok until I said I was Harry…”

“You can’t tell much from a Hello. We’ll just ask him later.” said Zayn hurriedly.

Harry looked into space with the same confused frown, then a distraction appeared, in the form of Stacy.

“Hey people!” she said, and was answered by a chorus of “hey”.

“Where’s Niall?” she asked.

“Still in bed, I think.” said Jessica.

“What’s up?” asked Stacy, noticing Jessica’s and Harry’s expressions. Harry showed her the pic and briefly told her what had happened.

“Hmm. That's a mystery. I’ll go wake up the Niall. Liam, can you put some toast on for him? I want us all to go out somewhere today.”

“Ok. But don’t rush in getting him up. The toaster has suddenly decided to be really slow.”

After Niall had had breakfast, and they had all decided where they were going to go, the five boys and three girls piled into two cars. They had decided to go on a short tramp.

Thankfully, there was hardly anyone on the trail, and the few people who were walking just passed them buy with no more than a second glance. It was nice to be in the trees, without all the loudness of the city for a while. They stopped at a lookout point, which looked out over the city, and had lunch. When they started to walk back, they met someone who screamed at the sight of them. The boys had to stop and have their photo taken with the girl, and stacy had to give her tissues because she was crying so much. They then waited for the girl to eat quickly and she walked back with them.

On the way back, Stacy, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Jessica were in the same car. They decided that Harry should try to ask his dad again, and that Harry should go to the Interview Station the next day and try to ask again where they were getting all the information from. Stacy also wanted him to write a tweet saying he was still dating Luisa. When they got back to the house, Harry rang his dad, and asked him whether he thought Stacy’s idea was a good one, and if he had taken the photo. He said that Harry should say he wasn’t dating anyone, rather than saying he was dating Luisa. But he had taken the photo. Everyone in the room gasped when Harry told them that his and Jessica’s father had been the one who took the photo. He had sworn that he hadn’t tweeted it or anything though.

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