I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


15. The Voice

Back in the living room, everyone had placed themselves on the couches. Jessica went and joined them, only to be interrogated by Luisa.

“So I hear you saw Mark? What did he say?”

“He said he didn’t see anyone in the park.” Jessica replied coldly.

“We have already decided Mark has nothing to do with this, Luisa.” Harry said, trying to get Luisa t talk to him to avoid a fight between his sister and his girlfriend. “Mark literally can not lie.”

“I know. But what exactly did he say Jessica?” Luisa turned back to Jessica.

“That’s all he said.”

“But you surely said more on the matter. Don’t you care about this?” Luisa talked to Jessica like she was stupid.

“Well, afterward he asked us to drop it, and yes I do care about this but I respect-”

“Ha!” Luisa interrupted “I see what happened now! He said he didn’t see anyone, because he didn’t see anyone, but he didn’t say he had nothing to do with it! And he asked you guys to drop it because he didn’t want to be asked if he knew anything!”

“Well, maybe…” said Harry, still trying to avoid an argument.

“And that’s how the media knew about Jessica in the first place!” Luisa seemed quite excited by this new lead to solving the mystery.

Probably because she’s never had brain wave before Jessica thought, but out loud she said “You’re not in a place to go pointing the finger, Luisa.”

“And why not?” Luisa asked, offended.

“Because there were only three people who could have heard us in the park. Mark, you and me, unless there were hidden spies. But right now, it looks like only three people could have told the media. It’s as likely to be you as it is Mark.”

Luisa just stared at Jessica in shock. Then her phone binged. She read the text then looked up at the people in the room and seemed quite annoyed that all the attention was on her.

“Harry.” Luisa beckoned for him to follow her out of the room.

Harry came back not long after looking quite unhappy.

“She just said she had business somewhere else and was off.”

“Maybe she’s just going through a hard time with something that is personal.” said Jessica, trying to comfort her brother.

Harry was unhappy for the rest of the day. Thankfully something happened late afternoon that gave him something else to think about. An interviewer rang from The Interview Station asking if she could take an interview following the release of their new song. The boys spent dinner discussing what they would let on (seeing as the media didn’t know about Stacy). They just decided to say it was inspired by the relationship of Niall’s big brother with his wife.


The boys went of to The Interview Station the next day after breakfast looking happy. They came back looking mainly equally happy, except Niall looked like he was thinking hard.

Uh oh Jessica thought, and for a crazy second she thought something had gone wrong with the interview that the others hadn’t noticed. No, Jessica thought Harry’s not that stupid. I mean, he’s quite stupid for going out with Luisa, but not stupid enough to not notice something wrong with an interview.

Niall called Stacy over to him and they went to another room, leaving Jessica worried.

“How was it?” she asked the remaining boys.

“It was great Greg  and Denise this, Greg  and Denise that.” Harry smiled. “It’s great lying to the media and them believing it.”

“Payback!” Jessica high fived him.

Stacy poked her head round the door and called out to Jessica.

“Can we speak to you for a sec Jess?”

“Sure.” answered Jessica and followed.

“This might not mean anything, Niall thinks he heard Luisa’s voice in Mr Netle’s office.” Stacy told Jessica once she was in the hall.

“Who?” Jessica asked, confused as to who Mr Netle was.

“The manager of The Interview Station.” Niall supplied.

“Oh! But what would she be doing there?”

“Like I said I only think it was her-” Niall said, but Stacy talked over him.

“Thats what I would like to know.” Stacy said.

“I don’t think we should tell Harry, whatever it is. He’s too stressed about her as it is.”

“Ok.” Niall and Stacy both agreed.

“I do think we should try to find out where she always goes off to when she just walks out like she does, though.” Stacy said in a business like way.

“Yeah, that would be good.” Niall agreed.

“But how?” Jessica asked.

“Well, you know how she always gets a text or a call before she goes off?”

“Yeah?” Niall and Stacy both said in unison.

“Well I think we should somehow get her to forget her phone and then somehow get into it and look at her messages.”

“Hack into my brother’s girlfriend’s phone?”

“Yeah!” Stacy said, glad that Jessica was following along.

“I like it!” Jessica smiled.


It was all happy spirits at dinner that night. After dinner the boys got Jessica and Stacy to sit on the couch while they sang the song, with Niall playing the guitar. After the song Stacy cuddled up to Niall on the couch and everyone sat down for a hot chocolate and a chat. Jessica decided to go and read in bed. About an hour later Harry came up into her room and sat on her bed.

“Jessa.” he said softly, looking solemn.

“What?” Jessica asked, concerned.

“Dad rang.”

“Oh!” Jessica didn’t know what to say other than that.

“He wants to meet you. We’re going to his house tomorrow.”

“Oh” Jessica said again. She didn’t know how she felt about meeting her dad. A strange mixture of excitement, nervousness, panic and the feeling of not knowing whether you are welcome or not. This must have showed because Harry took her hand. Jessica crawled out of bed, sat beside him and buried herself in his arms.

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