I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


22. The Plot Unravels

“Right.” Stacy said, grabbing Luisa’s phone.

“Hey, that’s a Bahi.” Zayn said.

“Yeah, Luisa has exactly the same phone as my dad.” Jessica said.

Stacy and Niall gave each other significant looks.

“What did you do to Luisa and what are you doing with her phone?” Jessica asked.

“I put Lime juice in her juice, and I’m checking her phone for evidence.” Stacy said. “It doesn't have a pass code. Sweet.”

“Yeah, Bahi’s never have a locking function, you can’t even personalise the home screen. They aren't very good phones.” Zayn said, looking at the phone with a slight frown.

“Bingo.” Stacy smiled. She showed the phone screen to everyone around the table. Everyone gasped as they saw the picture of Harry hugging Jessica in their dad’s back garden.

“I suspect.” Stacy said. “That Luisa tricked Harry’s and Jess’s dad into taking the photo on Luisa’s phone instead of his. It would have been easy since you can’t lock or personalise it.”

“That makes sense.” Jessica said. Stacy took out a camera from her bag and took a photo of the phone screen. “I’m not taking these evidence photo’s on my phone cause I could be accused of photo shop. You can’t photoshop photo’s on a camera.”

They all sat and looked at Stacy as her eyes slowly widened.

“Listen to this. This is from a text conversation with someone called Thomas, with heart emojis after the name. I’m reading from the start, which started this morning. It seems that she deletes the messages each night.” Stacy said.

“Thomas: Hey babe (Smiley face) Hope your not too hungover from last night. (Two heart emojis)

“Luisa: Hawoo Tom Tom. Nah I'm all good. (Heart emojis)

“Thomas: I still can’t believe what you told me last night. About your uncle taking all the blame for your spying.”

“Luisa: IK. Love him so much. It does mean that I still have to be Harry’s girlfriend though (Unimpressed face)

“Thomas: Do you not like your current mission, Agent Bradsteft? (Winky face)

“Luisa: No, Mr Netle (Winky face). Harry is sooo clingy and boring.”

Stacy was interrupted by Louis gasping loudly.

“Thomas Netle!” he exclaimed. “The manager of The Interview Station!”

“But wait, there's more.” Stacy said.

“Thomas: Well, it would be a bit dodgy if things kept coming into the media now the “spy” is gone. Just brake up with him, we don't need you to spy anymore. This has been quite a money booster, we should have enough money for a decent wedding and honeymoon now (Smiley face)

“Luisa: K babe, I’ll break up with him some time this week. If I do it immediately it’ll look suspicious. I’m going over to his now. Bye bye, Love you X X

“Thomas: Bye (heart emoji)”

“My goodness” Liam said.

“That bitch.” Jessica said in disgust.

“I know.” said Stacy, while taking photos of the phone screen. “But guys, we can’t tell anyone about this until we have solid evidence.” she quickly put Luisa’s phone back on the pile.

“How will we get that?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t know yet. But I’m working on it.” Stacy replied. “Lets all play cards like nothing has happened.”

They had picked up their hands just in time for Luisa and Harry to come back into the room.

“Luisa and I are going to her place.” Harry announced, as Luisa retrieved her phone. “Do you wanna come with, Jess?”

“Nah, I’ll stay here.” Jessica smiled at her brother.

“Well, good bye.” Harry said, and everyone said good bye back.

They all sat around and tried to think of ways to get solid proof against Luisa.

“I think.” Stacy said finally, “The only way to do this is for me to sneak into Mr Netle’s office and video a conversation between him and Luisa. Previous run ins have suggested that she visits him in her office frequently.”

“How about I go, instead?” Niall asked, looking at Stacy with concern.

“No.” Stacy said firmly. “I am the only one the interview station won’t recognise. They’ve seen all the rest of you.”

“Ok.” Niall said reluctantly.

“I think I should do it tomorrow. Go in while he’s on lunch break. We should get Harry to spend time with her in the morning so she’ll be in the office after lunch.”

“You still haven’t told us what you did to Luisa.” Jessica said.

“Oh, I just put a little lime in her juice. I’m not actually allergic to dairy, I just said that to put allergies in the conversation.” Stacy said with a slight grin. “And Niall always on his phone was a setup for the phones on the table thing.”

“You really didn’t believe Mark, did you?” Liam said.

“No, I didn’t. But the question is, why did Mark cover for her?”

Everyone started at Stacy, knowing she had made a valid point.

“Well, the text did say that he was her uncle.” Jessica said.

“I wouldn’t cover up for my niece if she lied and backstabbed to get money.” Louis said bitterly.

“Different people have different morals.” Stacy sighed.

They discussed how Stacy could infiltrate Mr Netle’s office until Harry stormed through the door.

“What did you do to Luisa’s drink?” he demanded of Stacy.

“Nothing.” she told him in confused innocence. “Is she ok?”

“She’s been vomiting because someone put lime in her drink.” he scowled around the room. Niall looked like he had thought of something.

“Stacy,” Niall asked “What juice did you give us?”

“The tropical. In the fridge.” Stacy said, with a slight frown.

“Ooh, yeah.” Niall said “I added Lime to that to try and start getting rid of the limes. It totally slipped my mind when Stacy served it.”

Harry scowled at him and went to his room. Louis got up but quickly stopped as Liam yelped. He had been sitting on a knitted graph plot, and a loose end hard snagged on a button on his pants. The piece of knitting had been knitted by Liam’s grandmother, because when he was in primary school  he was really good at math. The knitted graph was called The Plot. Louis carefully pulled the loose end from his pants and stepped away. Liam examined it, then said sadly, “The Plot is unravelling.”

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