I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


2. Talking face to face

Once Jessica hung up she was walking down her driveway.  Her mum was in the kitchen, preparing dinner, so Jessica said hello and went strait to her room. In her room she turned on her laptop and went to Skype, then she called harrypotter. The profile picture was of Daniel Radcliff, but she knew it must be Harry's. Probably hundreds of people make accounts for him every day. When Harry answered, Jessica's heart almost burst out of her chest. It really was Harry Styles! Those sparkly green eyes, stylised messy brown curls, and that amazing smile. Harry had always been Jessica's favourite because of his smile.

"Hi" She said breathlessly.

'Hi, um, Jessica, I don't think your camera is on" said Harry through his smile.

"Oh, right," Jessica turned on the camera. "Better?" She asked. But Harry didn't answer, he was laughing to much. He was clutching his sides and looked in danger of falling off the chair.

"What!" Jessica asked, laughing slightly too (laughing is contagious). Harry eventually re-gained enough control to gasp an answer.

"The - poster- behind your bed,- I see you're a fan" Then he burst out laughing again.

Jessica turned around in horror. Right behind her was her giant 1D poster, and dotted around it were pictures of members of the band, from pictures from the internet, to pictures she took while stalking the band.

She blushed.

"Uh, yeah."

"I suppose it's fine as long as you don't scream when you meet the rest of the guys." He said grinning.

"I'm going to meet the rest of the band?!" Jessica almost shouted.

"Yeah, of course you are, but we'll talk about that later. Now. Your probably extremely confused as to what the hell is going on."

"Ah, well, yeah, sort of." Jessica said, unable to say her words properly out of sheer amazement that she was looking Harry Styles in the face.

Harry grinned, seeing her fangirlness*.

"Ok. Ill tell you the story. When you were one and a half, our parents broke up. Mum kept you and stayed in Australia, while Dad took me to Britain-"

"My dad died in a car crash when I was one." Jessica put in suspiciously.

"Have you ever seen any proof? A death notice?"

"Well, no, but-"

"That's because it never happened. Our mum just said that, because she didn't want you to think you still had a father." Harry said. He had stopped smiling now. "Anyway, on with the story. I was eight at the time. I fought and kicked, I didn't want to be separated from you. You were my darling little sister, Jessica, I loved you so much. To get me on the plane Dad promised me that I would see you every school break. He broke that promise. Everyday after that I have thought of you. Mum and dad never want to see each other again, so they kept us apart."

Jessica was frozen, staring into his eyes.

"Harry?" She whispered. It all came back. Her big brother, her parents always fighting, Harry clutching her to his chest at night when the fights got really bad. One night he was crying all over her, saying good bye, that they would see each other again, of course she didn't really understand. When she woke up, Harry was gone. So was her father. And the fights.

Tears filled Jessica's eyes at the memories. "Harry." she said louder. She put her hand on her lap top screen, near his face.

Tears started rolling down Harry's cheeks. "Oh, Jessica." he said softly.

The siblings stared at each other for a while.

"Harry! Come on man! were leaving for the recording studio is a few seconds!"

Harry's head snapped towards the door. "Coming!" He yelled. He turned back to his screen. Jessica was staring at him wide eyed.

"Was that Niall? she asked in amazement.

Harry grinned. "Yeah." His face softened to seriousness. "I'll ring you again as soon as I can. Though it's hard with the time difference. we've got a lot to talk about."

"Bye." Jessica said softly.

"See you." Harry stared at her for a few seconds more, then looked away and ended the chat.

Jessica slowly closed her lap top and turned to look at the poster behind her. She stared at Harry. My brother she thought. Suddenly, the thought struck her. How did he get my number?



*New word XD


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