I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


21. Poison

“What?!” Jessica almost jumped out of her seat.

“But I'm sure Luisa is up to something!” Niall said, shaking his head.

“Can you please stop pissing on my girl friend?” Harry yelled at Niall.

Niall threw his hands up in surrender “Sorry mate” He said.

“Why would you do this to us?” Louis asked Mark.

“They payed well.” Mark shrugged.

“Ok, well look mate. You've really hurt us. We don’t have any choice but to fire you.” Harry said.

“Mark looked at the ground. “Yes.”

“We should sue you but I don't think we can bring ourselves to do it.” Harry looked at the others, who all shook their heads in agreement. The reality was sinking through all of them like ice.

“But if we do see you again, we will sue.” said Zayn gravely.

“Now leave.” said Liam. “It’s good that you brought your own car and have left the One Direction car here. You lose use of the car when you lose the job. Is that clear?”

“Yes. Here is my set of keys.” said Mark, handing over the keys.

“Do you have a spare set?” asked Liam.

“No. You took them back.” Mark said.

“Yeah, we did a month ago.” said Harry.

“Good bye.” Niall said, and Mark left.

“He seemed pretty open about admitting it.” Niall said after Mark had left.

“Yeah, the interview station probably paid him a heap of money.” Harry muttered darkly.

“It’s a real shame.” Jessica said. “I really liked him.

“Me too.” Harry pulled her into him for comfort.


The rest of the evening was spent in an odd silence. The boys had had a close relationship with Mark, who was like a body guard and a butler for them. He would do the grocery shopping for them, and everything that they needed done if they couldn't do it themselves without being killed by fans.


“Now we need to find someone to replace Mark.” Louis said at dinner time.

“I think we should try and do without for a while.” Harry said “You know, fend for ourselves, we could send the girls out for shopping, Stacy brings us lunch all the time anyway. All we would need to change is give her the money to buy the food.”

“That’s a good idea, Harry.” Niall said.


Jessica woke up the next morning to the sound of Louis knocking on Harry’s door and trying to wake him up. She rolled over and went back to sleep, but as she was walking past Harry’s room after she had gotten up and dressed, she heard him talking. She went in and found him sitting on his bed, on the telephone.

“Yes, yes. It is all sorted, we got rid of Mark, and aren't going to replace him.” Harry sounded rather annoyed. “Good bye.”

“Who was that?” Jessica asked.

“Management.” Harry sighed. “The person who is in charge of our media has been on holiday, which is why interview calls have been coming directly to us. Anyway, he just came back and went ballistic about all the stuff that has been going on.”

“I should imagine.” Jessica nodded.

“I had to tell him that it wasn’t our fault, then they wanted to replace Mark, and it wasn’t our duty to fire him bla bla bla.”

“So what was decided about Mark?”

“They're going to find someone who can replace him, and if there is any mishaps we have to employ him.” Harry said.

“Sounds fair.” Jessica said, secretly exploding inside that she was hearing this information. ‘Stop.’ she told herself. ‘You know these people now. This is your brother.”

“Anyway, little Jessica.” Harry said. “I have to get up now. See you at breakfast.”


Jessica went into the kitchen and Niall gave her some toast.

“Where’s Harry?” Zayn asked.

“Right here.” Jessica answered, as Harry walked into the room. He sat down once he had gotten some breakfast, and told the boys what management had said.

“So no mishaps aye boys?” Zayn smirked around the table.

“Well, none management gets to hear about.” Niall laughed.

“Honestly, they're like strict parents.” Jessica said.

“Yeah.” said Liam ‘But where there’s rules, there’s a chance for rebellion.”

“I personally try and break a rule every two months.” Louis said.

“Hey guys,” Niall suddenly said. “Stacy’s coming over.”

“So is Luisa.” Harry smiled.


“Hey guys!” Stacy called as she came into the house.

“Hey!” a chorus welcomed her. Everyone was still all sitting round the table.

“Guys.” Stacey began. “I haven’t told you this, but I’ve been having tests to see if I’m allergic to dairy products. I had my final test yesterday, and I am.”

“Gah, that sucks. No more ice cream for you then.” Zayn said.

“Why didn't you tell us?” Niall asked, standing up and holding her hand.

“Tell you later.” Stacy said.

“Well yeah, that is sad.” Harry said.

“Mm. Harry, is Luisa allergic to anything?” Stacy asked.

“Well,” Harry started. “she retches almost immediately is she lime juice.”

“Yeah, and it’s really annoying cause I’m not allowed to use lime in cooking or anything. I just have this stack of limes in the cupboard.” said Liam.

Stacy and Niall went out to the back garden. Luisa arrived in her car, and Stacy and Niall came back in. They all decided to play cards. But it was rather complicated because a few people (mainly Niall) were engrossed in their phones, instead of playing the game.

“I have an idea.” Stacy said, after Niall was shouted at the hundredth time. “How about we do that thing where everyone puts their phones in the middle of the table, and the first person who reaches for their phone has to buy us dinner?”

“That sounds like a great idea, Stacy.” Harry said. But Luisa protested, and so did Niall a little bit.

“Oh come on, guys.” Stacy said, slightly annoyed. She took Niall’s phone out of his hand and put it on the table. Luisa reluctantly did the same with her phone.

They continued playing, then Stacy decided she wanted a drink of tropical fruit juice, and said that she was going to get some for everyone else. They continued playing again, but suddenly Luisa jumped up and ran out of the room. She had gone all white, and Harry ran after her.

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