I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


12. Niall's Suggestions

“No but seriously, why did Luisa have tomato all over her?” asked Liam after Luisa had departed.

Harry told him, and the rest of the band who had been summoned down to the living room by the disturbance. Some of the band went slightly white as they passed around the newspaper, others just looked at it in disbelief.

“But, how?” Niall asked after reading the articles.

Harry and Jessica told them their suspicions and what they were planning to do. The boys went off to have breakfast, but Niall sat down beside Jessica, who was now on the couch, and put his arm around her.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Ye-ah” Jessica stumbled, slightly taken aback.

“Its just, I know what its like having the public know stuff you don't want them to."

“I'm fine. What’s the worse that can happen?”

“Well, probably not very bad while your with us, but remember you have to go back to school and normal life back in Australia, that's going to be hard with everyone asking you about One Direction all the time. And you going to high school next year. Sure you’ll be popular, but it’ll be hard to attract real friends.”

Jessica was silent as this reality crashed over her. She hadn't though of that.

“Will Australia know?” she asked him. Niall laughed.

"The news will reach every corner of the earth where there is a fan.”

“Oh” was all Jessica could say, for Harry was coming towards her with a laptop.

They searched Amelia Sacks, but didn't find anything about a reporter, no other work, no professional profile. The most they found was a Facebook page with a profile picture of a beautiful young adult and a cover of around five girls in ball dresses, and tight security settings.

“I don't think this could be her.” Harry said. “She's looks just out of high school; this” he gestured to the cover photo, “looks like a leavers ball photo.”


They continued searching the internet until Harry cast the laptop away in frustration sometime around lunch.

“There’s nothing here, Jessa.” he told Jessica. “The only thing I can think of now is going to the Interview Station and seeing if there is any trace of her there.”

Harry, however, came back not long after leaving, grinding his teeth.

“Receptionist wouldn't let me in.” he told the room fiercely. “Said they were only letting people in if they had an appointment.”

The rest of the day was spent searching in vain for more information on Amelia Sacks. The silence was repetitively punctured by Harry's cellphone giving notifications of fans tweeting about Jessica. After reading a few of these and having his phone beeping at him every minute, harry uninstalled the twitter app off his phone. Though that did not stop questions about Jessica reaching the house, the fans then went to asking the rest of the band. After about the hundredth tweet Louis threw down his phone and called to the house;

“Band meeting, in the living room, now!”

The boys came and sat on the couches, around Harry and Jessica, who went and joined Lavender.

“This is silly.” Louis started off the meeting. “They’re so interested in this because we haven't done anything recently.”

“True, but what do you suggest?” Zayn asked.

“I think, we need to give them something to be excited about, something that will make them happy.” Louis said slowly.

“We could produce some more merchandise,” suggested Liam. “Though I don't know what we would do, we've already got clothes, books, cosmetics, phone cases, jewellery, mugs and all other cheesy types of merch, we've even got tea!”

“Well, I was thinking…” said Niall. everyone focused their attention on him. “I mean it’ll be unique, great, personal…”

“Get on with it.” snapped Harry.


“What?” asked everyone else in unison.

“One Direction underpants. Like, girls underpants, we could put lots of different styles on them. 1D’s with hearts, with our faces on the back. They could come in sets of five, each one featuring one of us…” Niall looked so serious the others just looked at him in shock.

“I mean, you would wear them wouldn't you?” he shot at Jessica, looking slightly flustered.

“Oh, yeah, sure. The fans would love having One Direction on their backsides.”

“So what do you think?” Niall asked the rest of the band.

“You cant be serious?” asked Liam, obviously nervous of hurting Niall’s feelings. “I know were a bit eccentric at times, producing underpants?

“Do you think we should do boxers as well?” asked Niall nervously, “Like, cant forget the boys can we?”

Everyone else in the room just looked at Niall in concern. Had he hit his head or something when they weren't looking?

Niall looked around at them all in a scared sort of way, then expectantly, burst into uncontrolled laughter. Everyone just stared at him in shock.

“You- believed- me-” Niall gasped, clutching his sides, eyes watering. Jessica gave a nervous laugh, so did louis.

“One Direction underpants!” squealed Niall, falling off the couch. One by one, the people in the room got over the shock and started laughing along, rather like frozen food thawing.

“Well, I thought it was a pretty good idea.” said Jessica, grinning.

“So did I. But honestly… how did you guys take me seriously?!” Niall asked everyone.

“Well, I wouldn't put something as mental as that past you.” said Harry, also grinning.

“We could release another song..." said Niall, suddenly serious.

"Cool, but, before we sing a song, we have to write a song." said Harry.

"Yeah, Liam and I would have to set to work pretty quickly." said Louis.

"Well, I- er, have been working on one..." said Niall, blushing. The boys just stared at him.

"Is this another one of your jokes?" Harry asked cautiously, causing Niall to blush even more.

"I- I know its usually just Louis and Liam who write our songs, but I thought I would give it a go." Niall was almost a tomato now. "I- I could play you a verse."

"Ok" said Harry, still struggling with shock and not believing that Niall was serious.

"Ok, Ill go get my guitar."

Niall came back into the room with his guitar and a piece of paper. He started playing, then singing;

"I smile when you come round

You are the odd one out

You don't need make up,

To be beautiful

You're not a Barbie Doll

Yet you outshine the show

They all wear short skirts,

And you wear loose jeans


If only you knew,

How beautiful,

I think you are

If only you knew,

How high that place,

You are in my heart"

He stopped singing and everyone just stared at him dumbstruck.

"Niall, mate, that's brilliant." Harry said.

If Niall could have blushed even more, he would have, but that wasn't possible.

"Thanks." he said "But it needs to be worked on, like, I need to finish writing it for a start, then we need to fit our voices to it and put music to it and stuff."

"Ok." said Zayn, "Do you think you could finish writing it today, then we could develop it tomorrow."

"Yeah, I can do that." and he went off to his room, looking like a beaming tomato with white cheese on top.

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