I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


11. Newspaper and Tomatoes

"Jessa" he croaked, waving the newspaper at her.

Jessica sat up in bed and took the newspaper from him. She gasped as she read the headline of the front page. Above it was a side on picture of her and Luisa sitting on the bench, captioned Harry Styles's girlfriend and little sister bond in Silver Street Park.

Harry's Secret Girls

One Direction's fans thought they knew Harry Styles, but it turns out he has been keeping a big secret for years, exclusively reports Amelia Sacks.

Fans all over the world will be shocked as they read this article, as they will find out Harry Styles, singer in the popular boy band One Direction, has been keeping the secret all his life that he has a little sister called Jessica Evans whom he has been separated from since the age of eight. When Styles was eight his parents divorced, Styles was taken to Britain by his father while his, until recently unknown, little sister stayed in Australia with his mother. Styles has recently flown Evans to Britain, where she is staying in the house Styles shares with the rest of the band, for two weeks.

Jessica Evans, twelve, says she was surprised when Styles first rang her to inform her that he was her older brother. It seems that Evans was until then unaware that she had any siblings, but when they had a Skype chat "It all kind of clicked.". Evans lives in Sydney, Australia with her mother. She is in her last year at intermediate school, and has been a big fan of One Direction for quite a long time. "When I heard Up All Night I was just instantly obsessed" Evans seems very excited to be living with her brother and One Direction. She is also a big fan of Harry Potter and spends a lot of her spare time reading, though she doesn't have much of it, Evans is a keen swimmer, inside the pool and in open water. Jessica Evans seemed to get on well with another surprise of Styles's life, turn to page two to find out about Styles's new found girl friend.

Jessica turned to Harry in disbelief.

"But how did the know?" she asked, though she knew he didn't know the answer.

"I don't know Jessa, but they quoted you."

"They were in the park with me and Luisa." Jessica said more to herself, looking down at the photo.

"Read the stuff about Luisa." Harry prompted.

Jessica turned to page two.

Harry's New Found Love

It looks like Harry has been keeping another secret about his female company, reports Amelia Sacks. We hit two birds with one stone as we we looked into the story of Jessica Evans, little sister to Harry Styles. Luisa Bradsteft, it appears, has been dating Styles for around a month now. Bradsteft was not previously a fan of the band but met Styles at a party put on by The Interview Station. Bradsteft was there as an ex interviewer, specialised in radio broadcasting, and the band One Direction was invited as special guests. Why Styles decided to keep his girlfriend out of public until now, we do not know. Maybe there are even more surprises in store for us?

"Wow" Jessica said as she looked at the rest of the articles on page two, one of which was telling of a plane disappearance. "Is the people who edit the paper mad?"

Harry looked at her confused "What do you mean?"

"Well, I suppose they could just be obsessed with you, but who in their right mind would put an article about a wierdo like you and his little sister on the front page?"

Harry pushed her over on the bed then frowned.

"Yeah it does seem a bit odd. But the main question is how did they get the material to write that article?"

"All of this was covered when Luisa and I were talking in the park. Someone must have been listening in. I think the first thing we should do is research this Amelia Sacks."

"Yes, good plan." Harry muttered absent-mindedly. "Ok, Jessa, you get dressed and have some breakfast, then we'll do some research." He kissed her on the head and left the room.


Jessica was seated at the dining table when Luisa tottered into the living room wide eyed. She had something that appeared to be squashed tomato all over the front if her sunshine yellow dress.

"They weren't supposed to know!" she addressed Harry.

"What happened to you?" Harry asked standing up and looking shocked.

"I was walking into a mall and a young teenage girl in tears clutching the paper in one hand and a bag of tomato's in the other screamed at me and threw a tomato!" Luisa gestured at the tomato on her front. Jessica suppressed a grin.

"Oh dear." Harry hurried into the kitchen to get Luisa something to mop her up.

"There must have been a spy in the park." Luisa told Jessica. "You know, I bet it was that butler guy mark. That'll explain everything."

"I don't think so." Jessica gave a troubled frown "He seemed really nice..."

"Yeah seemed! I wouldn't expect you to understand, but not everyone is as they seem Jessica."

"I agree, but that doesn't exclude you Luisa." came a cold voice from the door way. Stacy had entered without anyone noticing.

"Are you accusing me of selling Jessica and myself to the media?!" Luisa rounded on Stacy.

"No, merely pointing out a fact." Stacy walked into the room, around Luisa. "Hey Jess." she added as she saw Jessica.

Jessica grinned back. Harry came out of the kitchen and started dabbing at Luisa's dress. He got most of the tomato off, all that was left was a thick line sprinkled across the front.

"My dress is ruined!" Luisa howled. Jessica on the contrary, felt the line of red sprinkled on the bright yellow looked quite nice. Harry put his arm around Luisa.

"I think it actually looks quite nice, adds nice interest." Jessica said.

Luisa looked up at her with evil in her eyes. "Stupid girl, you do not understand fashion."

"Whoa cool dress Luisa!" Lavender bounced into the room. "Didn't know you had it in you to go to that level of fashion."

"Is that tomato?" Liam said, walking into the room and sniffing the air. Then he looked at Luisa and sniffed her. "Luisa, why do you have tomato down your front?"

Lavender gasped in surprise and hid a giggle behind her hand. Everyone except Luisa and Liam (who was still looking at Luisa in a puzzled way) laughed, even Harry let a chuckle escape him. Luisa howled and hurried out of the house, as fast as her high heels could carry her.

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