I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.



The next day was an early start for the band. The boys we off to the recording studio early in the morning, swearing they wouldn’t come back until they had completed the recording. They left Stacy to look after Jessica again.

“I heard you were happy about the song.” said Jessica, grinning.

“Yeah… He’s so sweet.” Stacy smiled. “Now, I was thinking, we should decorate the house for when the boys come back. What do you think?”

“Yes! Thats a great idea!”

“Thanks. Ok, so, I think we should start with blowing up balloons, and putting them all over downstairs, but some upstairs as well, to surprise them. Then we should but streamers everywhere, and some signs in some places. Cool?”


“The question is, do we do it stylish, or do we make it look like an explosion?”


“We have a plan then.”

Stacy had everything they needed in her car. Jessica carried a bucket fill to the brim of balloons and they started blowing them up. Stacy had a pump for that, but there was only one, so they took it in turns using it and using their lungs. The balloons in the living room covered the floor, and they put some on the furniture for good measure. Then they went up stairs to the boys rooms. They half filled each shower with balloons, covered the floor of the rooms, and put some small ones in the beds, right down at the end where they would get a shock when they got into bed. In Niall’s room, Stacy put a cute home made card on his pillow.

It was lunch time when they had finished ballooning the house. Stacy and Jessica waded through the balloons in the dining room to the kitchen. They made sandwiches then kicked some balloons off chairs and sat down at the table.

“So. Streamers next.” Stacy said in between mouthfuls.

“Yep. I think we should put them in had to reach places as well. So they’ll stay up for a while.”

Stacy laughed at this. “Great thinking, poppet.”

A bag of rolled up streamers was brought inside from Stacy’s car. They hung them over everything they could, even the top of the large bookcase, which Jessica needed to get on Stacy’s shoulders to get to. They also threw some of the boys rooms as well. Then they set to work making signs. The signs said things like ‘Congrats!’ and ‘The fans will love you!’. They were hanging up a sign in Harry’s bathroom saying ‘I want to hear your part coming from this room when you’re taking a shower.’ when they heard the front door open.

“Oh my gosh…” Zayn’s voice floated up the stairs. Stacy and Jessica hurried out of Harry’s room, closing the door behind them. Jessica ran down the stairs and Stacy slid down the banister.

“What did you guys do to the place?” asked Harry, his face shocked.

“Oh, just a little interior decoration.” Stacy said casually, though she was grinning.

“I’ll say.” said Liam, who was grinning to. He led the way into the living room, looking around.

“This is great guys.” said Niall. And he picked up a balloon, turned around and threw it at Stacy. Stacy picked up another balloon to retaliate, so did Jessica, except she threw it at Harry. The balloon missed Harry, and hit Lious, who threw one back. Soon they were all throwing balloons at each other. There were no teams, and you could rarely see who you were throwing at, there were so many balloons in the air. There was much laughter, and stumbling and crashing. Jessica was throwing a purple balloon into Zayn’s laughing face when a voice rang out from the doorway.


Harry, who was hiding behind a couch, trying to balloon Liam who was on the other side, rose up to look at Luisa.

“Oh, hey. Were just having some fun.” Harry said, going red. Jessica threw the balloon at Zayn then turned to look at Luisa.

“I can see. While you are off having childish fun, I’m being shouted at and kicked.” Luisa put forward her left leg, showing a small but bad bruise on her shin.

Everyone in the balloon fight had realised her presence now and was standing looking at her.

“Oh, honestly Luisa. That’s nothing, you’re such a wimp.” said Stacy, and she lifted up her knee length shorts up her thigh to reveal a large, dark purple bruise, the size and shape of a horse hoof. “You would never survive around horses.”

“Well, some of us actually see our bodys for the precious shells of life they are.” retaliated Luisa.

“Yes, of course you do, showing it to the world with extremely short shirts and tops that hardly cover more than a bra. Precious, but not precious enough to keep hidden.” Stacy ended with a sarcastic laugh.

“I try not to look like a tramp.” Luisa said casually, eyeing Stacy’s clothes. “And keeping precious things to yourself is kinda selfish don’t you think?”

“What’s your deepest secret Luisa? Your deepest secret that you keep wrapped in your arms that you would only tell the person you loved and trusted most in the world, maybe not even them?” Stacy asked.

“Why on earth would I tell you?” asked Luisa, clearly shocked and offended by this sudden change in the conversation.

“Well why on earth would you let me see what is as precious as the thing that lets you live and go about life? Isn’t that as precious as that secret? There is nothing wrong with keeping what’s precious hidden from the world. It is natural.” And with that she took Niall by the hand and left the room, leaving Luisa looking shocked. The was a pregnant silence.

“Anyway…” Luisa started, but Jessica had no interest in what she was about to say. In the awkwardness, no one noticed her slip out of the room and follow Stacy and Niall.

She looked out of the kitchen window and saw the two standing in the back garden, Stacy’s arms around Niall’s neck and Niall’s arms around her waist. Jessica froze, realising that she should go back to the living room and stop invading their privacy. But then Niall spoke.

“That was amazing what you did back there.”

“No it wasn't, I just gave the girl a little lesson on modesty.”

“I hate what she wears. It makes it so hard to try think moral thoughts when shes around.” and he lowered his head so his forehead rested on hers and and so did his nose.

“I love you” he murmured.

“I love you to.” and she moved slightly and was kissing him.

Jessica just stood, watching. Then they broke apart, and Stacy had her head resting on Niall’s shoulder. Before Jessica could move, Stacy was looking up at the kitchen window. At her. Jessica froze again, unable to move. For a second Stacy just looked shocked, then she smiled at Jessica. Feeling came back to Jessica’s body like warm water. She smiled back at Stacy and went back into the living room.

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