I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


10. A Walk In The Park

Jessica made to go into the living room to get back to reading Prisoner of Azkaban, but Luisa blocked her way.

"Wanna go for a walk?" she asked sweetly. Jessica hadnt been out side all day and couldnt see the point in arguing. They set of out of the large gates towards a near by park. They walked to the park in silence, then sat down at a bench, watching kids playing with a ball near by.

"So," Luisa said "how did you feel when Harry first rang you and told you her was your brother?"

"Oh, umm," Jessica started in surprise at being asked a question like that. "I dont really know. I guess I was just thinking about the up coming skype talk. Then it all kind of clicked."

"Yeah, I was quite surprised when he first told me that you would be coming. He didn't exactly tell me the whole story. What's your account?"

"The best person to ask for the full story would be Harry. I can hardly remember any of it. If you want the full story ask him again."

There was silence for a bit in which took out her phone and texted someone.

"So, I don't know you very well, which is something that should be changed. how about we play 20 questions?" Luisa offered.

"Ok" Jessica agreed slowly.

They played 20 questions for the next while, Luisa giving quick, not very detailed answers while pushing Jessica in every answer she gave. They covered things ranging from favourite colours to education and friends. They reached the last question with Luisa telling Jessica what she thought of the band before she started dating Harry.

"I thought they were a bit of a joke really, still do. I mean, they're such 12ie band. Harry stole my heart but I still think their music is pretty crap."

"I really like their music." Jessica said coldly.

"Yes, and there's my point. They're a 12ie band."

"Well, then twelve-year-olds have better musical taste than you."

"Maybe they do, or maybe they're just stuck up little kids who get offended easily." With that she got out her phone. Jessica went back to watching the kids with the ball. After quite a while, Luisa announced that the boys were finished and that they should go back. As they got up, Mark (the man who worked for 1D and dove Jessica from the airport to the house) strolled out from behind then.

"Oh hello!" he said smiling at Jessica.

"Hey! Just out for a stroll?" Jessica asked smiling back.

"Yep. Just getting some fresh air."

"Well, we better be off." Luisa said bossily. She made to grab Jessica's fore arm but thought better of it just in time. Jessica said good bye to Mark and followed Luisa. As they were walking back Luisa asked;

"What's your favourite colour again?"

"Bright green."

"Ok" Luisa smiled.


Harry looked very pleased to see them both looking happy when they arrived back at the house.

"How was that?" he asked.

"'Twas ok." Jessica replied.

"Well, places to go and people to see." Luisa said.

"Already?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Yes. See you later." She hurriedly kissed him on the cheek then swept out of the door.

"Why does she always have to go off like that?" Harry asked Jessica, putting his arm around her and they walked into the living room.

That night the band made pasta for dinner. Lets just say that five crazy guys and a girl all in a kitchen together is not a smart mix. They all ended up with bits of food all over them and the kitchen in a big mess. The dinner tasted good though. After dinner they watched a movie and made even more mess of the kitchen and living room with popcorn. Everyone went off to bed, and Jessica washed the bits of salad out of her hair happily. She went to bed with happy thoughts of the food fight in her head, the greatest of which when she hit Zayn in the face with a hand full of white sauce, which splattered everywhere. She slept peacefully until the door to her room burst open. In the door way Harry stood white faced and clutching the daily news paper.

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