I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


9. A Traitor?

The guys came home later in the evening.

"Nothing." said Harry as they sat on the couches in the living room. "We went to the interview building, asked the receptionist if she had seen anyone new or odd, she said no, talked to some of the reporters, nothing, eventually talked to the interviewer who interviewed us today, and she said she just got it from the manager. We went and talked to the guy, he said he knew nothing."

"You have to admit he was odd though." Nial put in. "He didnt seem very happy to see us. Seemed like he wanted to get rid of us asap."

"Yeah, he usually loves talking to us. But today..." Louis agreed.

"Hey, just asking," Jessica started speaking,  "why is it such a problem if the media knows about me?"

"Lots of things." answered Harry, "We would have to explain everything to the world, which I dont feel like doing till everything is cleaned up and we've gotten used to being siblings again. You're to young to have the media swarming around you all the time. Also, alot of it is our parents buisness, and I dont think mum would be happy with the whole world knowing about you. Its just easier to keep this a secret till your older."

"Ok. Makes sence."

There was silence for a while while everyone was thinking about the situation.

"So" Liam broke the silence "we are no closer to figuring out how the interviewers know a bit about Jessica."

"His office smelt familiar though..." Niall randomly said.

"Well, you would expect it to wouldn't you? Its not like it was a new place you had never been to or smelt before." Jessica looked at Niall in a weird way.

"I s'pose..."

"Heyo!" Lavender came bursting into the room. she looked at them all sitting around, she was carrying shopping bags.

"Dinner time I think!"

Liam followed her into the kitchen to help prepare the take aways for the table.

They ate in a thoughtful silence. Eventually Lavender burst out "What's up with every one?!"

Harry told her the story of the interviewer and their attemps to find out information.

"Whoa." she said looking at Jessica "Sounds like we've got a traitor in our midst."

Jessica laughed, but Harry looked at Lavender seriously.

"I think we might." he said in a small voice.


Jessica walked down the stairs the next morning to find Luisa forcefully making out with Harry. She smirked and tip toed past. Both were to busy to notice her. Jessica was making her self some toast when she heard a phone ringing. she heard Luisa answer it and go out side, and Harry came into the living room. Jessica finished making her toast and as she was going from the kitchen to the living room Harry jumped out at her and stoal one of her pieces. Jessica was about to retaliate somehow when Luisa strode into the room.

"Gotta go" she said, kissing Harry on the cheek.

"Who was that?" Harry asked, one hand clutching his stolen toast and one stretched out towards Jessica in case she pounced.

"Stop being so nosy" she smiled mischievously at him and turned and quickly exited the house.

Jessica took advantage of Harry looking the other way at the door way Luisa had just gone through to take a bit of jam from her toast and wipe it on his cheek. Then went and joined the other boys at the table.

They spent the next few hours just hanging around the house. Harry and Jessica got Prisoner of Azkaban from Harry's set of the Harry Potter books, and sat on the couch taking turns to read it to each other. Some cleaners came and went, Louis had a screaming fit cause there was a cockroach in his sock, and Stacy visited, but other than that, it was an uneventful few hours.

The peace and uneventfulness was broken by Louis running into the lounge -for a fleeting moment Jessica thought he had come across another cockroach- and announcing that he had just had a call from the manager of the interviewing place summoning them for a meeting with him. They all got ready to go out and were wondering what to do with Jessica when, as if on que, Luisa arrived and told them that she would be happy to stay with Jessica.

Harry looked sideways at Jessica, who did not look happy about this at all. "Erm..."

"Go on guys you'll be late! I'm more than happy to look after little Jessa!"

"I don't need looking after." Jessica said through gritted teeth. "And don't call me Jessa."

Luisa ignored this and continued looking expectantly at Harry.

Harry turned to Jessica. "I'm sorry Jessa, but its just best to keep you away from anywhere where the media is." At the sour look on Jessica's face he added "And this will be good bonding time for you and Luisa" though he didn't meet her eyes.

Jessica watched them drive off, then turned to face Luisa, who was smiling.

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