I Have A Brother

When Jessica throws a box of mints with her phone number on it onto the stage at a One Direction concert, she doesn't realise who she's giving her number to.
A fight with the media as Jessica figures out her true identity.


3. A Plan

Jessica smiled at the 1D pencil case on the desk next to hers. You've go pictures of my brother on your stationary, Amelia Smith. She thought smugly. Then she looked at the drink bottle on her desk, at the picture of Harry. Oh, Harry. she thought, I miss you so much.


Jessica's head shot up.

"Huh?" She said.

"If you don't stop staring at that boy band and start paying attention, Ill take that drink bottle off you." Her teacher said angrily.

"Sorry Mrs Sopers." Jessica mumbled. Amelia smirked beside her. Amelia and Jessica had been One Direction fangirl rivals since the start of the year. They didn't fangirl together, they fangirled against each other. They were going to different high schools next year, they would be away from each other.

Jessica tried to pay attention to the rest of the school day, she just couldn't wait to get home and talk to Harry again.


Jessica's phone buzzed.


Are you free for a chat now?

Jessica's heart skipped as she answered "yes". She got out her laptop and sat with her back to a plain wall and put the laptop on her lap, just as a call from harrypotter came through. She answered.

"Hay!" She said.

Harry looked over her shoulder. "Hello," He smiled, "Aw, I don't get to stare at a picture of myself like I did last time." He said in mock sadness.

"Aw, poor you." Jessica laughed. "Um, before you start talking about important stuff, how did you get my number?"

Harry chuckled. "Remember that one direction concert you came to about to months ago when we were in Australia? And do you remember what you threw on the stage?"

"Oh." Jessica said, remembering.

Everyone was jumping up and down and screaming the lyrics. She tightly clutched the little box in her hand. It was a mint box, filled with mints, but on the out side she had written

I love you guys so much! Have a mint! :)

Jessica Evans, 0213206730

She aimed to throw. She hoped it didn't hit any of the guys in the head. She jumped, and threw it over every ones heads with all the strength she could find, and pulled a muscle in her arm. The box hit Niall in the stomach. He picked it up off the ground, flicked the lid, closed it again and put it inside his jacket. Then he waved in the general direction of where it had come from. Jessica burst into tears at the joy and excitement of having her gift accepted.


"In the dressing room, after the concert, Niall gave every one a mint, and read out your note.

" 'and written on it, I love you guys so much, have a mint, smiley face, Jessica Evans, 0213-' " Harry tried, and failed at the Irish accent.

"At the mention of your name I stopped him and grabbed the box. 'Can I keep this?' I asked. He looked at me weird and said 'Don't hog the mints, mate!' and I said 'Not the mints, you can have the mints, I just want the box.'

"Anyway, once we finished the tour I did some research. I found your Facebook profile and recognised you at once, and your cover was a picture of your writing, I could compare the handwriting, then once I knew the note was from you, I rang you."

Jessica sat opened mouthed.

"Wow, ok." She said, as if waking from a trance. "And, what was this other stuff you were going to talk about?"

"Ok, right, Jessa,-" Jessica smiled at the use of her old nick name. "-the thing is, I really want to see you, in person. But, we cant let mum know, until its to late for her to do anything about it. If she gets to know she'll try to stop it."

"What are you thinking of, Harry?" Jessica asked slowly.

"Well, the school holidays are coming up aren't they? I was thinking, you fly over here and stay with me for a while. Then you could go back, in time for school, and I could came with you. And be reunited with our mother." He sort of choked on the last bit. "Also if I come back with you I can look after you if she's angry or some thing."

"Aw, harry, that's great, I would love to do that." she said very happily. "Though, how am I supposed to fly there?"

"Oh, I can sort that out." Harry smiled sweetly.



Ok guys! I have decided to start publishing the chapters. I am honestly so busy during the school term I hardly even get to eat. I'll try to update when ever I can. honestly I'll try, but don't expect regular updates during the school term:)

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