home sweet home

a girl who tries to find her home


2. growing up

19 years later:

elizabeth: hey mom im so exited its my birthday today

mom: i know but i got to tell u something im not ur mom

E: what how 

mom: i found u in the lake 

E:u couldnt  tell me that  before i hate you

mom: elizabeth haten 

E: what is my real name 

mom: i found a name tag on u that said elizabeth so thats ur real name

E: no im running away i want to find my real family 

mom: this is ur family 


mom: yes it is

elizabeth runs away her mom tries to chase her but sshes to fast she runs in a forest and gets lost she sleeps on a rock  until a person comes close and tries to eat her she screams in terror until the person gets shot 

E: who are u and whats going on

staranger: my name is zack everyone died cant u see

E: then whos that

zack: they are dead and came back from the dead 

E: oh so u mean they are zombies

zack: what no they are biters duhh

E: watever i want my old life back

zack: you havent seen anything yet now lets go back to the others 

E: wait there are others alive too

zack:*sighs* yes now lets  go

E: kk 


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