One Direction Imagines and Preferences!!!!!!! ~~ON HOLD~~

Hey!!! So I'm gonna start writing Imagines and Preferences!! To ask for one, comment on this and tell me: Name, Eye/Hair color, which boy for the imagines, and if you have a specific story or plot in mind... :D ON HOLD


2. Harry Styles Proposal for Abigail

IMAGINE FOR Abby_1disdabomb

*Abigail’s POV*

I was sitting on the couch, waiting for Harry to get home from the studio, and I got a text. I picked up my iPhone and it was from Harry! ‘Meet me at Lou’s flat at six, babe?’ I smiled and texted back ‘Yeah.’ At that time, it was 4:30. It took about 45 minutes to get to Louis’ flat, so I picked out my outfit. I put this on: and sat down on the couch and got on Pinterest. Next thing I knew, it was 5:20! “Oh man! I’d better go!” I worried as I went down to my car and drove to Louis’ flat. I went and knocked on the door, and Liam answered. “Liam!” I said as I walked in. Everyone was there. Louis and Eleanor, of course; Liam and Sophia; Zayn and Perrie; Niall and Sami; and Harry. Oh, Harry. He looked amazing, in a suit and tie. I walked over to him and hugged him tight. We all went into the dining room and sat down for dinner. It was delicious. After dessert, Harry looked at me lovingly. He stood up from his chair and got down on one knee. My eyes got wider and I gasped. “Abigail, I love you. I love everything about you. Your perfect red hair, your beautiful hazel  eyes. Will you do me the huge honor of becoming Mrs. Abigail Styles?” I was shaking and crying. “Yes! Oh my gosh, yes!” Harry stood up and I kissed him, gently. “I love you, Harry.” “I love you too, my beautiful fiancé.”


Hey! Hope you liked it, Abigail! Sorry it's short.... But I tried really hard to make it good! Also, did anyone notice I put myself in the story? haha XOXOX Love ya, my babes~Sami~

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