One Direction Imagines and Preferences!!!!!!! ~~ON HOLD~~

Hey!!! So I'm gonna start writing Imagines and Preferences!! To ask for one, comment on this and tell me: Name, Eye/Hair color, which boy for the imagines, and if you have a specific story or plot in mind... :D ON HOLD


3. Harry Styles cheat and makeup for Kylie

IMAGINE FOR methebestdirectioner

~Kylie’s POV~

I was on my way home from working at Macy’s. I had gotten off early, and wanted to surprise Harry. I walked in the door of our flat, and heard Harry scream, “YES!!” I thought he was just playing one of his video games and had won a round, so I walked into our bedroom. When I opened the door, I saw my BEST FRIEND, Kaitlin, lying underneath my BOYFRIEND, Harry. They were both naked, of course. I walked over to my chest of drawers, and grabbed some clothes. I walked out to Harry saying, and then shouting, “KYLIE! Come back, love! It’s not what it looks like!” I laughed as I walked out to my car, getting in and driving to my other best friend, Louis’ house. I knocked on the door, crying hysterically. He opened the door and said, “Hello lo-,” cutting himself off as he saw me crying. He led me into his living room and sat me on the couch. “Kylie, love, what’s wrong?” he asked. “It’s Harry,” I said, “he ch-cheated on me with Kaitlin.” Louis stood up and started to walk towards the door. “Wait! Where are you going, Louis?” He turned to me and said, “To tell Harry what’s up.” I nodded, “Alright, continue.” He walked out the door and came back an hour and a half later.


I was still living at Louis’ house, in his guest room. I was at home alone, when there was a knock on the door. I walked over and looked out the peephole. It was Harry. “What do you want, Styles?” I said angrily. “Kylie, please, just listen to me. I’m so sorry, I was stupid and I swear on my life that I will never do it again, if you PLEASE come back to me.” I walked inside, leaving the door open behind me. Harry walked in after me. “Kylie, please-“ he started. I turned around, crying. “H-harry, I forgave you a month ago.” I said. He walked over to me and gently hugged me. “I love you Harry.” “I love you too, Kylie.”

~~~~~~~AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey! Hope you like it, Kylie! It took me awhile :) But it's done.. XOXOX Love you, my babes. ~Sami

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